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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

I had a VBAC with DD2 this past December. I switched doctors around 28-30 weeks because my original doctor, who did my DD1 c-section would only give me negative statistics about VBAC. He had done many, but I think he was just getting old and lazy. Anyway, he had a c-section scheduled for the day after my due date as well. I switched to an ob-gyn specialist group, something my sister(she's a nurse), told me to do if I was going to attempt the VBAC. I thank God every day for enabling me to do this and allowing me to get in - sometimes they do not take patients past 26 weeks. Not only that, a couple weeks after I became a patient with my new doctor, I found out I had gestational diabetes. Now I was really worried about a VBAC as I may have a bigger baby than my first! My first DD was 8 1/2 lbs. Anyway, long story short, I had started dilating a month early, and she induced me a week early by breaking my waters - I delivered my DD2 a few hours later and she was just as big as my first daughter!
One thing my new doctor told me was that they refuse to induce using pitocin. It highly increases the risk of uterine rupture. PM me if you have any questions! Good luck!



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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

All I can say is be glad they will even consider a VBAC!! The hospital and most of the othe hospitals around here will not do them. I have seen them section a patient that came in in labor at 8 cm!! The only hope you have of having a VBAC is to come in on the weekend in real labor and going fast and hope that the anestheologist is busy and the MD is at home or something.

I know Cytotec is against the recommendations due to risk of uterine rupture but pitocin can be controlled so some docs will use it.

I know the unknown is stressful, I hope you go into labor on your own and have an easy delivery!
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

You know, the more I read about this, the more upset I become. A VBAC without induction is actually safer than a repeat c-section - the risk of catastrophic uterine rupture is smaller than the risk of needing an emergency section with a normal induction, and smaller than the risk of complications from that emergency section.

In the States, this happens because doctors aren't usually sued for doing too many interventions, but they are often sued for not doing enough. So they do more than is really necessary in a CYA move. That means women in the States (and Canada, for that matter - we're not quite as bad, but this business of not letting women go past 41 weeks without induction is ridiculous and counter to research, also) need to stand up and tell them that no, we're not going to put up with routine abdominal surgery or routine inductions that will end in abdominal surgery. The trend towards midwives is a good start - but the paternalistic attitude towards delivering "on time," against a woman's wishes, needs to go the way of the dodo.

Hmm. I think I'm getting into letter-to-the-editor mode, here. I wonder who I should send the letter to?
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

I would definitly push back the scheduled section... for my vba2c attempt they said I could go until 42 weeks. A lot of babies don't come until after their due date so I agree you are cutting your chances in half if you are forced to section that early. Good luck with it all.
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

I agre with the post above - induction is acceptable for a VBAC.
But what I really want to say is that YOU have control over this. I don't even understand WHY docs feel the need to schedule that c-section. Had you not had the first c-section, they wouldn't be saying go ahead and schedule surgery for a week after your due date! I'm not pg yet, but I REFUSE to schedule a c-section for any week. I'm seeing a midwife, delivering at a birth center and doing it on my own terms!

Sorry - it just hits a sore spot that VBACs are "supported" yet things are being done to undermine them even happening. UGH

hope it works out for you
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

checkout the ICAN website. tons of info and a support thread w/ many women ready to answer questions.

i say labor at home as long as possible and then go to the hospital ready to have that baby....Do Not agree to a c-section due to scheduling conflicts!!
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

I can't believe that they would do that! I don't have experience with VBACs, but the hospital closest to us won't even consider them. Awful, huh? I hope you can get them to change the date without too much hassle.
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

They CAN'T induce you or cut you if you don't show up!!!

Please check out the ICAN website:

Like some mamas have said, it is your body and you get the say...this is just the typical "cover your ***" medicine that is practiced in the U.S.

For some perspective, in "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth", Appendix A, there are statistics for births attempted/completed at The Farm (where Ina and her fellow mid-wives birth) from 1970-2000. There were 108 attempted VBACs and 106 were successful (that is 98%) with the other 2% presumably being transfers to hospitals.

Good luck!
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?


I do agree with everyone else in that they can't make you have a c-section on that day if that is not what you want.

I am hoping to have a VBAC as well with this pregnancy. I debated it over and over again as to wether I wanted a c-section or not and I have decided that I am just going to see what my body does for me.
I had a pretty messed up delivery with my ds. I was in labour and went into labour on my own but it was extremly slow, so they gave me pitocin to speed things up and it didn't end up working so I ended up with a c-section.

For me, I have decided that if I get 7-10 days past my due date and I am completley shut I will then ask for a c-section. I don't think an induction would work for me even if the doctor agrees to one.
It really is a hard decision, but I really think you should cancel the c-section for the 10th.
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Angry Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

I know exactly where you are coming from. I am 24 weeks pg with my 2nd child. My first was a cs due to breech. My doctor says he is supportive of vbac and will allow me a "trial of labor", but I can't have any pitocin, have to be on the monitors all the time and can't go past my due date. I said, OK, schedule a cs for the day of my due date. His office called back and said all that was available was 5 days before!! I know that hospitals reserve a lot of ors for emergencies, but I was scheduling it 4 months in advance!! I wish I could call and book it myself! Has anyone else run into this?! I feel like you--my chances are now pretty slim!
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