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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

With DS1 I sorted through each size and passed on half of the clothes in each size. With DS2 I store away everything he outgrows since it's not nearly as much as DS1 had. Now that I have the hang of little boys and what they truly need, what fits my boy's bodies the best, and what brands wear the best, I am able to buy less so I don't get rid of as much.

DS2 is just 6 months old so he just stopped using the swing so it's sitting in the basement. We'll hang onto all the big items and other random newbornish stuff like the bathtub, blankets, etc until we are sure we are done then pass them on to family or friends.


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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I kept everything that was timeless and I loved it from dd1. I thought about the different babies different sizes for the seasons but in my case it worked out perfectly. DD1 is on the small side and dd2 is on the large size so they ended up wearing the same size clothing in the same seasons even though dd1 was born Feb 2 and dd2 June 27

However now I'm getting to the sticky part....dh isnt sure if baby #3 will come so I have to be picker about what I keep. IF it has a stain, it's gone, if it wasnt a favorite outfit, byebye, it I'm sick of looking at it(dd1was the same size for 2yrs) it's outta here. It really helps that I have a friend who just had a baby and doesnt have any family around to bless her w/ clothes/hand-me-downs. I didnt buy one single outfit for dd1(besides her coming home outfit) until she was 2! so helping out another mama really makes me happy. Even though I've giving most of the clothes away I figure if another baby does come then it'll be fun searching craigslist all over again lol As far as baby gear I got rid of the travel system b/c I really didnt use it and didnt want to carseat to expire just sitting in the garage. I also got rid of the big play things (saucer, kick toys, bouncer ect) b/c we simply dont have the room to store them. For me selling them now to have the room and buying again with the choice of gender colors lol 2nd hand is worth it. Now I just need to work of getting rid of the smaller
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I'm running into the same problem! I kept ALL of DD's clothes. She's 2.5 so I have 6 bins in the garage of clothes! Honestly, DH and I kind of expected to have another girl so when the u/s tech told us this baby is a boy we were pretty surprised. So now I'm going to have to go through all the bins and I'll keep anything special (like the sweaters/dress that my aunt knit for DD) and the pieces that I'm really attached to and I'll consign the rest at the spring sale. That was the only thing about having a boy that made me a little bit sad - the fact that I knew that I had lots of ADORABLE outfits that DD barely got to wear and I wasn't going to get to use them again!!

The big stuff we kept and it's mostly gender neutral. Carseat (with plenty of use left before expiration), swing, stroller. The pack 'n play is the only really girly thing, but I don't think my newborn boy is going to care that it's pink. :-)
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I was keeping everything until we had to downsize our living space. Our current system is to keep 7-10 favorite outfits in both gender in every size up to 24 months. So I have 7-10 boy 0-3 month outfits, 7-10 girl 0-3 month outfits, 7-10 boy 3-6 month outfits, and so on and so forth. I try to make this an equal split of summer and winter clothing. I also keep 3-5 spare t-shirts/onesies in each size and 2 pairs of pjs. I also keep any more expensive, would hate to buy new again items - like bathing suits, winter jackets, Christmas dresses, etc. Everything goes into one of those vacuum space saver bags, and then the space saver bags go into a large rubbermaid tote.

My thought is that this is enough to get us started for the next baby without totally claiming all our storage space. We find out the gender, so when we know the gender and the season baby will be born in I can fill in the gaps with stuff that I find on sale, garage sales, hand-me-downs, etc. Personally, I found that once my kids hit 3T and up they started wearing out their clothes before they outgrew them (especially considering that 90% of their clothing is used, either bought at garage sales or given to us as hand-me-downs) so not worth saving - and I figure if we had another baby that gives us at least a year to start collecting the bigger sizes.

On the larger baby items, I only kept the things that we really used and needed. At one point we had two packnplays, 2 bassinets, 2 full sized swings, 1 travel swing, 3 bouncers, 3 strollers, 2 cribs, 1 exosaucer, 1 walker and a changing table. We kept one packnplay, 1 bassinet, the travel swing (since it was smaller and easier to store), 1 bouncer, the double stroller and the umbrella stroller, and 1 crib. Those were the things that we personally used the most so I found room to store them.

If I know someone who can use the baby items, I give it to them first. Some of the larger baby items were sold when we had a multi-family garage sale, but most of everything else was donated to the local pregnancy crisis center.
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Re: how did you decide what to keep? (baby clothes, etc.)

I'm in the same boat as you mama except my LO is only 4 months (he's in 6-9 mos already...ahhh). We're keeping ALL big ticket items. We did the nursery in a GN theme to make that easier. As far as clothes go, anything that we liked, was comfy, and isn't stained, I keep! If it's stained it goes (except my one favorite gown that I won't let another baby's my sweet boy's momento). If we put it on him once and decided we didn't love it, it get my drift. I'm keeping ALL diapers as well, but we didn't really do anything boyish, per se, we did solid colors...even purple. Good luck mama!
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