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Re: COW v/s SOY milk for 1 year old

I have heard that mama's stay away from soy for boys/girls because of the hormones & it causing early menstration, etc...

I have also heard that mamas give goat milk because it is closer to breast milk then cows milk...

I have also heard of mamas who are vegitarian/vegan giving rice milk... I think part of this has to do with the way the cows are raised & the steriods that are used & enter the milk... Some mamas are able to find milk that wasn't processed and/or milk from cows that have not been given steroids...

Good luck with your decision!! I don't know what we will do when our ds is no longer consuming a lot of breast milk!! Right now, he will be 2 tomorrow, & we only give him water, other then the breast milk he drinks... If I had to guess, I think we will give him rice milk... But once again, good luck with this difficult decision!


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Re: COW v/s SOY milk for 1 year old

For those looking for goat's milk, I found it at a SUPER WAL-MART...couldn't believe it!
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Re: COW v/s SOY milk for 1 year old

Thanks for this thread. My baby has milk protein allergy. We were debating on going to soy after formula. I'll think I'll choose an alternate.
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Wink Re: COW v/s SOY milk for 1 year old

My daughter is almost 2 years old and has been on a soy milk since 1 year. There are a couple of reasons I put her on soy milk originally. One being that I have a milk intolerance. The other being my concern with the amount of cow's milk ingested by children and the results of it (allergies, hormonal affects, etc.).

My daughter was breastfed for 8 months and then on a soy formula until 1 year. Then, soley on Soy milk for a few months. After her body had weaned itself from formula to soy milk, I began introducing organic, hormone free cow's milk, in small portions to her soy milk. To this day, she gets a 50/50 mix of whole milk & soy milk. She is healthy, happy and all of her developmental milestones are fantastic!

You can talk to many dr's and find positions on either vs. cow. Personally, I don't believe you should make decisions that are fear based. There are many studies out there that reject cow's milk just as there are studies out there rejecting soy milk.

Let us also not forget that our country is one of very few that feed our children animal's large quantities..I find that interesting as well.

So, maybe that's why I decided to go 50/50. As other's have posted, there are MANY nutritional values to soy milk to not be overlooked. Just as there are nutritional values to cow's milk to not be overlooked.

And just for the record, I was a soy formula baby AND a soy milk baby. For most of my life I have been a rice milk & soy milk consumer. So far, no weird hormonal side effects have taken place.... I'm just fine.
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Re: COW v/s SOY milk for 1 year old

From what I've read... it's been a while though..

Soy is very healthy in it's natural form. The more processed it is, the more risks pop up. Highly processed soy products can suppress the immune system contributing to allergies and food sensitivities. The hormone content also varies depending on how processed it is. (the more processed, the more concentrated it gets)

In our home, we currently use hormone and antibiotic free cow's milk. I'm hoping to try rice milk soon to see if we can use that in place of some of our cow's milk. We don't use much as it is though. My babies nurse long enough that by the time they don't they start taking a daily vitamin and also get other sources of the nutrients found in milk. Part of why I do this is because Aidan only nursed for a year and then refused to drink milk at all. We did just fine finding other ways of meeting his needs without cow's milk or soy milk.
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Re: COW v/s SOY milk for 1 year old

We're almond milk and rice milk drinkers here

The part where these alternative milks are lacking is the fat. We put various things in Foxs breakfeasts to fatten them up....mostly just a tablespoon or two of walnut oil, sometimes ground flax.

Not sure about all the negatives about soy though. Read up on - they discuss whats wrong with soy and cow milk.

Oh, and I just wanted to warn little guy who has never had constipation issues, got way constipated when he had straight rice milk for a few out for that.

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