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What do you have left to do/get?

What does everyone have left on their "to do" list before baby? What items do you still need to get?

I'm just curious to see what everyone else says, in case I missed something! Otherwise I think I'm pretty well SET. The only thing I want to get (and it's not necessity I guess...) is a super cute outfit to get his pictures taken in, since my plan is to do that right after he is born and give the pictures out for Christmas gifts.

How about you?


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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

I really don't need to get anything now. But I need to clean her swing and just get things arranged and set up. Pretty much everything is done. I do need a diaper stacker though like the kind you put sposies in. I think that would be good for the bg's.
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

I need to get:

birth pool (got the rest of my birth supplies in yesterday)

infant seat (not really necessary sice we have a convertable seat)

crib bedding (also not really necessary, none of my babies have slept in a crib before)

stroller (once the babe gets too big for me to carry aroud easily - i have muscle weakness in my arms)

I think that is it!!!

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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

Oh my I still have tons to get! I've kind of been hanging back waiting on us to have the extra money available to get all the stuff we need! I'll probably start really shopping next month...hopefully...

Still have to get....

-several things from our homebirth supply list (pool, heating pad, white wash cloths and towels, square disposible pads, sanitary pads, plastic shower curtain...)

-NURSING BRAS!! And hopefully some tanks too!

-a few more newborn size clothes/outfits

-possibly an infant seat (but we have a convertible already, just can't decide if I want to use it for the baby or get an infant seat...might wait til after baby is born to decide) I think I've decided to use the True Fit and see how it goes!

-cradle bedding (loaned our cradle out to someone after Nadia was done with it and they never gave the bedding back!) Update - got one cradle sheet!

-a few more receiving blankets, socks, hats, burb cloths

-size small diaper stash

-NB size covers, snappis, and pins (NB stash is pretty much complete except these few things)

-need to send our mei tai back to be turned into a buckle tai!

-some sort of seat, probably a bouncer... update-I think I've decided I want a Bright Starts By Your Side Infant Seat! Looks awesome!

-kind of would like a double stroller but definitely not neccessary!

Thats all I can think of, we already have an umbrella stroller and a full size jogger, we have the cradle left from Nadia (not getting a crib this time since we didn't end up using it with Nadia), we have a high chair (space saver high chair that Nadia is still using as a booster!), an electric breast pump, and 3 different carriers (mei tai, hot sling, snuggli). I remember with the first baby it seemed like we HAD to have sooooo much stuff and this time around it seems so much more simple.
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

ha! almost everything!!!

~still need to paint the nursery and set it up (furniture not in yet)
~this is my first baby so i really have no supplies but my baby shower is on 10/18
~read more books
~move (hopefully) we are trying to get out of our lease and move back in my my mother in law so i can not return to work
~wash all the baby clothes and diapers but i want to be moved and have the furniture to put it in (plus we have coin op laundry where we are)

i guess i do have some things done/ready
~have almost all of my newborn and 0-3 cloths (thanks to MIL)
~have the furniture purchased and already ordered
~have 3 baby slings
~have all my cloth diapers ready
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

I am slowly getting things done, but still feel like there is a lot left to do!
~repaint a dresser to go in DS room, so we can take the dresser/changing table combo from his room to the babys room
~I'd like a few more nb outfits, but we'll see if I need those or not (waiting on a few boxes of clothes from family to arrive)
~wash and put the crib bedding on her bed
~buy the double stroller (have it picked out)
~rewash all cloth diapers (did when I got them, but a fresh wash would be good) and any clothes that need to be washed.

~Nursing bras, but I am going to wait to get till she arrives, I have a bunch of tanks from DS, but would like a few nice bras this time around too (nursed ds for 15 months, and never got nice bras!)
Jennie, married to my sailor since July 05 and SAHM to Logan (9/07)
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

Our shopping list for birth supplies:
  • Birth Pool
  • Water hose & attachemnt
  • Fish net
  • Chux pads
  • Sanitary pads
  • Plastic for bed
  • Set of sheets
  • Witch hazel
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Squirt bottle
  • Bendy straws

To do list:
  • Flooring in baby's room
  • Trim for room
  • Decorate room/set crib & etc up
  • make meals to freeze
  • Get paper bags ready with birth supplies in them (So they're easily found and not looking for stuff last-minute)
  • Make a just-in-case hospital bag
  • Buy everything on my shopping list
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

all I NEED is nursing bras and tops. There are some small things that I would LIKE to have, but nothing I need.
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

I need to get an infant car seat. We gave away the one for my last DD after we moved her to the convertable seat. Get the tub of 0-3 month girl clothes down from the attic. Put some finish on the unfinished dresser we bought for the baby so I have somewhere to put the clothes when I bring them down.

Other than that we are ready.
Wife to the love of my life and mom to dd 3/99, dd 8/00, ds 1/03, dd 7/07 and dd 11/09.
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Re: What do you have left to do/get?

I have bought CD and thats IT.

This is my 4th child and I gave away ALL my baby stuff cuz I thought I was dont but I only need 3 major things: car seat, co-sleeper crib, and a quality breast pump.
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