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tell me about tubes

dd2 is on her 4th round of abx for ear infections that just dont want to clear. she had ONE her first year of life, now onto the second, she has had one in her right ear for over a month now and repeated ones in her left. shes been on
and is now 5 days in on septra (a sulfa drug which scares me)

ear drops arent helping her, and shes largely asymptomatic, other than sticking her fingers in her ears. ( she had given herself impacted wax at one point LOL)

we have an appt with an ent and expect to have tubes done.

so, dish. whats it ike, how bad was it (for you and baby) and what do i expect as to how long they are going to make her wait to have it done?

shes 19 months old.


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Re: tell me about tubes

My son had 5 infections and then got tubes at 8 months old (which lasted 6 months), then he had basically an ear infection that didn't go away from October-January, so he got a second pair in January '08 (those lasted a year). They replaced them when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed back in Feb '09 and his ears are doing great! I swear to you, if you have a kid with constant infections, ear tubes are the BEST. THING. EVER. My son was in constant pain, even when the ears weren't infected he was uncomfortable because of the fluid back there. He hasn't had an issue with his ears in an entire year and a half and I am so so thankful!

Note, our doctor also doesn't put them under until they are 3 years old. So the first 2 sets of tubes were done in 5 minutes. We left the house and were back home within the hour. He could eat, didn't have to come out of anesethia, didn't have to deal with any of that. He was out of my arms for maybe 10 minutes. They took him out of the room, papoose him, put numbing drops in, click the tubes in, and thern bring him right back to me. I know the kids scream through the procedure (scary stuff for the poor babies), but within 2 minutes of being back in my arms he's calm. We go home, take a nap, and after that it's like nothing ever happened and we get to be infection free for months-years! And if he DOES get an infection, it can be fixed with antibiotic ear drops which are 100 times better than a full body antibiotic!
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Re: tell me about tubes

My oldest had alot of problems with ear infections as a baby. At least 4 a year on average. It affected his speech etc. At 4 yo he had tubes placed and it was the best thing we ever did. I wish we had fought for them sooner, He has some hearing loss in his right ear now at 13 yo =(
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Re: tell me about tubes

My son had constant ear infections for the first year of life. He received ear tubes shortly after he turned 1 and it made a world of difference. He immediately had better balance, would turn to soft noises (he had so much fluid he often couldn't hear before the tubes), and his speech improved greatly.

The best thing about the ear tubes. After they were put in our ped visits went from practically every 3 weeks to ~4 times in one year.

WE had a couple ENT appointments to be sure of the need and the procedure. My son was put under for the procedure (which is nerve wracking for any parent), but it procedure was quick and healing time was fast (drops had to be put in a couple times a day)-- for us very worth while!
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Re: tell me about tubes

subbing cause we are in the same boat!
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Re: tell me about tubes

My DD was 18 months when she got tubes put into both of her ears (01/27/09) and it has made a world of difference. She has had one ear infection since then (04/09) though.

She had 6 EIs from 02/08 until 10/08. And the same EI from 10/08 until 01/09. She was given 6 different antibiotics (all of the ones mentioned in the first post + 2 more) and none of them worked. It was eventually cleared by an injection of a strong antibiotic.

She was sedated. The procedure from me going back with her to be sedated to being awake and the surgery being done took all of 15 minutes.

She was advanced in speech prior to the surgery, but since then, it has REALLY taken off. The only issue that she currently has is that she startles VERY easily and she's very, very sensitive to loud noises (she covers her ears and says "TOO LOUD!").

ETA - we were referred to the ENT from her pediatrician in early, close to mid-January and the surgery was less than two weeks later. Very quick.

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Re: tell me about tubes

My nephew just got tubes in his ears last week. My sister said all went well and he is back to eating right. He wouldnt eat when he had ear infections which was a lot, the only thing that she did complain about was the fact he was very whiny and grouchy the first couple days after it was done.
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Re: tell me about tubes

I think they're wonderful. I wish I had them, as an adult, I STILL get constant ear infections. I can't swim without ear plugs(or have baths), I can't wear earbud earphones,etc..etc.. Drives me crazy.\

Hubby had tubes, but got them a little too late(plus he was a preemie so there was already damage) and he has some hearing loss from not getting them soon enough, but not majorly, more it just seems like hei s ignoring you. He doesn't hear unless he is focused.
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