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milk allergy?

my DD is 20 months old and has and still is breastfed. i've noticed that when she drinks cows milk she breaks out in a full body rash. doesn't seem painful or itchy. it's only red in her diaper area. we cut out milk before and her rash disappeared. we started giving her milk again and th rash came back. she's been without milk now for a week and looks wonderful.

she doesn't break out when she has ice cream or yogurt though. plus i've always drank milk and ate milk products while carrying and nursing her with no problems.

could this really be a milk allergy? what can i do about it? she loves milk and keeps asking for some in her cup but i don't want to give her any if she will just break out again.

what alternatives are there? she's a very very picky girl so i want something that tastes good!

anyone have any experience with this?


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Re: milk allergy?

almond milk is very yummy! i use it in any recipes milk is called for because ds hass a dairy sensitivity and it's likely dd does too. there is sweetened and unsweetened, as well as original, vanilla and chocolate versions as well. not a good choice if ther are any nut allergies, though. rice milk is also okay, especially if enriched and flavored. neither rice nor almond milk will give the same fat content as whole milk bu at 20 months probably not a big concern.

there's also soy milk and yogurt, but something like 50% of kids that have a dairy sensitivity also have a soy sensitivity, so just watch out for similar problems if you turn to a lot of soy replacements.

anyway, it does sound like a sensitivity or allergy, and it's possible that she reacts to milk while not the others brcause the casein (milk protein - the thing that most young kids sensitive to dairy are sensitive to) is partially broken down already in the yogurt and i'm not positive why the ice cream might be different.

our doc practice suggested trying raw milk and raw milk cheese for similar reasons -- some people can tolerate those fine where they can't tolerate the highly-processed milk you typically find. also goat's milk is another option some can tolerate better. i've personally not tried ds on either of those yet but hope to soon, so i can't vouch for "yumminess" or anything like that.

my kids never seemed to react to anything in my diet either while breastfed (dd still is, just weaned ds at 36mo), though ds was a bit of a colicky and spitty baby and i do wonder if perhaps he was sensitized to dairy through me even back then. i think it's just the direct consumption of dairy, especially in large quantities (ds *loved* his milk too and would drink 30+oz a day when he first started having awful rashes due to the sensitivity).

i hope you find a substitute that works for dd, even if the rashes seem to not be bothersome, there might be internal inbalance caused by food sensitivities. it might be a good idea to introduce some probiotics if dd isn't currently getting any because they help to balance out the good and bad gut flora.

good luck!
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Re: milk allergy?

It does sound like she has a dairy sensitivity - all three of mine have had it, the older 2 have outgrown it now and milk is their favorite, but it still doesn't agree with my youngest. I would suggest giving goats milk a try, it tastes pretty good, really creamy. I have also heard that organic milk may cause less of a reaction, but I can't vouch for that as we haven't tried it. My kids have all been sensitive to it through breastmilk as well, so I haven't had any dairy products myself in about 19 months. *pout* I miss milk
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Re: milk allergy?

My DD is allergic to milk. She breaks out in a rash when her skin comes in contact with milk or dairy and vomits if she eats any. We took her to an allergist (she has other food allergies as well) and her skin test was positive for milk. She is still bf. I gave up most dairy when her allergy was confirmed, but when I did eat dairy I never noticed a problem with her and since I gave it up I haven't noticed a change. I'm guessing that any dairy proteins passed through breastmilk were just too small an amount to affect her. I know that some babies are affected, but dd wasn't.

It does sound like your dd has some sort of intolerance or allergy. From the symptoms it could be either so to really find out, you would probably have to have allergy testing done and if it came back negative, it's probably an intolerance. DD drinks soy milk and breastfeeds. I just try and make sure she is getting fat and protein from other foods and avoid the dairy. I would say she should definitely avoid drinking milk if it is giving her a rash.
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Re: milk allergy?

My girls currently drink goat's milk because where we live it's an inexpensive alternative to cow's milk. They like it. They've also drank soy milk and a soy/rice milk. I've personally tried the soy milk (I prefer vanilla flavored for drinking, but you can get plain for cooking) and the goat's milk and while they aren't may favorite they're still pretty good.
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Re: milk allergy?

My son did not break out in a rash but as soon as he would so much as even have a sip of milk he would throw up. I had to really keep an eye on him because he would grab his sister's cup and take a swig before we could stop him and I really hate cleaning that mess up!!

he also has no problems with cheese, icecream, or yogurt. The ped the milk is in a different form in those products.

He is on Lactaid. It looks and tastes just like milk only he does not throw it up!

You may want to try that or a soy product and see how she does. But the soy tastes a little different.
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Re: milk allergy?

skin reaction only would be somewhat unusual - what kind of milk is he on? If it's reagular milk, it could be that he's reacting to something - like antibiotics - in the milk. If that's not a possibility, and you've eliminated other options, like soy (which is possibly more likely to have a skin reaction, like wheat or nuts), then it must be dairy!

We use almond milk for chocolate milk (yummmm!) and rice milk for regular milk, which he drinks out of a cup or in baking or cereal or whatever. I use dthe enriched kind, which has as much calcium as cow's milk, cup for cup. Goat's milk has a stronger taste than cow's, but it's still good, and you can get that canned or in tetra-boxes. Dairy can be sneaky - watch for casein in stuff, or whey. Lots of the 'non-dairy' cheeses, for example, have casein in them. I use sheep or goat's milk myself, for me that is, ds is still intolerant of it for the most part. Good luck!
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Re: milk allergy?

Same thing happened to DS2. Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt etc) would make him break out in hives (not just consuming it but even skin contact) and dairy and meat would make him really gassy. I had to go dairy free in my diet because of this. He got over it when he was around 12 months though. I'm sure your kid will grow out of it as well.
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