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Thumbs down breech--update!

Update: I've been working my butt off since I wrote this post--I got a webster adjustment, went swimming and did headstands in the pool, and some inversions. Today I went to my midwife appointment and... baby was HEAD DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I'm just working on maintaining good positioning. Sitting on my birth ball instead of reclining. Etc. To those still breech has great tips, and even a timeline of what you should do at each week. Its a good idea to do this bodywork at around 30 weeks it says. Anyway, sending head-down dust for the rest of the you!!

So I've had a fear this whole pregnancy that baby was going to be breech. Then a few weeks ago the Dr. and chiro confirmed that she was head down, and I could tell she was LOA. I was very pleased. Well then a few nights ago I was laying in bed and felt her move like crazy. Ever since then she's felt in a really weird position and I've felt all the kicks down low. I was pretty sure she had flipped to head up or transverse. Today the chiropractor confirmed she is head up . Thankfully she is certified at Webster technique so we did our first session today and I go back tuesday for another round.

This just sucks. I know there is still time for baby to flip, but its like its confirming my fears. I know I can do a vag breech if I want--there is a dr in town who does it a lot, but I REALLY want my homebirth and this could really throw a wrench in those plans .

Please send prayers or positive thoughts that this baby turns head down and stays there!!


Melanie, Wife to Jamie, Doula, and mom to Lydia Vera 7/6/06, Juliet Marin 3/16/08, and Virginia Kay born at home 12/26/09!!

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Re: breech

Aww melanie I hope things go well. And she turns. I had that gd fear and ended up getting it. Sometimes mommy knows best. But there is still a lot of time for her to move back. Just focus on that. I will keep you in my thoughts. That you get the homebirth you want. Just stay positive!
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Re: breech

One of mine turned 2 weeks before she delivered.
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Re: breech

Stay focused! Visualize her turning head down and staying that way, and between that and your chiro visits I'll bet she'll flip around. There is still time!
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Re: breech

she sounds like one active baby! hehe I hope the baby turns for you!
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Re: breech

aww i hope the baby flips again for u. sending good vibes ur way.
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Re: breech

It's the same here, my little guy just keeps flipping on me! One day he'll be head down and the next he'll be breech. I'm not going to stress over it right now because I know we have time & I'll do whatever it takes when the time comes to make sure he's head down... but it is my worst fear because since we live way out of town, it could ruin our homebirth plans. (I don't know that I'm comftorable giving birth breech that far from the L&D at the hospital)

That's something I need to talk to my Dr. about next time I have a visit with her though, is if she'll deliver breech, I keep forgetting! If not I'll have to ask her who would. The other thing DH & I have talked about is if he's breech when I go into labor is going to a hotel that's right by the hospital and giving birth there.
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Re: breech

Breech here too! Been that way since the beginning... I just keep trying to remember we still have time!
Chasity- Wife and Momma to 3 Special People
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Re: breech

Breech here too! Lots and lots of baby turning prayers for all of us!
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Re: breech

Breech here too! Hugs for us all and hope these LO's turn!!
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