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Need Opinions

Molly is 7 months old. Almost entirely EBF. At her 6 month check-up the ped wanted me to start pushing solids. She doesn't like baby food, one bite and she seals her mouth shut. Should I push them, try table food (she likes bread and small pieces of green beans), or just wait-all she needs is Breast milk?

I started Ana out on solids at 5.5 months and she loved them, so I'm not sure what to do now. Thanks.


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Re: Need Opinions

I say go with the flow... Isn't that what mothering is all about? Just let her tell you when she is ready! Dr.'s don't come home with us and giving ADVICE is realy easy.
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Re: Need Opinions

Just keep trying. Eventually, she will grow to like it.

What are you feeding her? I know a lot of babies don't like the pureed baby foods in jars, so maybe you can try some table foods-soft bananas, foods that you make yourself.

Good Luck!
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Re: Need Opinions

I agree with go with the flow. DS didn't take to baby food until 7 months. I started offering it to him at least once a week when he was 5 months and he had no interest. At just over 7 months something clicked and now he's a little food monster! I wouldn't force it. I'd offer the opportunity either by blending up some food or offering small finger food pieces of soft fruit or veg. In the meantime your baby is getting wonderful nutrition from you.
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Re: Need Opinions

I'd say to just make some table food available, but don't push it. I didn't rely on food for my older guys until way after a year old. I'd give them bits of things that we were eating, either mashed or bitten up by momma, and they were happy with that. I plan on doing the same with Noah. I tried some natural applesauce last week, and he's just not ready to eat yet...didn't have the 'pull it in' motion at all!
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Re: Need Opinions

I made Bruce's babyfood then once he was seven months I switched to talbe food. I just made it into really tiny bites. If she likes table food then that is what I would give her. Just go with your gut feeling.
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Re: Need Opinions

Everything I've read has said not to push it. I agree with keep trying it every few days, but don't worry just yet.
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Re: Need Opinions

I voted just EBF. Your body knows exactly what nutirents your baby needs. Unfortuanely this world and the doctors is so used to FF babies they give BF mamas the same advice they give FF ones. FF babies do need more than just formula after 6 months, but BF babies do not. I know lots of babies who were EBF well past a year and do as well if not better than their solid fed counterparts. Also, have you tried making your own babyfood? If you do you will notice the tast is MUCH different than processed store bought baby food, which tells you there are undisclosed ingrediants in it, it may make the difference. I know mine would never eat store food, but gobbled down what I made. GL and don;t worry about adding solids unless there is weight loss issues
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Re: Need Opinions

Those pesky ped's. AAAAGGGGHHHH! It is somewhat amusing to me that they seem to think that they know more about our babies than we do. My best advice and experience is...

-Do what you think is best. Your heart knows what your baby needs and quite frankly as long as your babe is gaining can continue doing what you are.

My experience is...

-My twins probably NEVER had three jars of baby food their entire lives. They both no thanks! They were EBF until they switched to table food and really that started with bites off of our plates when they were interested. And although they are very slim(all my kids are tall and slim)they have always gained weight and their ped. was pleased. He never added stress to my life, and I wish he was still around(he has since retired).

I hope this helps...and please never let any ped make you think you are doing a bad job as a parent. Keep up the good work momma!

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Re: Need Opinions

I voted straight to table foods, but I really think she'll be fine with breast milk. Some babies never eat baby food. Feed her table foods when she's ready. If she likes to chew on some bread at dinner, etc., give her that, and in the mean time don't worry about how much she's eating. Just keep offering her your foods, or soft pieces of fruit, etc. She will eat eventually.
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