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Re: questions about the "CIO" method

OMG, it is one if the best things we ever did. I wrapped my DD and she slept in a co sleeper till 9 months and she outgrew it. I had to put her in the crib and it was awful. I had always rocked her to sleep and then very carefully layed her down. Any noise and I went running. I got up once a night to feed and it got to the point where she would wake up ion the middle of the night and just lay there and stare at me for 2 hours! Then she would turn around and wake up at 4-5 am! It got to where neither my hubby or I were getting any sleep. I read Healthy Sleep Healthy Kids and it was great. The first night was terrible. It took her about an hour and a half. The next night I went and got a video moniter, and it made it alot easier on us. Next night it was a hour. Next 30 minutes after a week it was 10 minutes and now 3 weeks later it is maybe 2 minutes! I was worried she would hate me but when she wakes up and I go get her , she loves me just as much as she did the day before!
I now have a very good schedule. She wakes up, 2 hours later nap, 1:00 nap, 6 bedtime and wake up between 6-7. It is sooooo nice.


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Re: questions about the "CIO" method

We have always used a modified Ferber method too..woked well for us ...never took more than a night or two to get them sleeping..I have great sleepers, all 7 of them!

edited to say..I never used the CIO method before 6 months, I usually rocked my kids to sleep when they were babies..I am talking about older babies or toddlers...
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Re: questions about the "CIO" method

FYI Dr. Ferber the inventor of CIO says not to do it before 6 months because babies don't have Object permanence until then, meaning they don't understand that something that is gone can reappear because it isn't actually gone.

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Re: questions about the "CIO" method

We did Ferber with ds #1 when he was around a year (we waited much too long LOL). It took around 3 nights. And whenever his sleep routine was interrupted with teething or going out of town it would take 3 nights to get back to sleeping again. I told myself I wouldn't create bad sleep habits with ds #2 but guess what, he is 8.5 months old and has to be fed, rocked, walked to sleep every time. It's exhausting. Especially when you have a 4 year old that needs you too. It's so hard to do CIO/Ferber with ds #2 because I'm worried about waking up ds #1 even though he has a white noise machine in his room. Must suck it up and do it so everyone gets sleep.

Oh, meant to add, my ds #1 has no memory of CIO/Ferber. He was never upset with us the next day or anything. He bacame such a happy camper when he started sleeping better. His naps also improved ten fold when he slept at night.
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Re: questions about the "CIO" method *updated*

I just wanted to add another vote for Weissbluth's book.
IMO he is right on the money. It isn't really a parenting book about how to
PUT your kids to sleep (he lets you decided if that method is right for you) but HOW children sleep.
I have to say he has been right on the money with us and I refer back to this book all the time!! it's a dry read because he is always talking about his "research" but man it's invaluable. it was reccomended to me by a lot of other mama's.
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Re: questions about the "CIO" method *updated*

Well, we have always thrived on routine and building good sleeping habits from the beginning- now please I want to flamming here but we have always done a modified babywise- I know I know and this comming from a homebirthing, cding, babywearing, breasfedding mama!

With that said we never starved our children- never sat staring at the clock not feeding them or any of the other terrible things about babywise- we read it took what we wanted fro it and the rest was left.

It was a lifesaver for us with our first child and helped keep my new mommy brain from stressing out- I had a guideline and that is what it was a guideline.
And I would like to add that all of my children as newborns nursed around every 1 1/2 to 2 hours not 4.

With that said sleep is VERY IMPORTANT in our home- I am not a nice mama if I am over tired. BUilding good sleep habits in our kids was a must.

As newborns there is that gradual transistion for newborn nursing into baby nursing with a routine being encouraged but with lots of flexability.

Encouraging a healthy sleep/wake routine during the day ment they were ready for those longer stretches of sleep at night. All my kids by 9 weeks slept atleast a 6 1/2 hour stretch at night nursed and then slept another 4-6 hours.

All of our kids have slept in our room next to us (we do not co sleep- I do for naps and the first month but then its to the co sleeper- jimmyed to be flush with our bed so its kinda like they are in bed with me) utill about 4-6 months with 5-6 being more average. (I had one child that at 4 months did skeep 12 hours straight!)

We all sleep better when the noisey baby and the noisey daddy do not sleep in the same room- there is only so much I can take- with a fan in our room!

At that point they go to their own room/spot/area- never to far away.

There was usually always a little bit of crying involved with sleep- never usually longer than 10 minutes and all depending on age. Usually the problem was in a child not being able to find their pacy and being mad about it.

Normally though we lay the child down and they may fuss for a few but are fast asleep within 5-10 minutes. They are familar with the routine and are tired- they have been up for quite some time and are ready to sleep.

Anyway, I definately would encourage you to start now and develope some better sleeping habits. And I can't remember the exact number but children at this age still collectively need around 16+ hours of sleep. If your child doesn't nap and wakes so much at night then she is definately not getting her beauty sleep.

If I were you I would re-evaluate her daily routine and then decide how you would like to improve it. Write it down and decide if you are happy with it or if it needs to be tweeked. Give yourself a week of retraining and then re-evaluate again to see if the problem areas are being fix with what you are doing.

I also do not like like bedtime routines with lots of pomp and circumstance- keep it short and sweet. In 5 minutes its night night time- sing a little song while you change her dipe and get her ready for bed. give her some loves and lay her down.

Sitting and rocking and doing all that only creates another habbit- everytime the wake up on their own they are going to want to redo the entire routine thinking they need that to sleep. So keep it light and simple. lay her down and walk away.

I do like white noise both in a childs room and for myself if I need it. Go take a shower to distract your self if that helps. but walk away and give it 10 mintues or so- 15 is better and I like 20.

I have found that going back in every 5 minutes just starts the whole thing over again. give it some good time. don't pick them up- don't start singing again. give them a kiss and smile and say nighty night again and walk away.

If you child takes a pacy but looses it often start putting them to bed in a porta crib- no rails to have anything fall out of!

I would suggest 2 naps a day at around 2 hours each and 12 hours of sleep at night.

As far as night time goes- you have a few choices I norrowed them down to 2

1 would be to tweek your routine but focus on those naps first and get those underway- she is still used to nursing several times during the night and that will be a tougher change for her so leave that be while you redo the foundation of your days.

then after 2 weeks tackle night time- nurse her for her last nursing of the night and lay her in her bed (usually they are asleep fior this one so happy you) when she wakes up you can go in and reassure her the same way you did when training for day naps. But limit yourself- do it 2 times over 20 minutes and then go back to bed- turn the volume off the monitor and watch the lights if you must. At this point she already knows the routine she knows the new sleep habit and she will be mad but then she will lay down and go to sleep. If you know for sure she has thus went back to sleep and she does this again a few hours later rpeat the steps. HOWEVER I would only do this for a few days- no more than 5 personally and after that I wouldn't go in again- she knows at this point- she is waking out of habit and she will begin to put herself back to sleep out of habbit as well.

All this will not effect your relationship in a bad way infact it will probabably make it better! She will be a happier well rested child and you will be a happier well rested mama! You will enjoy your days and nights better because they will be less stressful!

This new routine in your life will become the normative estate- the guidline within your home but not an absolute. She things come up and deviating from the norm needs to happen- like sickness or something then you go with it but then you fall back into the normative routine and since evryone knows what that is it is easier to do so!

I hope you have been encouraged by all the support and help you have gotten from the others who have rplied to this thread- I was happy to read that everyone was being very encouraging.

Keep us all updated on what you end up doing!...Minda
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Re: questions about the "CIO" method *updated*

I feel for you as I've gone through many sleepless nights with dd waking up 22 times or more. I found that now that she is around 9.5 months its gotten much better. She sleeps around 6 hours at a time, for a total of 12. We still co-sleep. I've had nights where I felt like trying anything because I just wanted some sleep, but in the end I definately couldn't do it. I found these articles below helpful. Thats just my experience.... and she still sleeps on me most of the time for naps. I'm okay with that though because I have a good carrier to get things done.
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