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any experience with eczema?

my nearly 5 mo dd is covered in eczema. she is ebf.
it has been building over the last month.

any help or advice or experience is appreciated.



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Re: any experience with eczema?

My ds who was ebf also had a fairly bad case of eczema last winter but it cleared up fairly easily with a few simple steps and I don't know if that is typical. What we did was eliminate all scented products of any type from his and my life. You have to be careful and make sure you buy only products that are unscented and fragance free (because otherwise they can be scented to have no fragance if that makes any sense at all.) This meant laundry detergent, soap, lotion, shampoo etc and I did it for all my products too because I figured we were in such close contact. Then we started using cetaphill cream in a tub (not lotion) on him three times a day and using a humidifer because our air was so dry in the house. I also experimented with eliminating dairy from my diet but I can't really remember how vigilant I was about that at the time of the eczema. This basically cleared things up for us. Very occasionally if things were bad in a particular spot I would use some cortaid cream but I tried to avoid it if at all possible.
Good Luck!
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Re: any experience with eczema?

Hi! Def. rule out the allergy issue. Dr's will want to treat the symptoms but until you figure out if there's an allergy component, it's hard to get a handle on. My ds is allergic to all soy products, which are found in most processed foods and some lotions.

The above suggestions are great, too! Lotion is very helpful. And sometimes a cortisone cream is necessary to help knock down the flare up. I use OTC because the RX didn't seem much better. And steer clear of the other eczema RX's if possible. They didn't help my ds tho I know some people to find relief. My concern is the safety.

My ds is now 5 yrs old and takes benadryl at night and it helps, too.

Oh, and also use only natural fibers in clothing.
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Re: any experience with eczema?

Abby's prone to eczema. We had to find a lotion that works for us. She reacted to Eucerin and Cetaphil and Dove. We finally found Baby Aveeno, both the cream and the lotion, and they work well. She reacts to Tide and most fabric softeners. She breaks out something wicked with disposable diapers and sometimes to her own poo (right now her li'l bum is chapped because of it). I only bathe her twice a week, otherwise her skin gets dried out. We use Baby Aveeno Moisturizing wash. She reacted to Johnson and Johnson even in the hospital. Make sure you lotion her down after a bath too. We at least put lotion on her at night and some hydrocortisone cream on her face where she's prone to get some more extreme eczema, plus some cream from Aveeno. All scentless. Our deterget is scentless too (Purex Free and Clear).

I'm sure there are other things out there that would work for her, but I just don't wanna' stray from what we know works to cause her more issues, kwim?

Watch for when you start solids too. Abby's shown a sensitivity to anything with egg in it (unless it's baked).

Apparently I was the same way as a kid...
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Re: any experience with eczema?

My DS has Eczema also...I found that it was mostly caused by me eating SOY any soy at all. It came thru my Breastmilk. I had done all the lotions and natrual soaps. We ended up using California Baby products there soaps and their Calendula lotion(which I loved). We also used a vaporizer(I liked it better thatn a humidifier for the mold reason). Mainly though it was just me not eating any soy, it can be kinda hard because it's in so many things so you really have to be carefull and look at every label. My ped. told me that the main food allergies that cause Eczema are Milk, Soy, and Wheat. We rulled out milk then went on to soy and that was it.....GL and if you have any Q's just pm me I'll tyr to help in any way.....Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

BTW we also use All F&C for our detergent...I keep any frag. and Dyes away as much as possiable
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Re: any experience with eczema?

does anyone in your family have it? sometimes its not just allergies, it can be hereditary as well. i HIGHLY recommend Toadally Tender by London Frogg. awesome awesome stuff!!!!!!!!
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Re: any experience with eczema?

Both my kids and DH have excema... Here is my experience... Sometimes it is caused by a food allergy (and yes! It can pass through your breaskmilk!) But often times it is nearly impossible to find the cause... My DD used to break out in terrible excema when she first started eating solids and would eat oats (didn't bother her in bm)! Luckily, we were slowly introducing her to foods so it was easier to find the cause... (she did outgrow that allergy BTW!) DS didn't start any flare-ups with excema until he was past that stage, though we tried elminating the most likely triggers to see if that was what caused it, none of them did... I know it can also be hereditary, and then there is litte you can do except deal with it... How to deal with it?? Well, we only use natural skin care/bath products with no/as few as possible chemical additives, which doesn't keep it from appearing, but it does help the severity. We have tried so many different things I don't even know where to start! Some of them helped, but none really did the trick... Finally we found that calendula works wonders! They get it after a bath every day (also helps to lock in moisture!) or before bed if they don't have a bath.. and when I actually can see/feel the excema I put it on twice a day. We buy homeopathic calendula from Hylands, I get it from for a much better price than our health food store can get it for...
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Re: any experience with eczema?

I just recently found out DS has eczema. I think his is partly related to allergies, so I using an elimination diet right now on him to find out the cause. there is a history of it in my/his dad's family, however. I just wanted to say good luck figuring it all out!
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