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When to bring a blankie to bed?

I know it's generally said to avoid giving an infant any loose blankets in their crib to avoid SIDS, but at what age is it considered OK? When did you send you baby to bed with a blanket and why?


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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

I don't know if this is what you're looking for but here goes....

We cosleep with our son and have since he was born. Obviously there are blankets in the bed with him/us but we made sure they were lighter and as they are big enough to cover both my husband and myself we would be able to feel if they were getting wrapped around our baby.

However, I've been weaning our son from our bed for naps because if he wakes up and I can't get to him in time he can crawl right off the side of the bed and I don't want him to get hurt.

I put a blanket in with him. He has a "Daddy's Champ" blanket that he loves as well as a small thermal ducky blanket that he also likes and I just lay them over him.

I started doing this at about eight months.

He really doesn't move around a lot while he's asleep and when he's awake he kicks the blankets off.

I've never once found him in a position that was scary or alarming. Even when he puts his face under the blanket (which is rare) the blankets are thin enough or there's enough room around the sides for plenty of air flow.

I guess only you can decide what kind of blanket is safe and if your child will be okay with it.

Also, I would only put a blanket in there if it was really cold. If it's warm enough for him to be comfortable without one I don't even bother because he kicks them off anyway.
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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

I think it depends on the baby. At 4 weeks, DS would kick out the bottom of his swaddle and scrunch down into it, so that his head was completely encased in blanket. The first time it happened, it scared the hell out of me. Woke him up to check he hadn't suffocated. He was fine, and grumpy about being woken.

I thought he might be doing it because he was cold at night, so I added a hat to his night ensemble. This didn't help - I'd just find him scrunched down into his tube with only his hat poking out. Finally, I figured that if he was going to suffocate, he'd have done it already. I don't know that I ever gave him loose blankets, but I stopped stressing when he'd (again) rearranged his swaddle into a tube and stuffed himself to the bottom of it.
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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

My baby is 6 months old and he starts with a blankie and his lovie. He snuggles with his lovie and holds it (so cute!) and falls asleep. Once he is asleep I take it away from him so I don't have to worry about it.
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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

My DS is 5.5 months and I am starting to be curious about this too with winter coming.
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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

Get a sleep sack. That your kid likes. My older DS is almost 2 1/2 and recently got his first real blanket. He's started refusing to wear the sleep sack and his pyjamas are not warm enough now that the weather is starting to cool off. I love that with a sleep sack, they can roll around all they want and not get cold. Their also easier to get on and off than the whole pyjamas- better for middle of the night diaper changes.
My younger DS (9 months) usually cosleeps with me under my blanket (separate from DH's), but we'll be putting him in a sleep sack once the weather gets colder.
Here in Germany, most people do sleep sacks until the child can get out of it/refuses to wear one (so about 2-3). Blankets for kids are small duvets, which don't really bunch up.
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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

DS started sleeping with a blankie around 6 mos. He doesn't cover up with it, though, but holds onto the tag on the corner. It's his lovie.
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Re: When to bring a blankie to bed?

DS still doesn't sleep with blankets, he just never liked them.

DD is only 2 months old, and HAS to sleep with one certain blankie, so she still gets swaddled in it.
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