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Breastfeeding while pregnant

Just wondering how this works out and what I should expect. There is a possibility I may be pregnant and if I'm not now, I'm sure I will be before my son is 1 year old (which is when I was going to start weaning).

So anyone who has actually done this before, could you give me some insight?



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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

The first thing I would suggest is that if you haven't yet, get in touch with a local LLL (La Leche League) group. They can offer wonderful support!

I am now "nursing while pregnant" for the 3rd time. I find that around 4-5 months my milk supply drastically decreases. This is around the time that my children have weaned. (They were about 18-20 months old). It isn't necessary to wean at that time but it is easier to encourage them along in the weaning process when they aren't getting as much milk as they'd like anyway

I also find that my babies are a bit thirstier when I am pregnant. You may want to offer a sippy of water after nursing. I had an LLL leader explain to me once that during pregnancy there is more sodium in the breastmilk....could lead to baby being a bit thirstier.

Feel free to pm me with any questions. I enjoy sharing my experiences.
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

i strongly recommend reading the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing. I didn't read it for the longest time, because i didn't think i was going to tandem (though i did in the end) - but there is a ton of info on nursing while pregnant and about weaning. you can probably borrow it from a LLL Leader.

i really wish i had read more and been more prepared - i just sorta stumbled through it. but i'm very glad i did it, DD really needed to continue nursing, and it made the transition to new baby much easier.
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

I got pg when my DS was 10months-old and I planned on breastfeeding him until he was at least 2yrs-old, so yes I breastfed while pg!

One thing, IMO, you have to do is drink alot of water and eat right ... I wasnt and when I was like 2 months pg my milk was dissapearing, then I started drinking tons of water & eatting better and my milk was back within 2 days. I know most women have little to no milk towards the middle/end of the pregnancy but I think it is great to keep nursing or letting your child comtinue (as long as it isnt hurting you, etc) because Tandem nursing is great and most babies/toddler still need the comfort!

Good luck & I am sure others will have better advice!

ETA: I found that sine I never actually stopped BF between kids my breasts werent sore, huge, painful after DD came!
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

Wow, I feel like a ninny. Until reading this, I just assumed my milk supply would remain about the same throughout pregnancy. We are considering TTC #2 in March or April, but my DD will only be about 8 months old at the time, and I would hate to have to stop nursing her because my milk dissapeared. She hates, hates, hates formula that would be a real no-go.

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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

I got pregnant when my son was 10.5 months old.

A lot of women experience extreme pain while breastfeeding in the first trimester but I didn't. This was really surprising to me because my first sign of pregnancy has always been tender breasts but I didn't have that this time around.

Nursing for me became painful when my milk dried up around 20 weeks. My son was about 14 months old. He still loved to nurse, though, so I nursed him as much as I could take it.

The pain became unbearable around 16 months old so I nightweaned him. Once he nightweaned, he was only nursing about twice a day. By the time he was 18-19 months old (and I was nearly due) he was nursing only once a week. I thought he would wean. When my colostrum came in he quit altogether and I thought that was it, but once the baby was born and my milk came in he picked right back up. Now he's 22 months old (and baby is 3 months old) and he nurses 2-3 times per day.
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

I'm nursing now and preggo. I have noticed a decrease in supply, and have started to supplement with one bottle per day. But for the most part, we're still enjoying nursing. My son is almost 10 months old, so my goal for now is to make it to a year, then re-evaluate the whole tandem nursing thing.

I did contact someone from my local LLL and she was very helpful and I have called her several times. I'd encourage you to do the same
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

I got pg when my DD was about 15 months old. She was nursing about once or twice a day at that point. It hurt so bad when she nursed, I had to bite my lip to keep from crying. She nursed until I was about 3 months pg then gradually showed no interest. She went from 1-2 times a day to once every few days, then even less.

I would have nursed her for longer if she wanted but for some reason she stopped. I kept offering and everything.
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

I'm 27 weeks pg and still nursing my 18 month old ds. My milk is almost completely dried up but he doesnt seem to care, he still "nurses". I think he will want to tandem once the baby comes, if he wants to fine if not great! I'm not sure I'm up to tandem nursing but I'm definately not going to force him to wean.....I guess we'll just have to see.
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Re: Breastfeeding while pregnant

I'm 38 wks pg and still nursing my 18 month old. He nurses at naptime and bedtime. The only thing I noticed was I started to not like the feeling of it. It was annoying and irritating. I considered weaning, but kept with it and the feeling passed.
I just go with what ds wants and will continue to nurse him when dd arrives.
Good luck to you and congrats if you are pg
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