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Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

I've been meaning to write these out for a while now. I love reading birth stories so here's ours, enjoy

Jackson's birth
Planned home birth w/ midwife assistance.
Jackson's "due date" (I stopped believing in this myth!) was January 27th.
My midwife told me over and over that all babies are eventually born and there was no need to rush things. On feb. 13th she stripped my membranes and I had my first good labor contraction around 11am on the 14th. I took the dog for a walk with my sister and then went on some errands with my dad, he's got 11 kids so he knew right away I was in early labor and needed a distraction! That afternoon around 4pm I called my midwife and told her what was going on, my mom came and made dinner, my sister(pg at the time) and BIL came with a movie, action movie, I remember not wanting to watch the end because I knew someone was going to die and I didn't want to be upset, haha.
At 8pm or so I couldn't concentrate so went upstairs so be alone and rest. my midwife came back for the night and called an assistant and another midwife to attend. She didn't want to be the only one there just in case, she has known me since I was 13 and is like my "2nd mom". I loved both of them so I was glad! They checked me and I was at 5cm, when I was laying on my back the Jack's heart would decel so I didn't lay down much and they monitored him ALMOST nonstop. At 11pm I got in the birthpool, I didn't want to birth, just labor in there, DH was taking a nap and looked so peaceful on the couch, I didn't want to bother him by getting up . The water felt so so good, I kept saying I was gonna get out soon but stayed in until I was falling asleep! Eventually I moved over to the couch and slept during contractions, I would wake up and grip DH's arm hard! Baby was face up... back labor is no good. at around 1:40 am I had this mind blowing urge to get up on my hands and knees and lean this certain way, you know that urge, it was like Twister or something, place left foot here, right hand there and so on. Well seconds after I jumped up like that I had 2 REALLY strong contractions then baby turned and told me he was ready! My water broke after the first light push, there was some mec. I pushed for 15 minutes. He had some pretty low decels during pushing so they gave me oxygen, they told me later they were about to give me an episiotomy (a first for both of them, the older midwife had only seen one at a birth before) because they were worried with him being my first he would take a long time to push. Well he came fast! like 4 pushes. The rest us kind of foggy, Jackson was born at 2:13 am with the cord around his neck 2x then under his arm, he didn't breathe well right away, he was gagging a little but not breathing strong. He started breathing ok but his chest was moving fast they said. I didn't get to hold him long because we decided to take him to the hospital. DH and 1 midwife took him, by the time they got there he was doing great and just needed a little oxygen for 24 hours. I went after a little while and got to nurse him! he was 6lbs 12oz 21inches.
He is my amazing 2.5 year old ball of energy!

Silas' birth
Planned hospital birth w/ OB assistance.
Silas' due date was Dec. 10th
I feel like I need to defend my hospital birth choice before I tell his story. We moved out of state after Jackson's birth. I had felt during this pregnancy that I needed to birth there, no real clear guidance just a nagging intuition. I was so afraid of hospitals, I was so afraid of OBs! I went ahead and found an OB with guidance from a friend/postpartum nurse at the hospital who happened to have been the assistant for my midwives! I questioned my OB on everything, when she induces and why, how natural she is, how many c/s's she does out of necessity or convenience. I liked her enough and my insurance covered it. I told her Jack's story and she said she would let me go to 41 weeks, okay fine. At 41 weeks, after all the natural induction methods not working (including acupuncture!) I haggled with her and she let me go a few more days... only because it was a weekend and she didn't want to work so the 16th at 6pm we went in to start cervadil and spend the night. I woke up(haha, who really sleeps in a hospital) and they checked me, nothing not even 1cm, I thought to myself "Haha, take that hospital! My baby will come when he wants." I had fought(kindly) with my OB about not starting pit and breaking my water until at least 3cm so when she came in, she wasn't happy with me for refusing ARW and pit. I went home and napped and we came back that night to try again. I noticed on my way back I was having light contractions but why tell the nurse, she has a monitor telling her right? WRONG! Started the cervadil again and I was contracting good, still 5 minutes apart but lasting like 45sec. DH asked the nurse what the monitor would show when I was in labor and she said "oh, you'll be able to tell it'll be all over the place!" yeah right. So I told her I was having contractions and instead of believing my, she looked back at the monitor and said "hmm, you might just be feeling crampy from the cervadil"
Whatever, I tried to tell you! so I labored all night while DH slept, he had worked all day. Labor was really easy, I slept a lot. At 5:30am I had to get up and use the bathroom, move and shift, etc. I woke up DH and told him it was time... good thing we were at a hospital b/c I would of just stayed home if we weren't At around 6am the nurse came in to check me and found me in full blown labor!!! She was a little upset and a lot shocked, she said "why didn't you tell me??" and I said "I tried!!!" Hahaha, she checked me at 6:30 I was 8cm and 100% She called the OB and we called my mom and sis, they wanted to be there. I begged for an epi, haha! I Felt baby tell me he was ready and next thing I know there where bright lights going on, people running around yelling and throwing stuff around. I had to push but the OB wasn't there, luckily the nurse didn't tell me not to or she woulda gotten my foot in her face. Just like with DS1 I pushed once and my water broke, the on call doc stepped in and did something with her hands down there then told me to pushed, I just looked at her like "um, it doesn't work that way!" I pushed when my body wanted to, twice, once for his head and once for his body. Silas was born at 6:50 am and cried right away! He was 7lbs 7oz 19inches.

My mom and sister got there expecting my to be in labor and my mom yelled "you had him already?"
It was so beautiful to labor alone, just me and Silas.

People ask me all the time which is better, home or hospital, but the truth is they were so different! They don't even compare. I will birth at home if we have another, I don't want to have to fight for what I want, labor especially is not the time for that. I'm glad I experienced a hospital birth, I hope Silas' birth impacted the staff there in some way and that is why I was meant to birth there

Thanks for reading!


Hope -wife to Mark -mommy to Jack(2-15-07) Silas(12-18-08) Mercy(8-13-10)
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Re: Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

Thank you for sharing your stories
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Re: Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

I so enjoyed your birth stories and am sad you feel you need to defend your decisions. I know that both minister in their own way to those who need it! (((((HUGS)))))) sandi
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Re: Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

Thanks for sharing your stories. I have a Silas too, his middle name is Freedom

Enjoy your little boys, they are such a blessing!!
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Re: Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

Originally Posted by JanelleD View Post
Thanks for sharing your stories. I have a Silas too, his middle name is Freedom

Enjoy your little boys, they are such a blessing!!
Silas Freedom is an awesome name!
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Re: Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

Silly nurse
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Re: Jackson 2-15-07 and Silas 12-18-08

Great stories!
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