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Re: need feeding help for 1 year old.

DS is 15mo and he does the same thing!!! Every meal! UGH!!!

I've found right now that I don't even fix him a plate anymore I pretend to be eating and he wants some of "mine" so we feed him bites from our plates. It seems to work sometimes. DS doesn't nurse anymore, but he would fill up on reg milk if he could. I find giving him small "snacks" here and there work too. He like crackers, grapes, chicken pieces, etc.


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Re: need feeding help for 1 year old.

My daughter did the same thing with throwing... and we had the same weight issues. She would eat something one day, the next day it would end up on the wall behind her. It was SOOO annoying and i few times i really lost my temper. She has improved now and picked up weight again, although time to time she does chuck stuff on the floor, mainly when she's full. I am not sure there is much you can do, other than only feed them when you know they're likely to be hungry. If you have to supplement with pediasure, don't stress too much, just do whatever you can to get the nutrients in. I found lots of small frequent meals worked for us, and giving her what i know she likes (with what i know she doesn't hidden). She has gone from being a terrible eater to being a really good adventurous one now, within a year! I don't even know what I did but i think it was just a stage.
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Re: need feeding help for 1 year old.

i thought about it some more and I think I'm going to start skipping breakfast at the very least. as far as breastmilk vs solids, well breastmilk is far more nutritious than whatever food he'll eat (baby crackers, cereal, goldfish, yogurt etc...) so I'm just going to keep nursing until this phase is over. i've just had it with the fight over solids. this morning he asked for his bowl (his way of asking for the yogurt he gets for breakfast) and he took one spoonful then threw it everywhere. we skipped lunch because we were out but he drank some pediasure and ate some snacks, he'll probably ask to nurse when he wakes up.

I don't imagine this will last until he's 2 years old, but if it does maybe I'll stop nursing then.
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Re: need feeding help for 1 year old.

My DD throws food as well. For yogurt which she loves, I put a tiny bit on a spoon and then hand her the spoon and she feeds herself. For other stuff, if she doesn't like it she kind of breaks it into pieces and then runs her hand back and forth and knocks it off the side of her tray. She also feeds the dog. We have had to acctually cut the dog's food back b/c he is getting so much from DD. No solutions but I feel your pain.
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Re: need feeding help for 1 year old.

My DD1 only played with food until she was nearly 2 years old. I stressed a ton about it because all my friends' kids were eating at 6 months and weaned by 1. In retrospect, I think she just wasn't ready. Mommy milk was what she wanted and mommy milk is what she got, despite her mommy at times! I think peds are waaaayyyy too fussy about weight and food. Even a big baby is going to be getting most of his nutrition from BM (check out Kellymom website if you want more details on this), so peds should get informed and then just relax with the mealplans and the pediasure. If a baby is breastfeeding as much as he wants, he's usually getting what he needs. So I guess what I'm saying is your instinct to nurse through the phase is a good one, but be aware that it might well last until 2 yo! And that might just be what's right for him.

Incidentally, DD's weight took a pretty big dip when she actually did begin weaning seriously at 2 yo, and the pediatrician gave me a hard time (of course). I think the transition to food can be a real loss for them in nutritional terms as well as psychological ones. She's still not very interested in food and tends towards skinny. I don't worry about it, just make sure plenty of healthy food is available.

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