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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

My partner now is intact and the only difference when erect is NO SCAR!

I've had sex with a few intact guys and it's been the best sex I've ever had.



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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

I think it is admirable that you are doing your research on the topic. So many people just go with the flow because they think you are just supposed to circ a boy automatically. I have two boys and a girl and both of my boys are intact. My dh and I did the same thing that you are doing now when we found out our first baby was going to be a boy, we researched both sides of it. DH is circumcised, he thought it was the norm to circ a boy, I was more on the fence about it. I also have seven circumcised brothers and my own father (who is a physician) told me that circumcision was "just what you did back then" with no real hard facts to back up WHY.
I came to the conclusion that my babies are born absolutely perfect and in the research that I did, I found no reason to alter their bodies in any way. I am happy with the decision that I made, just as I am sure that you will be happy with whatever decision that you make.
Good luck and congrats on your baby boy.
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

I don't have a son as of yet but shortly after DH and I were married (almost 8 years now) my nephew had to have several surgeries on his penis and it was because of an improper circumcision. He was 2 1/2 at the time and was terrified to go potty because it hurt so bad. I know this is probably not all that common with all the boys who are circumcised, he had three older brothers that were fine, but DH and I discussed this and we will not do this to any son of ours. Actually going to a University library and researching medical journals would be the best bet. From what I understand most insurance companies are doing away with covering the expenses of a circumcision.
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

Just so you know, not all circs are performed the way the one in the video was done. Both my boys are circ'd and it was NOTHING like that. I would never allow that.
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

Originally Posted by noahs_mommie View Post
That part is only for the first weeks of life after the penis has been circumsized.

Otherwise there is no messing with it after that
Not always true..... I've been watching my nephew who was circ'd. Literally, it looks like a belly button now . Luckily the kid doesn't poop much but if that newborn poop did get up that far, there'd be some fiddling to clean the folds that would otherwise be protected by the foreskin. With ds (intact), its never been anything more than wiping smooth skin on the outside....

Originally Posted by akwifeandmomma View Post
Sent you a PM regarding "routine circ videos" like the one above.
I'm not sure what video that one was (or what was posted on MDC), but I did see a long one that was black & white, mostly just a closeup of the baby. It was horrible And even though the video was slightly outdated (late 80's, early 90's maybe?), the procedure was not at was a device (one of the clamps) that is still used today in the exact same way in many circs (I can't remember which clamp it was).

If you have ANY reservations about doing it, please don't There are plenty of families who manage just fine who are of different circ status Mine dh is circ'd, ds is not.

I can't really answer any of your other questions....never seen an intact adult penis in real life either (just a few images on circ sites).

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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

Thanks everyone!! Keep those responses coming!!

You are right, most all insurance companies aren't covering circ anymore.. It's 325.00 (or 275.00 I cant remember) to have ds done if we go that route. Which isnt really an issue here for me, but it does make you wonder why they now say it's "cosmetic" when back a few years ago, they acted like it's a mandatory thing to get done.
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

With DS1 (he's 8 now) we weren't going to do it simply because it seemed stupid and pointless (not to mention would cost us out of pocket) but when we saw a special about it on Dateline we really knew that it wasn't for us. At the time I didn't know what AP was even though I found out later that we practiced it, I thnk it's really cool that my choices way back then make a huge difference with the crowd I hand with now (most of them leave their sons intact) and am proud to say that I went against the grain and left my sons perfect the way they were intened to be (despite many warnings and much grief from certain family members)

MDC is a great resource of info. My SIL thankfully didn't get her son circed
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

I'm not sure if this has been said yet or not as I only skimmed thru the replys, but a botched circ can mess up the penis by making it crooked. The guy I lost my virginity to had a messed up circ, and his penis looked weird due to it. I remember talking with him about it and he was very embarassed.

My son is circed but should I choose to have more kids and they are boys, I will not circ them. The risks outweigh the benefits IMO.
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

My dh is circ'd but I refused refused refused to get my son circ'd when I had me circ'ing a little boy is the same as cutting off the little girls parts in africa...I felt like it was put there for a purpose and it wasnt intended to be cut off.... My dh wanted him to be cric'd when he was born and I told him to give 1 good reason and he said "so he can be like me" and that wasnt a good enough reason..I asked my doctor and he spewed the reasons why people do it cuz they believe its easier for hygiene but mostly so they can "look" like everyone else. I come from a long line of un-circ'd boys and none of them ever had any problems with not being circ'd.

Its fact that it is more sensitive to being intact becasue with circ'd men everything is exposed grows them accustomed to touch factor down there and making them alot less senstive, wheras intact men have hightened levels of sensitivty becasue their parts are hidden and not exposed and have a higher level of touch sensitivty.

Getting your son circ's nowadays is basically the last line of doing it for social conformity reasons because usually everyone did started out as a religious thing and people carried it on becasue it became the social norm.
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Re: Serious Q about circumsizion..

My DF is circ'd, but our son is not. When I found out we were having a boy, I started looking into how they did it, and why it was "recommended." I decided we didn't agree with the reasons some people do it, and there wasn't enough medical evidence to make me think we needed to do it for that reason. I was really worried about bringing it up to DF thinking he would want it done. He agreed with me completely right off the bat, and then told me he always felt they took too much off of him and it was uncomfortable at times for him. I never knew that. I am so happy we decided to leave DS intact. My sister also left her 4 mo son intact after I talked to her and her husband about it. Make the decision that is best for you and your family, but remember, you can always have it done later if he has problems (which is rare) whereas, you can not put it back after it is gone...
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