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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

Originally Posted by Marielblewis View Post
I think if you and DH are both OK with it you should change the name. It is true that you can't protect kids from everything, but that is something you can change, not only for them but for all of their children too.
That's how I feel: you can't protect kids from everything, but there are some things you can change. My maiden name was a very common word, not anything with a negative association, but I got teased about it all the time. (Funny, my married name is also a word, but not one used very often.)


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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

i dont see anything too bad about the name. but its yours to do with my maiden name is polish and my moms new married name is dutch... silly her had to hyphenate it so her new last name is 20 letters long..LOL

i went to school with a **** palmer
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

I can think of worse last names to have than Gross...

I went to school with a kid names Jason Butts. No kidding. And a Max Seamen.

I don't think Gross is a bad name and I wouldn't change it if I were you. A lot of people have to go through life with names they wouldn't particularly choose, but it's their family name. Kids will make fun of anything. They would find something to say about Ross. Or, something to say about their first names. It's just part of life.
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

I babysat for kids whose last name was Gross. They did not get teased at all because of it (I know because one was in my sister's grade). THey wound up to be very popular girls all throughout school.

I wouldnt worry too much. Especially if they make friends right at the beginning of school, it shouldn't be an issue!

ETA: I went to school with a mike rosch No one made fun of him, he actually joked about it when we got into middle school, thinking it was funny (thank you Simpsons)
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

What about your hubby's mom's maiden name? What about your maiden name or your mom maiden name, that way you are keeping a family name?

If Gross were MY name, I WOULD change it.

I went to school with a Jasmine Gross and she was constantly teased, daily, it was awful for her. Jasmine is gross....ewwww..SHE"S gross!!! Here comes the yucky....You are gross...the kids would even moved way away from her when walking down the hallway. A few even said her parents must have thought she was gross to let her keep a name like that...they can be cruel and she was crying a lot.

My Maiden name was Manns, I had no problems with it, but when my mom and dad divorced she changed it because she was a court reporter and I guess there were a lot of Manns' in jail....they were always asking her if they were related and she got tired of it. It was really not that expensive for her to change it, and it was no different changing everything over than we we get married.

My last name now is Joseph. I like it and dont want to change it, but i get a lot of "last name please.."Joseph"...I said your LAST name..."Joseph"...not your husband's first name...your LAST name..."JOSEPH IS my LAST name....oh sorry ma'am... . Or they will call here for Mr hubby's first name or Mrs Grady. And is middle name is Ward!!! LOL Talk about confusion!! LOL You could put them in any order and get a first or last name!! lol

ah well!! Guess you will have that!

You guys need to do what you feel is right for you !!
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

I went through all my school years with a "Gross". He was in all my classes up through middle school and was never harassed about his name. A few times, when kids did say something, he would not take offense. The kids learned that he was not ashamed of his name and thats where it ended. He got a few teases, but not any real harassment.

There was a girl in my classes, though, with the name of Goss. She was constantly made fun of. She would cry on a daily basis because of the harassment. There was also a Merlau (pronounced Mer-loo). A couple of the names she was called was Moo-loo and Mer-moo. She was overweight, but not fat. I also saw an Anderson get made fun of a lot in middle/high school. There was no basis behind it, but people would say "And-her-son" to the boy/girl twins.

Like what a lot of the other posters said, kids will find anything to make fun of other kids for.
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

i think its up to yall, but i think ross is more common, too so that might be another issue. my mom told me, my last name is supposed to ave another letter at the end. my grandpa actually is going and trying to use his name as it should have been. his mom (so my great grandma) had more than one son, so i think she made 2 and 1 or 2 and 2 of them have the same last name for something lioke they wouldnt get confusing or something. its a really weird last name is fairly common, though ive never personally met anyone with it that i know of, i do know thres a lot in my area, the next county over, its one of those 'county people' things, and kinda irritates me when im asked if im related to so and so, ya know? LOL
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

Weeeeeelllllllll let me tell you something about that.

My last name was "Black." I went to a heritage language school, and every other kid in the school had an ethnic name. (I had only one parent with the ethinicity, my mom.) The kids in the school were all white and they called me all kinds of awful things, esp the "n" word (i am white too, it was just what they came up with from "black".) I hated my name. What i hated most was that it made me different from everyone else b/c they all had names from the same ethnicity. i had no 'heritage' to me since it was not my family's name as my mother remarried and my step father ALSO had an ethnic name. I was the odd one out. It was hard enough being a kid but with a weird name different from everyone else...! whoah. I think it might have helped if i had some attachment or significance to it, or if it was the family's name. But no, it was my cross to bear alone.

I hope that makes sense.

If your dh is okay with changing it, i would. MAke your own family name that only you guys have.

just my
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

Man that would be a genology nightmare. But then again I named my son Thompson and that is his first name.
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Re: Bad name question--opinions/thoughts?

This thread is a little old now, but SO hilarious! I loved it!!!

As for the name...If your dh is on board, I'd probably change it...only because you have daughters. Women don't want to feel "gross", kwim? (no offense!) I think boys could be a lot more thick-skinned about that type of teasing.

It is a tough choice though...I know how hard it is to have a name that is a burden...Mine growing up was NINE syllables long in all...and extremely unusual on top of that! It made me pretty self-conscious and was a big source of frustration...I was soooo shy and no one could ever pronounce/spell/remember mine, so...not fun. And my married name isn't any better! Mine hasn't suggested a change unfortunately! LOL

To add to the funny name list....

my friend from highschool is now a gynecologist who recently got married...her name is now Dr. Bush!

I had more, but I forgot.
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