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Need to increase supply due to possible surgery/weaning...please assist! So upset!

I have been EBF my 8 month old. He gets one bottle at night before bed daily. He just started eating Oatmeal cereal about a month ago and he only gets that once a day at night. Other than that he just nurses on demand and I have been pumping twice a day, once in the morning and at night before bed. Usually, I get more milk in the morning but lately I've noticed a dip in supply especially at night. I'm planning on starting Mother's Milk tea (which I hate the taste ) and I'm eating a bowl of oatmeal once a day. Should this be enough to increase my supply? How many teas should I drink? I don't want to do the Fenugreek caps cause I don't want to smell like maple syrup. I pretty much drink only water and plenty of it daily.

Here is the situation: I was planning on nursing till at least 15-18 months old but I just found out yesterday that I may be needing surgery soon. I have a defibrillator implant and it appears that I have an infection at the incision site. I need to see a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic to confirm this and if this is the case, I will need to probably have my defibrillator leads extracted. This is a very risky procedure that is only done in the care of the proper physician. A complication in this procedure can turn into open heart surgery. There is a possibility depending on where the infection is that they may need to remove all leads and the device and place it in the other side of my chest requiring 2 separate surgeries. I will need to stay in the hospital at least overnight. These incisions are up near my shoulder area right above the breast and I know for a fact that I will be in dire pain to pump and dump to keep my supply. If I don't pump or feed, I know I will lose my supply. After I recoup in a few days, I will try to pump again and see if he will nurse again but if not I guess my breastfeeding days are over. He is my last baby and I was truly looking forward to nursing him for awhile so this is just devastating. DH doesn't see the big deal but I guess most men don't understand the bond you get with your baby while nursing. Has anyone gone awhile without nursing past 8 months of age due to a situation and have no problems relactating and did baby keep having an interest in nursing?

I DO NOT want to give formula (if it comes down to that, I would choose the Baby's Only Organics and hope he does well with it) if I don't have to so I would like to increase my supply to feed him now and build up a freezer stash so he can be fed breastmilk while I am in the hospital and at least feed him BM as close to one yr as I can. I guess the only good thing is that he is old enough to get solids and may not require as much milk as a newborn or younger baby.

How often does your 8 month old nurse daily? How much do you pump daily?

If you've read this far, thanks. I just got this news yesterday afternoon and couldn't sleep. Between the anxiety of not knowing if I need this surgery which is likely going to happen according to my cardiologist and the thought of sabatoged breastfeeding of my last baby, I am a mess. I can't help but break down and cry. So unexpected!

It helped a bit to write this all out but I do need any suggestions or help in boosting my supply to keep my LO breastfed as long as possible.


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Re: Need to increase supply due to possible surgery/weaning...please assist! So upset

This is going to be a quick reply...

In terms of foods, I wrote something about that here, you can also try these articles on Kelly Mom for increasing low supply as well as not pumping enough milk.

Something quick to try - grab a container of powdered Gatorade mix and whip that up. Mix half and half with your water or make it half strength to begin with and drink that throughout the day. The ladies of PumpMoms group on Yahoo have gotten good results.

I would also look at MilkShare if you do lose the ability to make milk with your surgery and still wish to continue to feed breastmilk to your LO. The Milkshare Mamas are great - you might be able to find a donor mama close to you.

Best of luck mama!
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