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wound up in L&D last night

So I get a call from my oldest son's school nurse telling me his ear is red, swollen and he's complaining of pain. So I told her I'd try to get him in for an appointment, if he got one pick him up but if not since school was out in 2hrs take him to the ER then. When I picked him up it looked like it was seeping out goop from the ear. So the ER dr thinks it's backed up ear wax.. I don't but that's a whole other issue. I guess I will have to see if it bothers him the next few days and get a follow up. I just don't see how that causes him a ton of pain and the boys anal on cleaning his ears.

So I sat all day yesterday between 2hrs at starbucks with a friend, 3hrs waiting in the ER. As I'm coming back from the pharmacy I'm walking down the long hall way with my 3 kids to get back to the ER and leave and my dh was just getting off (late) and my stomache starts getting these shooting pains around my belly button, I walk further, it starts getting really stiff in my belly. I called and told him I didn't think I could drive, meet me in the ER waiting room when he got there so I could sit down. By the time I get finally to the end, slower and slower, I'm practically falling over the desk and asking if I can be seen in L&D there even though I go for my OB off post (since I had problems with OB on post not treating my high risk care) and she said yes I can go there anytime regardless. So she then asks if I would like a wheel chair and I said yeah that might be helpful because it hurts bad. My husband will be here in a few. So they bring one out, put me in it and are like are you sure you don't want to go now? I said he's on his way. I start shaking really bad from chills and crying it hurt so bad. The nurse spoke to L&D and then comes over and says you're going now, we're not waiting.

I get to L&D and they check me in right away and I was in fact contracting. Contractions sped up for awhile 2-3m apart, some light and some off the charts. They pumped me full of 3 bags of IV fluid, but still had them during so the dr said it helped but she doesn't think it was from dehydration. Contractions slowed down to about every 10min and light ones, blood test, urine came back fine so they felt fine releasing me and not admitting and said it was slow enough they thought I was fine with out having to get a shot to stop them. Want me in my dr asap Mon (I have an apt in the morning) told me to take it very very easy this weekend, no lifting, stay off my feet as much as possible and tell my dr everything and tell them they suggest possible bedrest but since they are not my dr and system was down to access my past records that they really felt it was in my drs place to decide for sure. Didn't wind up checking dialation since they slowed. The oddest thing to me was the fact that I went into preterm with Brooklyn (my youngest) shortly after we had stopped progesterone shots due to thinking I had an allergic reaction and this is happening WHILE on progesterone and at 26wks vs 31wks with her. Course I was on bedrest for dialating to 3cm with my middle son at 5 months but at that time was not on anything like progesterone. I didn't even feel half the contractions but my stomache was hard as a rock, shooting stabbing pains around my belly button when tey wheeled me up and throug out the night. She said from now on I need to watch it and if my stomache does that and last more then like half an hour or so I need to be coming in because I'm contracting. My poor kids were so good through it all. So I guess we will see what happens at my appointment on Monday. They gave me something for my pain and told me if it keeps up or gets worse to come right back to them asap.

I got woke up a few times from contracting last and severe back pain today but it seems to be better now. I thought I might have to go back in but I think I'm okay now. Took a nice relaxing bath and have been trying to relax. I packed a bag for me just in case something happens again and they admit me. Hubby's washing baby clothes to calm me because I'm flipping out now.

Going to go take a nap and hopefully it will get better


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Re: wound up in L&D last night

wow mama I'm so glad everything turned out ok. Please take it very easy and I hope you don't have anymore pre-term labor!!
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Wow. Take it easy!
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Wow laci hope everything calms down! And that little one stays in for a little while longer to cook! And about ur son. He probably does have something going on. When the ear canals get plugged up it is quite painful. But I would make sure he didn't have an infection. And even though he cleans his ears the qtip can't get so far down to get out all the wax. Hope he feels better
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Oh my gosh! Stay relaxed and I am glad all turned out well!
Chasity- Wife and Momma to 3 Special People
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Scary! I hope your Dr can figure it out!
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Wow how scary! I'm glad everythings ok for now! Definitely take it easy!
Abbi, mom to Nadia Grace 11/06, Zoe Mae born @ home 12/09, and Matilda Rosalee born @ home 1/23/12
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

I'm very glad you got checked out - definitely take it easy, we don't want a repeat of your L&D visit! I'm glad that you and baby are ok, but get all the help you can for the next couple weeks
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Praying that the baby cooks longer. I don't see why they didn't go ahead and give you the anti-labor drugs since you have a history of preterm labor. Ugh. PLEASE take it easy!! Kymberli
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Re: wound up in L&D last night

Wow scary!

I am glad things are calming down. Hopefully everything will go back to normal with no need for bedrest.
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