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The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

On Wed the 7th at about 4 am I woke up the the sound and feeling of three pops inside me. I literally said "what the heck is that??" and then it was followed by pain. I laid in bed for a few minutes not really awake and trying to deal with the pain and figure out what it was. Then I went to go to the bathroom. I felt wet and when I wiped it was tinged with pink. I got worried because I had never seen pink before and accompanied by pain I didn't know what was going on. There wasn't enough fluid to make me think my water had broken yet. My dh woke up because he heard me saying "ow" and asked me if I was ok. At that point I was just getting worried and was unsure what to do. I didn't want to call and wake up my midwives unless I needed to. I tried to go back to bed hoping I could get some sleep and maybe it would just go away. Of course the pain wasn't going away and I started to get more and more concerned, so by 5 am my dh was calling the midwives. They were already up and leaving someone elses house so they said they were on there way.

During the time we were waiting for the midwives to get here, my dh decided he needed to clean the kitchen. I figured I would go out into the living room to wait for them so we didnt wake any of the kids up. I went to the bathroom and when I came out to get dressed I found myself stopping and leaning on the bed and breathing hard. I wasn't sure if it was a contraction or what. I thought when labor came it would be little contractions building up to the big ones. This was a very different feeling than what I was expecting and I was really thrown off. By the time the midwives got there I had three more of these and started really thinking I might be in labor. I had another right after they got there and another while they were checking me. I was at 5 already and my mw stretched my out to a 6 during a contraction. Apparently I was in labor and it was coming fast and hard.

I had to wrap my head around the fact that I was in labor at that point. It was so much different than I had expected and so much faster. I went back into my room and the contractions were coming pretty fast. I was struggling with the intense feelings and wasn't sure what to do to feel more comfortable. The only thing that felt good was to stand over the bathroom sink and lean on it. My mw's and dh were working to get the birth tub set up in our room. My dh stopped when I had contractions so I could lean on him. It felt so much better to stand and I didnt want to sit or lay down at all. I kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom so I sat down to go and when I wiped it was tinged with brown. I got really freaked out because I knew it had to be meconium. The mw's said not to worry. They checked the babys heartbeat and he was fine.

Shortly after they got the tub set up and I was in it and felt much better. It must have been about 6:30 then. I told my dh it was going to be really soon and he asked if it would be by 8 and I said sooner. He was surprised. As I sat in the tub I began to feel the contractions in a whole new way. I realized when I was having them I could actually feel the baby moving down. I realized that it wasnt pain I was feeling, but what my body was actually doing. It was an amazing thing. Every time a contraction came I focused on what my body was doing and not that it was painful, but that it was doing a job. I really think that helped move things along faster. I felt pretty good considering, just because I knew what my body was doing. It must have been about a half hour later that I noticed the feeling changing. Suddenly I could really feel the baby moving down and it started to get scary. I told my wm that it started to feel different and she said I was getting close to pushing. The feeling was very intense and strong. I couldnt believe I already was ready to push. It was all happening so fast and my mw hadnt even checked me since she had gotten there. I had to really grasped the fact that I was really about to push my baby out already.

Once he had come down into the birth canal and my body was ready to push, I felt overwhelmed. I told my mw I was scared and she reassured me that it was ok and I could do it. I could feel so much pressure but for some reason I was resisting it and unsure of what to do. I tried to relax and realized I should try to push. I started to bear down a little and I think that was probably what moved him all the way down. With the next push his whole head was out. I was in shock. I had never been able to push one of my babies heads out in one push. I sat there for a minute worried I had pushed his head out to fast and had tore. Then with the next contraction I pushed again and his whole body came out in a gush of meconium. I couldnt even see him in the water. My mw took him and gave him to me. He was absolutley tiny! That was about 7:11 am.

They used a little tube to suction the meconium out of his mouth and nose and he began to cry. Luckily there was barely any in him and it didnt affect him. He wanted to nurse right away. It was absolutely a perfect birth. It was everything I had wanted. The kids didnt even wake up until shortly before I pushed him out. How lucky can I get? : ) He was 7lbs 2oz, 21" long, born at 7:11 am, on Oct 7th.


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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

WOW! what a great birth story!
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

I hope our next one goes so well! Congrats!
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

Congratulations! What were his stats?!
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

Oct 7th is my bday too
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

wow sounds incredible
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

Amazing story, mama! And it looks like the number 7 is your new lucky number!!!!
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

this is an amazing story! thanks for sharing!
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Re: The amazing three hour home birth of Jace!!

What an incredible birth!!! Congrats!!!
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