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Re: children and cellphones?

I think it is a good idea. Not only for being able to call in emergency situations, but also for the tracking system that most of them have now days. Call me paranoid mama. But with all these abductions lately even if they had to turn it off or on silent so that the person couldn't hear them they could still relatively track the DC using the GPS . JMO


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Re: children and cellphones?

My dd is 12 and she's had one for 2 years. She averages about 3 minutes a month LOL
It's for safety, and she knows that. She has some friends where we used to live and they are long distance, so she knows to use it to call them (its way cheaper than using the land line for long distance). But that's maybe only once every other month. We're only paying $10 more a month for her to have one and it really gives me a little more peice of mind when she's out. She's called me from the bathroom at a party where's she has felt uncomfortable. Who knows if she would have done that if she needed to ask the girl who lives there or her mother if she could use their phone. She is also in some extra cirruc. activities that go for 3 hours sometimes. I would love to be there but if my dh isn't home..there is just no way I can be with a 15 month old. If it gets over early, she can call home quickly and let me know.
I think as long as your child knows how to use it properly it really can be a great thing!
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Re: children and cellphones?

My dd's are 9 and 11 and they both have cellphones we added them to our nextel plan. I feel much better with them having it. They both walk to school with friends and i feel much better when they chirp me and tell me they made it there safe and sound.

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Re: children and cellphones?

Middle school here starts at 6th grade. My dd friends all had cell phones and I thought that was crazy. After only a month I had changed my tune and at the time I was a SAHM. She is in a lot of sports which requires her to stay afterschool. Practices would get changed, moved or cancelled and she would need me to pick her up. Their were 40 girls so the lines were long at the pay phone. I would rather she call and I could come early than have her hang out at the school waiting for me.

Also one day I was waiting for her to get off the bus and she was very late. She called to let tme know that the bus had ran off the road and get stuck and she was fine.

I agree that many homes don't have landlines and it is just a phone. I think once they hit middle school it is a safety thing. I love that I know I can get hold of her. Plus she shows me how to use my phone. She has a plan with us no limits on time but she is not a phone person. She has never used a lot of minutes and most of them are to me.

It depends on your situation, your child and what works for your family.
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Re: children and cellphones?

I think DD will be getting one for her 11th birthday in April. We've discussed it, and she knows that it's only for emergencies, and for getting in touch with me while she is out. I was wishy-washy on the subject, but my mind was made up one night when she had a soccer game. I dropped her at the game, then ran to the store to get her a bottle of water. While I was out (store was crowded), the game was called due to rain, and everyone left. Nobody noticed I wasn't there, and my DD has Selective Mutism, and physically COULDN'T tell another parent that she was alone, and ask them to wait with her until I got there. So I found my poor peanut, in the rain, in the dark, at a strange park, ALONE, crying her eyes out. I thank the Lord that no harm came to her.

So I want her to have one, so she can get in touch with me, no matter what.
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Re: children and cellphones?

We are fairly protective, so we don't even allow much access to the "real" phone. We also never plan to get our children "their own line" and we have three girls. However, for safety reasons I will probably get my DD a cell around her 14th B-Day. It will be the kind with four buttons. The parent programs a phone number for each button, and those are the only numbers that can call in or out. It also has an "emergency" button for 911. I know she will hate it, it won't be cool, but that is what she will get.

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