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The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

So it was Christmas day (my due date) around 3pm. My in laws were at my house for Christmas dinner. I started to get really cranky. I had already had two bouts of false labor and I was starting to have contractions again. They were like half an hour apart though. Teaser contractions really. That was all I needed another false alarm. So I continued to ignore them well into the evening. They started getting closer together, but never really more than like 10 minutes apart. Around 5pm I started to have a bloody show. Still I was not convinced that this was it.

We finished Christmas dinner, everyone went home and DH and I went to bed. We practiced our Hypnobirhting like we had every nigh since we started the class. I still had not told DH about the contractions. I figured the Hypnobirthing would help me fall asleep at which time the contractions would inevitably stop. Well they didn't stop. In fact they were getting more intense. I started to feel like my water may have broken. Only a small leak, though. When I stood up to go to the bathroom there was a small gush. So I finally told husband I thought my water had broken and I had been having contractions all day. He was surprised. The contractions were starting to be really intense, but were still fairly far apart (like 10-7 min).

We decided to start filling up the tub and called our midwife. Not five minutes after getting off the phone with my midwife I very sharp contraction hit and I called for my hubby. Then POP! My water broke all the way. Unfortunately I was laying on my bed and couldn't move until the contraction was over. So the bed got a little wet. Ooops! This was at 11pm.

Labor progressed steadily from there. I put on my ipod with my hypnobirthing scripts and birth music. That helped my get through each contraction while my husband ran about setting things up and calling our parents. Our hot water heater had run out of hot water so he was boiling water on the stove.

My midwife showed up at about 11:30pm looking surprisingly fashionable and put together for that time of night. She busted out her bag of goodies and listened to the babies heart. Everything was going well. Shortly after my mom and in-laws showed up.

I finally got into the tub around midnight. At this point I was starting to lose my grip on my hypnobirthing. I needed my hubby there for support. I told him that I needed him there. He came over and said, "You are going so good." I got SOOOO angry at this point. I yelled at him, "Don't say that. It doesn't help. You are not being helpful. I need you to do what we have been practicing every night for the past several months for c***** sake!" That is when he got the picture and we started getting into the swing of things.

I vocalized through every contraction, but never screamed. I was unable to relax until after the contraction peaked. Once it peaked though I was able to go completely limp and ride the rest of it out no problem. I was very present through out the entire birth.

Oh yeah and one thing I forgot to mention is that the hose we had set up to fill the tub had sprung a leak and was flooding the hallway in my bedroom. So most of this time I am draped over the side of my tub watching my mother and midwife mop up water with towels.

At about 1am I could feel that he was getting ready to come. I said, "He's coming. He's not crowning, but he is coming." A few minutes later after a couple pushes I could feel him starting to crown. That is when the really intense ab muscle contractions kicked in. It felt like I was doing a million sit ups without a break. I yelled, "Okay I'm done I don't want to do this anymore!" Of coarse I was met with reassurances from my husband and midwife that everything was going well and I was doing well. I reached down and could feel his head. I looked at my husband, smiled and laughed and said, "I can feel him. He's almost here. I'm almost done." This was a very precious moment for me. How often do you smile and laugh while your baby is crowning?

I told my husband to get in the tub and catch him. He didn't even have time to get up before another contraction hit. I grabbed him and said, "No no don't. I need you here." Two pushes later and his head was born. My midwife started to say, "Okay on the next contraction you can push the rest of him out." While she was saying this the next contraction hit. With one push the rest of him was born. I was on my knees so I reached down and caught him.

I turned over to sit down and brought him to my chest. He looked just like my hubby. That was the first thing I said, "He looks just like his daddy." Moments after he was born the assistant midwife arrived. We moved to the bed where the placenta was born shortly after. The assistant midwife cut the cord. I held my baby while the midwife checked me for bleeding and tearing. Only one small superficial tear that didn't even need a stitch. I told my midwife that if it doesn't require stitches I don't count it. When that was all done they weighed and measured him while I ate.

The grandparents came in to see him and then went home to sleep. The midwives enjoyed some left over lasagna from christmas dinner (which my hubby made and was very proud of) while Owen and I had our first nursing session. The midwives cleaned up the tub and what was left of the flood then left us to sleep. Our 2.5 year old daughter woke up at about 7am and came in to say hi to her baby brother. She is such a good big sister.

Owen Michael was born at 1:20am after only 2.5 hours of active labor. He weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long.

Sorry my camera sucks so it is a little blurry and the light isn't that good.


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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

Aww how cute and an amazing birth story I'm glad it went so well.
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

Yay! What a lovely birth And our babies were born the same day!
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

Congrats! He's a cutie.
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

what an amazing experience! i most certainly wasn't laughing and smiling as my son was crowning!!
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

Lol! I also had that "i don't want to do this anymore" moment. My hat is off to all homebirthing mamas. thanks for sharing.
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

Congrats! !
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

What a sweet story! I am hoping to do a Hypnobabies water birth, so this inspires me
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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

Congrats mama!! I had my "i can't do this anymore" moment about 45 min before ds2 was born

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Re: The home-water-hypnobirth of Owen Michael

I'm also planning a hypnobabies waterbirth and PRAYING for one as quick and easy as yours!
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