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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

DD turned 1 on May 6. I am still nursing her in the AM, when we get home from daycare, and whenever she wants when we are together.

I WOHM and was pumping twice a day to send milk to daycare with her. However, I was laid off last week and I just decided that I would wean off the pumping. I wouldn't feel right starting a new job and still having to pump, so I figured it was time.

I gradually elimanated the 2nd pump last week, and this week I am eliminating the morning pump. I am a little bit engorged and love to see DD in the afternoon so that she can nurse!


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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

You've really got to do what works for both of you. I breastfed dd until she was almost 3. I started out only intending to go to 12 months and thought people who breastfed 2 year olds were weird. Then I just sort of naturally fell into breastfeeding longer. It was easier and I didn't want to hastle with weaning. I am so grateful that I went longer. Breastfeeding is the best when they hit the tantrum phase. When ds was freaking out, I could put her to the breast and calm her down. It was also such a nice relaxing way to put her down for her nap and bed. She was in daycare 2 days a week and has never been seriously ill and never had an ear infection. She weaned when I was pregnant with ds and it was a very easy weaning. Sometimes when she's fussy, my instinct is still to nurse her - but now we have to turn to other things.

It sounds like you're following your mother instincts. They won't lead you astray!

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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

I am not yet an extended bfer, but my dd is 7 months, and I don't lose any sleep at all. I don't even have any idea how often she nurses at night because I usually leave my shirt up and she just finds the boob all on her own!
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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

I am so happy to see so much support for me to continue to breastfeed!
(Especially when I hear things like "Why are you still doing THAT?")
This site is wonderful.
Actually, the pediatrician was very neutral and said if it was working for both of us that continuing to nurse was perfectly fine. He did say my 1 yr. old DS was fully capable of making his own antibodies now and didn't need mine anymore. Well if I can give him more, that's fine too!
I am like one of the other posters...I started out hoping to nurse 3 months, then I thought I would try for months, then 1 yr...and now I'm still doing it and can't believe it has worked out. I had never thought about the calming effect it might have on a tantrum later one, but I guess I will see.
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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

I am so happy to read this thread. We are still bf here at 19 months old. I couldn't imagine not bf at all and DS is my 3rd and longest bf child. It really has given him the security and confidence I have never seen in my other two children. I never thought a year ago that I would still be bf so I have to try and realize all the positive aspects of bf a toddler. I am glad you think the extended bf will work for you. YAY!
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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

Originally Posted by Ashley
Just after I posted my question, I did some internet research on extended breasfteeding and realize that the fact my DS has NEVER been sick once in his entire first year of life is probably not simply luck...I never thought I'd survive Bfing for a full year, and I did, so Bfing for another year might be possible if DS wants to keep at it...I'm glad to know that you all are out there to help me!
We have our 1 yr. appointment this week with the Pediatrician and I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on 'extended' breastfeeding.
Good for you!!!! And of course for your DS I am sure you can get TONS of support here for extended BFing
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Re: Weaning from BF at 12 months

This is from, it is a handout about extended bf. I keep a copy in my purse for someone who asks and might be interested in the info.
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