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Parent Vent.

This might make me sound like a total judgmental snob. But whatever. This woman annoys the heck out of me.

Yesterday was my DS's first day of swimming lessons. There's a woman in the class who has a daughter who's around 1 year old who has taken the class a few times. When the class started she started correcting my DH and telling the teacher what activities to do. Ok whatever. Her daughter was obviously not enjoying the class and kept fussing. She says, "I guess she un-learned this class. we used to come here and she was happy to float around looking at the lights, and now she gets too wound up to stay still". Well we soon found out why...

She started insisting that we all dunk our children. Now first of all, I'm 100% against this. I think at 1 year old it's not teaching them anything and they just learn to be scared of the water. I quietly told DH "don't you dare dunk him. we are NOT dunking our child". DH agreed and carried on with the activities without dunking DS. My friend asked me "are you going to do it?" and I quietly shook my head and mouthed "nooo...". We look over and the keener lady's kid is bawling with a wet face, and a dad with a 10 month old who dunked his daughter, she was crying too. My friend got the teacher to dunk her daughter, and what happened? yep she started crying.

Then we get out and go to the change room, and keener lady and her two kids are in there. She starts speaking french to her son and alternating between french and english. Ok, now I'm all for being bilingual, but she was doing it purely to show off. She only did it when there were other people around. When it was just her and her kids in the corner she only spoke english.

Then she started talking to another little girl in the changeroom who was there with her mom, going "how old are you? are you three? are you this many? (holds up fingers)" and the kid is just glaring at her like she's a raving moron... and in my mind I'm giving the little girl a high five

I'm cringing at the thought of seeing her week after week. She's so annoying!!!! I dunno, you don't have to be dora the explorer to teach your kids stuff and have fun kwim?


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Re: Parent Vent.

When DD was 4 months old we had her in her first swimming class and we did dunk our LO's (pretty much everyone in the class did)... but now that we are in the next class up (18-36 months) and I don't think we are doing the dunking thing in this class (there have only been 2 lessons so far, and I wasn't there for the 2nd one... DH took her by himself as I was out with my BFF that evening).
However my DD will occasionally go underwater, but it's a natural way of doing it as opposed to one of us forcing her under... like she tripped in the kiddie pool once and dipped under for a second (startled her but she was fine) and then when she is going down the slide at the pool we catch her but DH likes to catch her later than I do (I"m right on the end of the slide and DH likes to get her to land in the water)

As for your lady.. how do you "unlearn" a class when you are 1? I could be the same way... "oh my DD loved her swimming lessons last year, I don't know what happened??" umm.. maybe the fact that she's older now, more independent.. and would rather be on the slide than going in circles singing songs?
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Re: Parent Vent.

That sounds awful! I would never tell another parent that he or she "should" put their child underwater, and your description of "dunking" sounds kind of alarming.

We take a swim class, and yes, I put my son under the water, but there is a whole process - blow in his face to make him intake breath, quickly swish across the surface of the water, give praise, and don't do it more than twice in a lesson. Plus if the parent is not 100% comfortable with the idea - don't do it. Dipping should be about making a child comfortable; give them some warning and show them what to do - not half-drown and traumatize them. My DS doesn't mind swishing, but that doesn't make it a great idea for every child everywhere.

Sounds like this woman needs to remember that raising a child is not the same thing as min/maxing a character in a video game.
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Re: Parent Vent.

This is why we stopped doing gymnastics for my LOs. The parents there drove me CRAZY!! I had DS#5 in a Hotsling in the froggy front facing carry and she said how horrible that looked and she prefers her Bjorn. Whatever! Carry your baby in a back breaking mechanism, but I'm carrying mine this way and I don't need your 2 cents. These 2 moms just sat there loud and trash talking for the entire 45 mins or whatever it was. I finished the session and didn't sign up again even though I had a credit. UGH! I have a hard time with parents playing their "I'm better than you" game and so many do it!! Same at the library! This one mom sat there fiddling in her purse and with her wallet, basically cleaning her Louis Vuitton purse out, while her DD took every book she could find off the shelf and piled it on the table where my 2 DSs & I were reading. One of my DSs tried to pick up one of the (seriously) 100 books off the table and the little girl FLIPPED out and started screaming and snatched the book back from him. The mom did... NOTHING!! I took our stuff and left and said we could read our books at home in peace!
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Re: Parent Vent.

I would never allow a teacher, DH, or myself to dunk DS while swimming. My grandfather threw me in the pool when I was 4 or 5 claiming that's how he taught his kids to swim. It terrified me and I refused to get back in the pool for years after that. To this day I'm not that great of a swimmer and I think it's because being thrown in like that w/o knowing what to do instilled a fear in me.
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