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how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

DD is growing so fast, and at 8 months, we already have tons and tons of baby stuff (clothes mostly) laying around that she is too big for. At first my intention was to keep a lot of her things to use for future children (DH and I are hoping to have at least 2 more), but it seems like we are running out of space to store it all (current system is two large rubbermaid containers and a huge pile on top of her infant car seat). Then I started thinking, if we have a boy next, most of it won't get used, so I'll be holding onto all this girly stuff for it really worth it? But if we do have another girl, won't I be glad I kept it all? Or it might all be the season/sizing when we have another little girl... I really like the idea of recycling these clothes and getting more use out of them, but I hate the idea of hoarding heaps and heaps of baby stuff in the hopes that it will get used again someday.

I am definitely keeping the diapers that I know will last us through more than one child (like our kissaluvs, prefolds, and the wool covers), and I've decided to part with anything she's grown out of that I didn't *love*...I've also decided that if our next baby is a boy, I'm going to sell off the super girly stuff that I kept. I feel like this is a good plan for the diapers, but I just don't know what to do about all the clothes.

So I guess my big question is, what did you do? Did you keep lots of your DC's baby stuff for future babies (and if so, were you glad you did)? Or did you sell/give away/donate your DC's baby things and get all new clothes for the next baby?


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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I've kept everything so far, but I'm a pack rat. It's all stashed away in rubbermaid totes in my spare room closet. I figure if I have another girl I won't need to buy anything and if I have a boy some stuff will work but I'll still keep it all until after #3. Then maybe I'll get rid of some of it.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I go thru it as my children grew out. so if I likes the outfit and it was in good condition, easy to wear for them, I put it in a bin and labeled them by size. so nb-6 months, etc.

I also kept things that had meaning. maybe a favorite toy even tho its broke or a outfit even tho its stained. those went in special different boxes tho, knowing i would not use them. everything else went.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

i kept all of the GN stuff from DS and passed on the boy stuff to my sister. When I had DD I passed on all of the stuff to my sisters for thier girls. I got back most, kept GN and gave away girl stuff. As far as furniture and big toys I would keep all of them.
We are done having babies so I am giving everything away as he grows out of it.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I've kept everything that was easy to get her into and wasn't stained or ripped. Which means I have about 8 bins in my basement of clothes, another 3 of toys, and 2 of linens (receiving blankets, the baby hooded towels etc).

However if I didn't have the room to store them, I'd have purged all the girly stuff. I'm still thinking I should if we move, less stuff to move, and I may have to if I have less storage space in my new place, but for now it's not a big deal for me to keep them all.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

At first I kepy anything I liked and stuck them in totes and had piles waiting for totes in the cloest. I recently went through everything and sorted by sex and age and kept only a few things in each catagory that included pjs, tops, bottoms dresses and outfits. I kept one tote for 0-1, one for 1-2 and one for 2T etc. I purged more than half of what I was storing and brought it to a children's cosignment shop. Anything that they don't buy will go to the thrift store. I will get a little bit of money from the cosignment store but don't have to have things sitting around waiting for someone to buy it. I got rid of anything I didn't really love or that had stains or if I had more than I needed in any catagory. For me it was a good compramise between not having much space and not wanting to have to rebuy everything.

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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I have kept all her clothes and most equipment, but that is because I am very attached to them. LOL! I am thinking of consigning some things in the big spring consignment sale.
Jacky, CPST and wife to Tim
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

hmmm, I've kept everything. We have a basement that it's all stored in. Everything is in tubs by size, season, & gender. We have 5 girls & a boy, him being the oldest at 11, so I've got about 35 tubs of clothes down there. Then there are the tubs of shoes and coats. We've wondered if this is our last, we'll give it a year or so do decide and if so then we will start paring things down.

My advice would be if it's all in good condition and you've got the space, organize it and save it. If not, maybe save a few of your favorites and find a new home for the rest.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

DS is 3.5 & we've kept all of his clothes so far We got rid of most of the big ticket items .. stroller, high chair, etc .. but I just couldn't part with his clothes, in the chance that we'll have another boy in the future.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I kept my favorites and all the good quality clothing for the smaller sizes, kept everything basically from 12 months on. I just found out that #2 is a boy... and now ALL my girl clothing is up for sale. I just don't have the storage to hang onto all these things AND try to build up a wardrobe for my little boy... so they have to go. If in the future we are pregnant with another girl, I'll do the same thing. Styles change, and there's no guarantee that we'll be in the right season when the old clothes fit anyway.
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