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wed daffodil chat

Good morning mommas. Hope everyone slept well. Off to the dentist I go!


Love is compromise. Its accepting that both of you are diffrent. And learning to love the uniqueness of each other. Its learning to love those things which drive you nuts, and accepting them and not trying to change someone to how you want them to be.
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Re: wed daffodil chat

Good morning. Thankfully yesterday was WAY better than the day before. My cold feels much better, and I went to the mw and discovered that my baby is now head down!! Big sigh of relief!! Overall had a quiet but good day.

I've had a new pregnancy symptom come up: hemorrhoids. Oh my goodness I had no idea they could be so painful! I'm having trouble even walking they hurt so much! Hopefully this is just temporary and not for the next 10 weeks.

Hope everyone had a good night and has a good day today!
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Re: wed daffodil chat

Yay Melanie for baby being head down!!

AFM, I AM SO EXCITED!! Last night I was palpitating my stomach to try and feel if baby was still breech and it gave the baby hiccups. Hubby put his hand down low on my belly because he could feel them and I am pretty sure he was feeling the shoulders jumping with the hiccups meaning baby is HEAD DOWN!! YAY!! I am almost 100% sure that baby is not breech anymore. Especially since I was reading on about if you feel little kicks down low it usually means hands are down there. Since I have been feeling little kicks down low and hard kicks to the upper right, and the hiccups were over to the left (shoulders and back) I am sure the baby isn't breech
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Re: wed daffodil chat

Yeah for head-down babies! Boo for hemorrhoids!

I'm exhausted... Throwing another load of baby stuff in the laundry (this time it's all the receiving/swaddle blankets, after that it'll be the swing and carseat cover). I have a dentist appointment today too, Fan! Hope she goes gentle on me, my gums bleed a lot during pregnancy.
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Re: wed daffodil chat

Yay for babys being head down!! I'm pretty sure my little guy is right now too, but the other day he was transverse, so who know's what he'll be tomorrow.

I'm having a Midwife dilema, but I think I'll post about it in the homebirth thread to revive that.
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Re: wed daffodil chat

HI Girls!

For all the Head Down Babies... Send some of that over this way...
on the Hemorrhoids EW I never had any with DD and so far none this time...

We go for an U/S tomorrow to check on baby because of slowed movement... I am just hoping its nothing, Baby has been rather active the past few days, So I'm wondering if he/she is head down now... cause the type of movements I am feeling is different too! We shall see... I am SO hoping baby will show us gender so I can finish planning and get everything organized and ready to go!
Chasity- Wife and Momma to 3 Special People
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Re: wed daffodil chat

Yay for babies being head down! We are all getting so close!

I am getting so excited to meet this baby! She has been moving around a TON lately! Last night she moved constantly for almost an hour! So exciting!

I'm going to the store today to get some birth announcement making supplies! I hand made all of Nadia's before she was born so I figured I better do the same for this baby! I wish I new for sure that she is a she though! I'm going to make them girly with Its a Girl on them so she better be a she! lol

Chasity good luck at your U/S! I hope all is well with baby and I'll keep my fingers crossed for head down!

Yuck on the dentist appointments and hemorrhoids!
Abbi, mom to Nadia Grace 11/06, Zoe Mae born @ home 12/09, and Matilda Rosalee born @ home 1/23/12
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Re: wed daffodil chat

GL Chasity! I hope baby shows the goods! and is head down.

Yay for all the head down babies!!

Melanie, I have a small hemorrhoid too! It's just started to bother me this week

I woke up sore and tired this morning. I hate that! Working on knitting away and finishing my projects before baby arrives. I need to get Eden some fleece pants/shirts sets for bed and a blanket for her bed. It's really starting to get cold!
Jena. Mama to my December girls E 6yo F 4yo C 13mo
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Re: wed daffodil chat

hey ladies,

yehh for head downbabies....

been trying to drink alot of water which sucks cause i have a wicked hard time remembering to. got my next 3d this weekend, hmmm cant t hink right now. lol

jena do u still have those catapillar longies?
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Re: wed daffodil chat

Yay for head down babies! Boo to hemeroids! So sorry to hear you ladies have it. That would suck!

Chasity- I hope everything goes well at the U/S. Maybe baby just got themselves in a position that makes it hard to move or where it is hard for you to feel it. Sending gender sneak peek vibes your way too!

AFM- Heartburn is my enemy at the moment. With the kidney stones I cannot take tumms so Zantac it is. Not so good for the instant relief. My mom asked me today if I am going to get the H1N1 vax. I told her no (through email) and I am just waiting to hear the response. It sounded like she really thinks I should get it. I am not anti-vax it is just too new for my comfort and right now the risk of H1N1 doesn't outweigh the possible risk of a new vax. Frankly it wouldn't shock me if the flu that DD and DH just got over was swine flu. Is there anyway to test to see if you have HAD it? Like past tense. I would be interested to know if the flu they had was swine flu.
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