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Does anyone use a child locator/alert device?

Ok, here's the deal. I have a 3.5 yr old daughter who is VERY busy. She is a well disciplined child, except for the fact that she is just so busy and distract-able, that when she sees something she wants or is interesting, she completely forgets all of the teaching we've done with her and just BOLTS for it. This is really hard to admit, but we have actually lost her 2 times since she was 2 yrs old. One time the police had to be involved, and the second time, someone had to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting her. In my defense, the first time I 9 months pregnant, in labor, and just couldn't catch her before she got out of my sight. (we were walking from our door a few feet to the garage...I let go of her hand for 2 seconds to open the garage door, and it was such a short distance, it's not something I would have put a "leash" on her for if I had one)
The second time, it was at an outdoor church service and my son was being baptized. Since I was up at the front holding my son for his baptism, my (many) family members were supposed to be watching her. The problem is that no one else is used to how sneaky she is that she knows the exact moment you aren't watching and bolts away at that second, so no one else is as anal about watching her as I am.

ANYWAY. I am due with another baby in the spring, and will have a newborn, 17 month old, and my bolting daughter to deal with. I am looking at getting some kind of child alert/tracking device.

The device needs to:
alert me as soon as the child leaves the immediate vicinity.
have some kind of audible tracking beep so that I can hear where she is.
be decently affordable, and simple enough to use every time we step out the door (like something that attaches to the shoes, so that it's already worked into the going out the door routine...although she does like to take her shoes off so maybe that's not the greatest option)

The first one I looked into was the Brickhouse child locator, but that is really spendy and I read some AWFUL reviews on it. If I remember right, it doesn't alert you until the child is pretty far away, and the child part doesn't beep, it just shows on the display if you are getting closer or farther away from the child. Not like an arrow pointing to which direction, but like the game "Hot/Cold" which I think would be really frustrating in a panic situation.

The one I am currently considering is this one:

However, the product that is exactly like this (but with no alert beep) has gotten A LOT of bad reviews about it failing to work.... But since it's only $40 I am considering giving it a shot.

Sorry this has gotten so long. I am just really worried about my daughter's safety, and I've learned that I can't even trust my own anal vigilance with this kid.

If you have any type of product of this nature, or any other input on solutions period, please let me know! I never want this type of thing to happen again

I am editing this to add: We have already tried a toddler leash, and it's just not a viable option for us. It's way too much hassle to put it on every single time we step out the door, and she fights the thing like CRAZY, like will drag herself on the ground. Also, like I said, not something I would have put on for the short walk to the garage, and definitely not something I would have been using for a church service!
Also, I have thought about squeeky shoes. However, wintertime in north dakota is upon us, and boots are a must have. Also, again not appropriate during a church service or many other occasions.


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Re: Does anyone use a child locator/alert device?

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Re: Does anyone use a child locator/alert device?

I've thought of something like that... my kids are always with me, but I'm still paranoid lol
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Re: Does anyone use a child locator/alert device?

what about a bell charm as a zipper pull? we are thinking about adding some to our daughter's jackets. something like this:
i find them less annoying than the squeaky shoes.
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