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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

OMG Your going to turn your son gay!! JUST KIDDING!! Your DH's family is crazy. My DD has a spiderman toy, spiderman books, a batman bouncy ball, batman pajamas...I'm sure there is more too! Her daddy is a fan and I see nothing wrong with it..she loves her toys. I bought an 18month outfit that had batman on it before we knew if we were having a girl or boy..and by darnit she's gonna wear it next summer lol I'll have to put a headband on her bald head but oh well lol Let your son be who he wants to be!


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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

When I was a kid, I played more with trucks and cars and tools than I did with any of my dolls, but yet, I'm still a pretty feminine woman!

Long story short, you're not doing your son any harm. If anything, you're doing him good, and making him a little bit more well-rounded in the long run
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

Your inlaws need to get a grip. My youngest son is nicknamed Piglet. So, there! I've called him that since birth.
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

Originally Posted by nakedbabytoes View Post
Unfortunately, that is a common feeling. One that is dumb in my opinion. I have a home daycare and I can't tell you all the things I've heard from parents about girl vs boy stuff. Oh for crying out loud-pink is just a color! How does it dictate one's potential manhood, I'll never know!
But it happens and people judge. Tell them to chill. He will get plenty of this when he gets to school. I raised my boy that colors are colors and toys are toys. Then he went to school.
Pink or purple is a girl color.
Dolls & playhouses are for girls.
Jonah is a girly sounding name.
Whatever! Who taught these kids all this??
Oh, yeah...judgemental relatives and parents with close minded ideas.
Sorry. Venting here!
I think it's great you are letting him be just a kid. I think life would be way better if everyone did that.
Are you kidding me? The kids say that?? I love the name Jonah!

I'll admit that I don't dress my boys in pink and purple is a RARE occurance and only because our school colors are purple and gold and the boys have some shirts with the school logo. My FIL wears pink ALL THE TIME and he is the least masculine man I know. If they have a house issue my dh goes to fix it. When we are out to eat my MIL orders for him, right in front of him she picks what she wants him to have then orders for him. He has no spine and I can't stand that. SO, I know that if I dressed my boys in pink someone would make a comment about them being "just like" FIL and I may injure someone then and that wouldn't be good at all.

About the toys, my boys have dolls, a doll stroller, doll cds, they play with everything. Ds1s current fave movie is Tinkerbell. I do think that whatever is "male" in them comes out when it is supposed to and I am not at all worried about my wild boys! OP, you are doing great!
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

I would just laugh it off when she says things. Sounds like they are "traditional". My mom made comments like that when my DS had a sling for his baby. I told her that my husband wears our babies in slings and he is not gay. I also tell them that I will love my ds if he was anyway. People are what they are no matter what. Tell them you are teaching your DS tolerance!
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

First, he is ADORABLE in those pics!

I would tell them to get over it. As longa s a toy is age appropriate, my son will be allowed to play with whatever he pleases, be it cars and trucks or dolls and tutus.

I was browsing clearance toys yesterday at a local shop and found ba-ba baby elmo (which is elmo that has a bottle and you can burp him and put him night night etc) for $4 (originally $35) and I couldn't pass it up. Carson really isn't that into it, but then again he is only 9 mos and its an 18 mos+ toy lol but I was really peaved that there were only pics of little girl on the package..apparently boys only get non-babydoll type elmo toys.... :eyeroll:
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

My son loves his baby dolls. And he loves his trucks trains and tools. It's good for them and it teaches them how to nurture to play with cuddly things.

I played trucks with my brothers and my brothers played dolls and dressed up in dresses with me. I think it makes for much more well rounded and NORMAL people!

that is just so narrow minded I can hardly stand to hear people say those things....
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

My favorite toddler boy gift is a doll and the book "William's Doll".

It tells a story of a child like yours where everyone says "play with 'boy' toys. The grandma comes and gets him a doll because he wants to learn how to be a DAD!

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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

My son has a bear that he will not go to sleep without. We've had a few ignorant comments about how we're going to 'turn him gay' That one, in specific, makes me so mad, but I just shrug it off. If DS is happy and content, so am I.
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Re: The Wrong Attitude?

Interfering friends and family suck. Plain and simple.

When my DS was around 2/3 his FAVOURITE toy was a pink doll stroller and sparkly dress up shoes that belonged to his sister. I thought it was cute. He also loved to load his Tonka Truck up with My Little Ponies and drive around the house.

He's almost 5 now and it didn't "ruin" him. It's important to let them make their own choices. He still plays Polly Pockets with his sister (who just turned 6) I think it's cute. DH thinks it's cute. They all play "Pollies" together.

OH, and my DS has a Cabbage Patch Doll. I got it for him at Christmas. He plays with it and DH was a little uppity about me buying DS a CPK but he's totally fine with it now. He got over it fast when he saw how much fun DS has with it.

And he sleeps with a teddy.

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