View Poll Results: What do you do for school??
Public 47 43.12%
Private 14 12.84%
Homeschool 48 44.04%
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

DD (and any other children we have) will be going to private school.

We intend on placing our kiddo's in WALDORF school (Steiner school), and most of them are private. A few are Charter, but still require a monthly dues.

I have nothing against public schools; we just happen to prefer Waldorf for our children. It's such a special and beautiful form of education.


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Re: What will/do you do for school??

We'll be homeschooling. In fact I am ordering DD's Kinergarten curriculum with our tax return this year.
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

We homeschool and love every minute of it. We pulled our oldest out after he finished first grade in public school. It WAS an awesome school.. we loved it, but with the "no child left behind" laws the schools are essentially holding back kids that are more advanced! When my son (who had been preschooled at home) entered kindergarten he was the only child out of the almost 100 kids in his grade who could read fluently. He was always bored with what his class was doing. By 1st grade he was constantly getting in trouble because the teacher would pass out work one paper at a time to the students, then she would read the instructions to the students and read practically the whole paper... as you can imagine this process took some time. Ds would have his paper completed before she had finished passing out the papers to all the students (23 of them), and would be bored out of his mind waiting on the others so he would act up (yes she told us this is what was happening, no they would not advance him or test him for gifted).

We have so far this year completed all of the 2nd grade curriculum I have created and are now working on 3rd grade's work.

We have decided that the younger 2 (and any more that come along) will be homeschooled from day one... The 2 littler ones are very attached to each other and would be lost if they were seperated anyway.

I was terrified when I started and at first almost threw in the towel.. but I have learned so much from this experience that I know I'm doing the right thing for our family.
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

We homeschool. I truly believe that learning begins at birth and we are our childrens' first teachers. It only makes sense to continue teaching them. I am better able to adjust to my child's unique learning style and needs than a teacher in a classroom with at least 30 other children. Add to that the frighteningly high rate of children being misdiagnosed with ADD and ADHD and medicated because it was easier for the teacher/school to handle them and I can't imagine wanting to send my child to a public school. I absolutely hated school as a kid. I was always finnished with my work first and bored out of my mind while the teacher explained the same thing over and over and over again. And then you had to do 4 hours of homework because all of the school time was wasted going over the stuff instead of just doing it and getting it done. On top of that by highschool I couldnt' deal with the politics. The cliques with the other students, the teachers opinions, the other faculty. IT was less about actual learning and more about tests and rules.

There was a time, a very breif time, right after ds2 was born that we wondered wether we had made the right decision. Ds1 was diagnosed with PDD NOS at 3, and at that time we had recieved alot of pressure to put him in a PPCD classroom. I had held strong on my decision that no child of mine would attend a public school, much less the same public schools I attended as a child (we still live in the same neighborhood). But when ds2 was born my ability to spend time working with ds1 was cut way back. And so between the limits to my time and our having lost private OT we agreed to let him go to the PPCD classroom for 3 hours one day a week to try it out. I can't even begin to describe how poorly the class was run. Their only interest was in keeping these kids in the system (so they could get government funds under the IDEA and FAPE) in the classroom and out of the way. THey had no interest in working towards inclusion. THey had no interest in helping these children work towards normalacy. THey just wanted to keep them from making too much trouble. They told me that they would do feeding work with ds, they couldn't even get him into the cafeteria because the noise level frightened him. They never got him to eat anything. They told me that they would have him potty trained in no time. They sent him home on three seperate occasions in wet pants, one time they sent him home in just a diaper because an outside therapist had noticed he was wet through so they changed him but couldn't be bothered to look for his pants which were in the bag with his diapers. It turned out they weren't really taking the kids to the bathroom or working on potty training at all, and even though all of the children were in diapers they weren't getting changed all day. We yanked ds back out and when they asked if I wanted to put him in special ed K this year I laughed in their faces. Their excuse for why the hadn't helped him more is because we hadn't let them have him all day every day. Apparentely being totally neglected by strangers for 8 hours a day would have been better for him. Just solidified our resolve to home school our kids.
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

We'll probably consider all the options when the time comes, but barring some huge grossly negligent problem with the public system, we'll try it first. DH and I both did well in public school, and I'm a teacher and come from a family of teachers. My siblings and I always did extra work in the summers (oh, how we hated Dad's "Summer Reading Program"! Essentially we worked through his old books. Statistics I especially hated.)

I hate to think the only option for so many families is to close ranks and homeschool, but I totally understand the motivation. I wouldn't leave my kid in a bad situation either. But I still think the system needs to be pressured into reform.

It's a tough call.
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

Ds goes to Waldorf Kindergarten and we're hoping he will be able to continue through 12th, and Dd as well when she's old enough. I'm not yet certain when we'd want her to start, though she'd happily stay with his class all day if she could!
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

I didn't select anything yet, since I am really not sure about it yet.

We live in a good school district, but I am thinking about homeschooling. I have concerns about it and would love to hear what you guys think about it. I am worried about the things my kids would miss out on that other kids do if they don't go to school with them. How do you work it for college and stuff? I am guessing they could take the SATs and stuff, but don't they need to have the grades from school and stuff? Please make me less naive. I know that these are not likely realistic problems, but I don't know anything about it and know of no one really to talk to about them. I appreciate your thoughts!!!


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Re: What will/do you do for school??

We homeschool, always have and always will. Yes we like our choice. Many many reasons why, too many to list, but this is what is best for our family!
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

ive done all 3 myself, my 8yo bro has only homeschooled, and i plan to hs my own.
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Re: What will/do you do for school??

If we live where we currently do, it will be a private Christian school. The public school system here isn't all that great. I want the best possible education for my boys. I am not sure I am cut out for homeschooling though!

Can someone explain unschooling????
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