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Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

I keep reading about all the babies that would rather breastfeed than eat solid food... and mine loves solid food. We started him a little earlier than I wanted by the calendar, but he was showing almost every sign Dr. Jack Newman suggests. And he has loved it from the start. He makes chomping faces, yummy yummy noices, grunts and lunges for the spoon. He starts fussing if I didn't make enough or if we are bringing the spoon back to him to slowly.
He is still nursing pretty well but I know my milk is better for him right now, however I'm a little nervous he'd rather just eat solids unless he's tired or upset
He is eating at least a banana everyday, some mango, 1/3 of an avocado, sometimes some sweet potatoe, or some apple. The other day he ate apargus with my mom (gross). He'll eat green beans that aren't even mashed up with out problem. He likes baked potatoe.
As you can see he really likes to eat. I only let him eat three times a day and between the 3 "meals" he eats more or less a cup and a half.... which is a lot more than starting solids is supposed to be. He's not having any tummy probs and still nurses really well three or four times a day but he's only six months now. I am afraid he's going to want the salsa and steak off our plates before he's a year old!

Anybody else have/ or had/ this prob?


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Re: Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

My ds (6 mo) does the same thing! My twins wanted to eat solids really early, too, and after gradually introducing a variety of foods, we just started serving them the same food we eat. They were about a year old eating chicken jalapeno! I watched carefully for any sign of upset stomach, etc., but they were fine.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

Ok, this is one of my pet peeves about breastfeeders (I mean this nicely too...not fussing at anybody! ) When someone says "Babies should be weaned at X-age" (whether that's 6 weeks or 6 months or even 2 years), breastfeeders get all up in arms about trusting your baby and not the calendar and following your baby's lead and all that. Rightfully so. I agree wholeheartedly! There is nothing magical that happens on baby's first birthday that makes it ok to nurse today but not tomorrow...that's just silly! The flip side of that is that when someone says "I think my baby is ready to start solids"...suddenly people do a 180 and insist that you MUST wait for every baby. Suddenly, they're quoting the same "experts" who they don't trust on issues like cosleeping, vaxing, etc. It just doesn't make sense to me. I have read the WHO and AAP recommendations and I understand their reasoning. I also live with my baby 24x7...they've never seen my baby. They are basing their recommendations on norms and averages, not on my baby.

I tend to be different than a lot of people when it comes to parenting. I have done a lot of reading and a lot of research and I know what most of the experts say on most of the big issues...but I don't believe that there are very many black and white rules. There are guidelines and recommendations, but every baby is different so as mothers, we have to trust our own instincts. The human race has survived for quite a long time without all the rules and pressure that the experts put on us today. Throughout history, mothers have done what they feel is right at the time. I know that some cultures have some pretty specific rites of passage (like the Chinese giving the baby rice on his 100th day - roughly 3.5 months old) but for the most part, it's not a big deal for most cultures. When mother feels that the baby is ready, she gives him what seems appropriate...mashed banana, mashed potato, rice, or maybe a carrot to chew on or something like that. In most cultures, mothers don't think twice about this...they certainly don't stress the way we do about how old the baby is and what order foods are introduced.

For me, I introduced solids "early" but it was a decision I felt comfortable with and still firmly believe that it was the right decision for us. I was careful and watched for any adverse reactions, but there were fact, several problems that we had been dealing with actually got better! DJ did not decrease his breastmilk consumption (he was getting breastmilk in a bottle about 50% of the time so it was easy to monitor that), it didn't lead to early weaning...he weaned himself at 19 months when I was 4 months pregnant...I'm pretty sure he would have gone longer if I had not gotten pregnant. But he has always loved his food. Now, there were days when he would reject solids altogether and want exclusively milk again...other days, he had little interest in milk and just wanted to eat...but it all balanced out in the end. As his mother, I just tried to follow his lead and trust his body and do what seemed right at the time. I certainly don't think it would have hurt him to wait longer before introducing solids, but I don't think it hurt him to start when we did either. He was ready.

It sounds to me like your guy is doing fine. Breastmilk is the primary source of nutrition for the first year, but it's a gradual transition from getting most nutrition out of the milk to getting most from other sources. I would keep doing what you're doing and trust your instincts as a mother. Good luck...
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Re: Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

The twins give me a unique persprctive bc they are the same age yet so different. Aaron isn't very interested in solids yet but Glory HAS to have them or she screams! Trusting youself and your child sounds like the best advice to me too.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

Oh man! Yep! My dd is 6 months tomorrow and she is a food lover! I didn't plan on starting her until 6 months (so about now) but we ended up starting at 4 months because all signs said she was ready and her night sleep had gotten really bad. The first night she had cereal she went back to sleeping through. Now she gets lunch and dinner, (about 2 food ice cubes or 1/2 jar---maybe more) and we tried breakfast this morning but she wasn't really hungry for it. What gets me is how badly she wants OUR food. I've given her tastes of lots of things I never said I would. Icecream, fudge pop, let her suck my bread, some frosting. Eeck! Oh well. I just can't refuse her when she starts crying for my food.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

My DS is just like yours. He loves his solids. He will eat 5-6 cubes twice a day. He would probably eat more if I would give it to him. I am going to start a third meal soon. Once we started solids twice per day, his nursing went down to 5-6 times per day. He is happy and growing, so I am not worrying unless his nursing goes down even further.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a solid food lover- Anybody with me on this one?

I think that it is fine to give lots of solid food, if the kid wants it, as long as you are still BFing also.
At 6 months, I would personally be leery of letting a child eat more than about 50% (of total food intake)solids........simply because they do not get enough nutrition from the solids.
I heard so many stories of BF babies not wanting solids, not eating ANY solids until 8, 9, 12 months, etc....and fully expected dd to be the same...but NO! She started early. She liked solids. She was only eating maybe 25% solids by a year, but she LOVED them, lol!! Now, she is up to probably 60-80% solids in any given day. but she still has to have her milky!
And to be honest, I would feel so scared if she weren't drinking her milky. To me, it's like a super mega multivitamin...even if she didn't eat all that well during the day, i know she at least got her nutrition from the milky, you know?
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