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motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry? *Pics Added in OP*

Here are some pics of the dimples

**oops, sorry they ended up all flipped around sideways and upside down, stupid photobucket

This is the 'Y' buttcrack that I was mentioning

And this is the first, smaller dimple that is inside the part of the Y crack that branches off:

And this is the deeper pit, that is inside of his buttcrack:
*note: this looks like I am taking a picture of his anus, but it is not I promise!*


My son seems to be delayed quite a bit in the physical motor development department. He is 11 months old, and has yet to crawl, sit up, pull up, cruise, hold his weight with his legs, anything.
I have seen him roll from font to back and from back to front....but between you and me, I think that was more of a result of gravity than anything.

He can stay in a seated position if you place him there, but he can not go from being on the floor to a sitting position by himself. I have to sit him up, and I still have to put a boppy pillow behind him because he still tips over a lot.

When you try to stand him up in your lap, or try to get him to stand against the coffee table, his legs just kind of crumple under him, instead of supporting his weight with his legs.

I have one other child, so I know he is quite a bit behind average. And I know that some children are just "late bloomers". But everyone just keeps telling me, "he'll do it in his own time" "I know a kid who didn't walk until 16 months" or "who never crawled at all, just went right to walking"

But to be honest, I am worried. Usually, when a kid skips crawling, they become an early walker. If they're a late walker, it's because they are happy to just crawl around.
My son can do neither. He doesn't have any way to move around the floor, period. And BELIEVE ME, this frustrates the h*ll out of him.

The other red flag for me, is that he has 2 sacral pits. He has a 'Y' buttcrack, and he has a pit in each crack. I know that most of the time these are "nothing", but with the delay in motor skills, it makes me worried. The thing I am concerned about, is spina bifida, or "spinal tethering".
Especially when you add in the fact that he already has one other "midline defect", which was tongue tie that we had corrected as a newborn. I know that tongue tie is fairly common, but it falls into that group of "midline defects" that includes spina bifida, and are all formed at the same time in the first few weeks if there is a lack of folic acid (this was a completely unplanned pregnancy, thought there was NO way for me to become pregnant, was not taking multivitamins of any kind)

Sorry for the long post, but what I'm looking for is stories of babies who were delayed with BOTH walking and crawling past 11 months, as well as any experience anyone may have with sacral dimples turning out to be "something"

I did finally call and make an appt (after many weeks of thinking "maybe TODAY he'll get up and crawl!") But until then, I'd like to hear any input or experience anyone has with any of this.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

DD started crawling at 12 months, completely unexpectedly... walking at 15 months. she was just content to sit and watch. now she is into everything
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

What does the pediatrician say?
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

You are his mommy, if you are worried PUSH IT!! It sounds like he probably has some low tone issues, however that really often doesnt mean a whole lot, or it can.

I agree what does his ped say?

I have TWO special needs kids and I had to push things with BOTH of them and if I had not nearly threatened my doctor about my daughter we would not have known her brain stem is deformed and that her skull was deformed slightly causing increased brain pressure... so again if YOU are worried push them.. Call Infant/Toddler/Child help yourself! You dont need a doc in most states.
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

Originally Posted by aliciacsun View Post
DD started crawling at 12 months, completely unexpectedly... walking at 15 months. she was just content to sit and watch. now she is into everything
so did she scoot, or find a way to move around the floor at all? My little guy definitely isn't content to be where he is, he wants to chase after his sister or get to toys, and there's a lot of fussing that goes on because he can't reach them (I've been trying to give him as much tummy time as possible, and never retrieve toys for him to make sure he has incentive)

Originally Posted by Namaste View Post
What does the pediatrician say?
We haven't seen him yet, we have an appt scheduled for next week
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

I would definitely bring this up with the peds.. Keep us updated!
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

Def talk to the ped. The fact that he is not even sitting would be sort of a red flag.

My daughter is behind quite a bit too! I used to have a ped that kept brushing it off and the play the "lets wait and see game"...Well we waited too long and it will take me a while to get back to where she needs to be. I know that my daughter sat at 10 months (which was late)...She needed glasses. She army crawled, then crawled on all fours around 13 months...She does not walk though! She is currently seeing a dev. pediatrician and going through a bunch of testing. By the way, she has low muscle tone and her limbs are floppy (mostly her legs).

Sorry...Not trying to take over your thread, but I wanted to give you some background...and try to tell you not to wait. If you feel something is not right, get it checked out.
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

You are right to worry about tethered cord mama. DD had a sacral dimple at birth that we called her second butt hole but the hospital ped and our ped dismissed it. DD's right leg is longer then her left and her right leg from the knee down is bigger in circumference as well. Her left foot is smaller then her right.

At birth her left leg was tucked up against her tummy which everyone said was normal. I didn't know anything about tethered cord but I knew something wasn't right. We took her to ortho but dd was really too young to do an MRI so ortho sent us to genetics. Genetics gave us the incorrect diagnosis of isolated hemi hypertrophy, meaning one limb bigger then the other. We had always thought of the left leg as her smaller leg and the right as her normal leg so it was surprising to hear her left was considered normal.

DD had to get ultrasounds of her tummy 4 times a year because kids with hemi hypertrophy can develop stomach ulcers. About 8 months after that diagnosis I noticed a hard lump under dd's sacral dimple and fluid leaking out of it. Of course, I freaked and called the ped right away. We took her in and they said have the upcoming ultrasound done on her spine too.

We had the spinal ultrasound but it was inconclusive, so we had to get an MRI. That was very scary since dd had to be sedated. We got referred to a ped. neurosurgeon (which is what you need, not a neurologist) and he diagnosed dd with tethered cord. She had surgery two weeks later, at 10 months, to de-tether.

Surgery went great and at almost 2 she can walk, crawl, almost jump, sort of run and she's doing so great. She's constipated due to the tethered cord nerve damage but she's able to pass normal stool with Miralax and so far no bladder problems but those could develop later.

Please pm me if you have any questions, I'm more then happy to share what I know. I also belong to a yahoo group of parents of tethered cord kids and they've helped so much. There's also another ds mama who's dd has tethered cord and blogs about it. There's resources out there if your lo is tethered but it's rare and hard to get diagnosed. Keep pushing and you'll get it figured out. Oh, if there's a Shriners in your area see if you can get in there.
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

After having DFS and DD identified by Early Intervention, with what you are describing, I would call your local early intervention in addition to the other things. You can self refer your children. DFS's caseworker referred him, and I referred my daughter. While I like my ped, she wasn't nearly as concerned as I was about my children, and both were identified, even though she thought they would grow out of their issues.

The EI therapy is MUCH cheaper than traditional outpatient centers, they come to your home or daycare, and most states have a monthly out of pocket max depending on your income. The copay is on a sliding scale. My insurance pays for 20 visits a year at $30 a copay, but EI pays for all of them at a fraction of that. Plus, at least in my state, any medical equipment is covered. I paid for DD's PT and her AFOs, and found out later that it all would have been covered by early intervention. Before EI, I didn't really understand what an OT did or how it would benefit my daughter, and definitely would never have sought one out.

The evaluation is free and they come to your house or your child's daycare to do it. In Indiana, they send out an OT and PT, and you go to a pediatric specialist eye doctor. I was completely scared to call, and everyone was incredibly friendly, and nice, and I feel dumb for being scared now. Neither child had any idea they were being evaluated...the therapists just play with the kids. Once the eval is done, you can stop at any time. But it is a really wonderful program.
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Re: motor delay and sacral dimples, when to worry?

I have no advice for you but could not read this and not post ((hugs)) to you!! Your situation sounds identical to a guy that works with DH. His DD is the same age as our youngest (16months) and is not crawling or standing at all. She just lays on the floor & doesn't really move her head or anything.. Apparently they are not taking her to any Dr because they feel she is just a late bloomer. I am going to keep an eye on your thread just in case there is some info I can pass along to them!

Lots of hugs again!!

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