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Crawling, and other milestones

I am full of questions this week, hope no one minds.

DD is 6 months; and HATES tummy time. She will not have it, no matter what I do to make it seem appealing. Some of my close girlfriends have 6 month olds that are already on hands and knees, or full on crawling. But, they spend a lot of time on their bellys.

Will my DD's lack of tummy time keep her from learning to crawl? She just doesnt seem to be going in that direction at all, and it bothers me a bit. She is sitting up wonderfully and has terrific dexterity otherwise.

Also, when do babies start pulling themselves up? Walking?

I should probably know all this, but you never can rely on books.

When did your kids start crawling, pulling up and walking? Did you do anything to help aid the process along?


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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

Don't sweat it. My 6 month old still doesn't rollover from belly to back, but she can sit up. Heck sometimes she doesnt even rollover from back to belly.
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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

My dd who is 5 now, never liked tummy time. She loved anything to do with fine motor skills. She scooted a little on her bum at 13months, then at 13 and a half months she got up and started trying to walk. I remember the first day she crawled she was 18months old and she followed my moms kitty under a table. Now my other dd had issues and wouldn't even use her legs in that situation we sought answers.
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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

Abby's a bit older. She doesn't like it if you put her straight on her tummy. Never has really. She prefers to be sitting for something and then lean/reach for it. In that case she ends up on her hands and knees and tehn will crawl a few "steps" to get the toy, and then plop on her tummy. Then it's okay for her to be on her tummy, but you can't put her there. I'd say really within the last month to two months, she's really rolling and crawling and active. I think they have to reach the stage where the actually care to reach that toy/thing (in my daughter's case, it's our speaker wires) to start anything. She's been pulling up forever, which is backwards...usually pulling up and creeping comes before crawling, but not her case.
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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

Its easy for me to say, but you don't want to rush them into getting around. Being a parent gets a lot harder when you have to chase them!

My Ped. always told me that crawling isn't a developmental milestone and my son crawled late. To make up for that, he crawled one week, pulled up the next and was walking very shortly after that. Seems like he waited and then just took off running. He too hated tummy time and he didn't get himself into a sitting position on his own until he started to crawl. He'd sit up if you sat him up, but otherwise he wouldn't/couldn't do it.
So don't worry too much mama, your daughter will do it all in her own time.
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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

my DD only sits up for a few minutes at a time, and she crawls backwards every baby is different!

heck to show you, my 4 year old dd - she crawled at four months old, walked at 7 months, and ran at 10 months - no joke so each kiddo is different!!!

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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

Tanner HATED tummy time too. We would put him on his tummy and he would roll over. You could not make him be on his belly. And he really needed tummy time because of his torticollis. I was so happy when he would sit unassisted so he could strengthen his neck muscles that way. He finally started to crawl at 8 months and now watch out he's into everything. Within 1 week of crawling he was pulling himself up on everything. I was worried too because ds#1 crawled so much earlier.
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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

DD is 8 months and still doesn't even get up on hands and knees! She pulls herself with her left hand. (Quite a site really!) She will pull the scoot forward, pull again and scoot some more. She sits up, but just started doing that really well about 2 weeks ago. She will walk with us holding her hands though. Every baby is different!
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Re: Crawling, and other milestones

Neither of my kiddos liked tummy time and I never forced it. They both accomplished milestones well within normal limits though. DD starting sitting right around 5 months, crawled around 7, pulled up around 8, cruised around 9 and walked at 10 months. Ds is flying through those milestones like nothing. He started sitting the day he turned 6 months, crawled 3 days later, started pulling up a week ago, and started cruising the furniture a couple days ago and just turned 7 months yesterday.

So, as you can see every baby is different and I would definitely not worry. Most docs don't even count crawling as a milestone b/c some babies don't do it at all.
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