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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

I tried all kinds of rewards with Munchkin, but nothing ever worked. We tried candy (majorly backfired when he started refering to all Starbursts as "potty candy" regardless of the location), stickers, verbal praise, trips to the park, bubbles, calls to Grandma. Nada. Though Munchkin is autistic with a severe receptive and expressive language delay so it's possible he never really understood the "game" of potty learning.

What finally worked was just making everything available. We had a toilet seat, a little potty, books and videos from the library, and underwear. Every time DH or I needed to use the toilet, we brought Munchkin with us. At first to observe and later we stripped him down and plopped him on his little potty. It still took a year of this before Munchkin was ready. But when he was ready, it was like a switch had been turned on. He went from 100% diapers to 100% potty learned. Not even night accidents!

Now we are still struggling with getting him to understand that he needs to put his pants and underwear back on after using the toilet, but we're still moving forward.


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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

We used freeze dried fruit or Smarties for awhile.

What worked for DD (potty trained at 24 months) was the potty timer. We set it for every 20 minutes in the beginning, and she had to sit for 10 minutes at a time. That way, the timer went off and said it was potty time...not mommy being mean. It worked great in about 2 weeks.
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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

2 jellybeans. It worked wonders.
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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

None with DS. Just left him naked, mentioned while cleaning up accidents that next time tell Mama and we'll use the potty. Then lots and lots of clapping, hugs, excitement when he made it. Slowly toned it down over time, and now he's 100% during the day (and it's much nicer now that he's tall enough to get himself up/down from the potty alone), and only in a diaper at night and that's about 50% right now, too.

With DD, we did the same but she had some kind of phobia about pooping on the potty and would hide out to poop in her underwear. I told her that when she was ready to poop on the potty, we'd go to the store and buy a toy. A few days later she announced, "I'm ready!" and she pooped on the potty. We immediately left for WalMart and she picked out a Mega Bloks school bus which she proudly paraded around with telling people, "I pooped on the potty!" (This was around 2.5.) She's 7 now and still remembers the proud feeling associated with that bus. No accidents after that, ever.
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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

none - incentives make it so that going in the potty = good. and not going = bad. I try to keep the focus on that the reason we use the toilet is for our own benefit. It's not ME who wants you to use it - but it actually benefits YOU. If they make that connection first instead of ''I have to do this because mom wants me to'' then [theoretically] it can help avoid the regressions when they decide that they don't feel like pleasing mom today.

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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

Originally Posted by avidreader View Post
Some of the best advice I received on potty training/learning is that once you put your kiddo in undies- no more diapers- not for going out, not for naps and not for night time. It worked out great for us as he knew that diapers were done- no switching back and forth for naps or going out which can confuse a kid. He has NEVER had an accident when we were out of the house. He did have accidents at night a couple of times and during the day for a week- 2 weeks. Yes, it was a bit annoying to have to get up in the middle of the night and change him and his sheets but we knew he was just learning and so we never got upset or acted annoyed to him- we just kept saying- "it's o.k.-we'll clean you up- next time tell mommy and daddy that you have to go potty and we'll take you to the toilet to go, o.k.?" Then hugs and back to bed. It was amazing to me that with a little bit of encouragement, he pretty much took over and did it on his own. We did NOT do any stickers, rewards, treats or punishments- just said something like "Great job buddy- poopoo and peepee go in the potty- you did it! "and clapped like crazy when he went in the potty. After a couple of weeks of this praise- we phased it out and didn't make going potty a big deal as it was already part of his normal routine. That was maybe 3 months ago and it's been so great to have only one in diapers! Anyway- best wishes to you guys on this journey- I highly encourage you to rethink punishments and even to rethink rewards other than some praise as those can be difficult habits to break once the child becomes accustomed to going in the potty.
I wanted to thank you for posting this because I believe this is the route we need to use for DD1. I know she's ready, she's just lazy, or busy, or just too dang comfy in her diapers, but it's certainly time. While I think we may also go the pull up route at night (she sleeps 12-14 hours straight). I can't even sleep that long without needing to get up and pee! I think night time would be a lot to expect of her at this point.

Anyway, thank you. This is the best PL'ing advice I've heard and it seems like the option that will work for us. I've had two in diapers for a year now and with DD1 being 2 1/2 it's really time for her to be out of them and have us down to a 1 baby in diapers family!
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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

nothing - when my dd decided she was ready i didnt need to bribe her with anything (and I am not above bribing if need be, lol). She just did it - one day she said NO DIAPERS (literally, lol) and from then on she hasnt worn one. She was 20 months
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Re: Potty learning- what incentives do you use?

I only did claps and cheering (and when dh or sisters were around they cheered too).
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