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How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

Okay, so this isn't going to paint me in a very flattering light, but here goes.

I curse a lot. So does hubby. We always have. In our social circle, everyone has always dropped swear words in practically every sentence, and up until lately I haven't even realized how often they come out of my mouth without my even thinking first.

I've been pretty good about cutting back on it since becoming a mommy, because it's not exactly appropriate behavior, but I still find myself dropping big ones (and I'm not talking about damn or hell, I'm talking F-word and S-word and such!). And DS is at that age where he soaks up stuff like a sponge: just the past few days, I'll tell him something and he'll mimic it right back to me like a parrot, like tonight I was on the phone with DH and I said, "Say hi to Daddy," to DS and he says, "Hi Daddy!" for the first time!

I know about swear jars and stuff like that, but I don't think that would fly in our household. Do any of you ladies have good tricks for cutting out cursing? It's only a matter of time before I catch DS saying "sonofab****" or "motherf*****!"


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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

I don't know any tricks really. It's just a choice I guess? No help here sorry
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

Wow, that seems so strange to me. I am shocked whenever I hear someone say the F word, it seems so harsh and unnatural. I guess like pp said, it's just a choice. You realize that those words do not make you look nice, aren't respectful of others, and teach your children naughty things. That's all I got, sorry.
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

My husband or I, neither one of us curse. But my parents are a different story. When we had our kids, we told my parents that we knew we'd be spending alot of time with them and that we thought it best they practice better language. My oldest is almost 4 and she's probably only heard 2 or 3 cuss words from Nana and PawPaw since birth. I guess its just a choice you have to it for your child, ya know? I wish I could be more help, but its kind of like the choice to smoke or to do whats right for your kids and whats best for them, even if it means giving up something you never thought you could.
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

I'm right there with you mama.. .I've become more conscious when I want to use the f word and such to switch to friggin or freakin. When I use those words, it helps me to focus on how silly and uneducated I sound when using words like that. My oldest has started using the word "freakin" now and since I know what it *really* means, it calls me to be more mindful of what to say when I want to curse.

when I switched my mentality to really try to stop the cursing, I made it a point to listen to the people that do curse alot and the more I'd note the use of curse words, the more it wouldn't feel/sound right. And now it actually hurts my ears to hear people use curse words as adjectives all the time. I don't mind the occassional slip or a surprise, but every other word or as all adjectives doesn't sound right.

Give yourself some time and some credit... it's a force of tongue to conquer and you'll get there.

The first time you hear your little one say something really bad... AFTER you keel over, you'll REALLY stop cursing.

Quick story... I say "pissed off" all the time. My MIL calls me out on it all the time as she thinks it's cursing. She tells me "your little one will walk around saying pissed off all the time and how will you feel for that?" And just as I was about to respond, someone shows up at the door, she says "S***". So guess what my two year old was walking around saying almost immediately. I sat there with a smug look on my face and asked her "So, tell me, how DOES it feel to have a little one mimick cursing?" Oh that made my year...
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

well I never was big on cursing. but once in huge while a S word will slip out its like only in a horrible situation or something. but still I feel so bad for saying it. even though dd has only heard me once. but I don't want her to heat those words. DH is more of a curser and he tries not to but he has a lot of slips and I need a way for him to stop b/c like I said I don't want our dd's hearing that kind of language. I think it is a choice but I also think there are slips, you just have to try and stop your self and think before you speak.
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

I cursed a lot before kids, but after I had them it just felt wrong to me and ultimitely I stopped for the most part (although when I stub my toe or something I often say one of the "lighter" swear words). So I guess I agree with pps. It is so much a choice that you have to make.

Oh, when Marti started getting old enough to talk and we would catch ourselves swearing we would immmediately tell her that was a naughty word and that we shouldn't have said it. And here is the kicker and probably what broke us of our "habit" for good. She started telling us not to say those words. "That's a bad word, mommy." Maybe you could try this?
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

Well, this has worked for us...I curse, my fiance curses and all our friends do it's unavoidable so what I taught my son early on was that we are grown ups we can use grown up words if we so choose, I did explain the words are not nice and in many situations even unacceptable for even grown ups to use. He is never even shocked nor does he even so much as comment when someone slips a curse word...he knows as grown people we are able to use the language we want but as a child it is no acceptable. He never uses the language. I think he knows all the words, is not tempted to use them, and he won't be coming home from school learning new taboo naughty words because that's when it becomes fun, when they learn it among friends and think they are "cool" for saying them. That is when they get in trouble at school and home for using these new found words. I remember my lil sister learned a bad word at school she came home not knowing it was bad called my dad the bad word and wash punished by soap in the mouth.

Of course I hold back when in his company, but I also want him to be exposed to it so in the company of others they are able to say what they want and he isn't phased by it. This has worked very well for us..but my son is a good boy, he only get's in trouble for things out of his control (humming and chattering too much at school) he never lies, never is violent, he is very respectful and overall very well behaved again aside from all his talking for others this may not work, you may have it backfire and they end up using the language... hope that helps...
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

I used to cuss...a LOT.....then I met dh who...NEVER cusses....

When I decided to quit (before kids, it bothered DH) I just had to think about EXACTLY what I was going to say before I said it. It took me a bit longer to respond sometimes....but, I basically just "re trained" the way I talked.

I type freakin a lot....but dont say it a LOT....

A word MIGHT slip everyonce in a while...but not very often (like hardly ever) I think the last slip I had was when someone almost hit me while driving...I think that was the first slip in a couple of years.
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Re: How Do You Cut Out Cursing?

My big thing was OMG! So, now I say, Ohhhh Myyyyy! And my dd says the same thing. I have to be careful about the F bomb if somebody cuts me off in traffic. DD will mimic me, which she did when she was about 2. I would mutter under my breath....... fu**ing drivers - then one day, she was sitting in her car seat, muttering.... fu*king drivers. I stopped then and there. If they cut me off, I still get angry but I don't swear.
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