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Re: Belly to sleep?

All 8 of mine were tummy sleepers. They slept better and longer. I don't really agree w/ the "back to sleep" campaign. I have heard of quite a few "SIDS" cases where the child was put to sleep on their backs and didn't wake up. The parents decided to have an autopsy done and the reason was found to be that the child had vomited and aspirated the vomit. To me, it seems that it would be safer on their sides than their backs. I guess it's whatever you feel safe doing. Just my !



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Re: Belly to sleep?

I felt bad cus when my mom came to stay with us for a bit she put ben to bed on his belly also. He slept very well that way, so I have to admit that I would let him sleep that way occasionally. Usually I would try to get him to sleep on his side. I did find success getting him to sleep on his back by using a nursing pillow to elevate his head. He seemed to have a lot of congestion and it seemed to help. We also had the angel care monitor with the movment sensor alarm, so I did feel better about it. My sister's haelthy beginings nurse told her to tell me not to feel bad because the reccomendations changed so much. Now it is reccomended for back sleeping it used to be side and before that stomach. She said it would n't surprise her in the least if it were to change again. Ultimately as with all parenting decisions you have to do what you think is right/ feel comfortable with for your family/baby. You will always have someone there to tell you that you are doing it wrong or could be doing it better ect. So just do what works for you and your LO. =)
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Re: Belly to sleep?

My children will NOT sleep at all on their backs. My oldest is just now starting to sleep on her back but still mostly on her stomach.
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Re: Belly to sleep?

I think all parents should know this stuff:

I felt confident letting my DS sleep on his belly having this! (Whether it was a real or imagined fear, it is well worth it!)
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Re: Belly to sleep?

Some babies will only sleep on their bellys, so it seems. However, I would only let DS sleep on his belly when he started to roll that way. The woman who founded "back to sleep" (SIDS campaign) her son was 4 months when he died of SIDS. some babies still die from SIDS up to a year of age. This is why I'm still debating putting regular bumper pads in DS' crib instead of his airflow ones.
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Re: Belly to sleep?

DS slept on his belly as much as I tried to get him accustomed to his back. I was extremely paranoid about SIDS, but once he could roll himself over, he wanted nothing to do with his back.

DD is a side sleeper, and will turn to his stomach if given the opportunity. I prefer side/stomach to back, though. Just the other day DD was napping on her back and in the instant I wasn't looking started choking on spit up. It's a good thing I looked when I did because it was silent. I whipped her into an upright position and she puked all over me

For me, the chances of that happening again are much higher than SIDS. I know a lot of parents won't agree with me, but that's just how it is. I'm terrified of putting her on her back and walking away now.

FTR: Yes, she had been burped after eating, before falling asleep.
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Re: Belly to sleep?

Babies don't necessarily have to be in a high risk group to die of sids. I have a friend whose 4 month old son died of sids a few weeks ago. He was breastfeeding, in a non smoking home. He was four months old and it is a high risk group (2-4 months) I was in a pregnacy loss/infant loss group and the majority of mothers who lost their infants were b/t 2-4 months.

All of my babies slept horribly on their backs, but I was under the impression that it is best to wait before they can get to their bellies, it is best not to put them there. I wouldn't risk it and there is often no ryhme or reason why it happens; it just does.
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Re: Belly to sleep?

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
Both of my LOs were belly sleepers from the start. I PERSONALLY feel that while the medical world has made some connection between tummy sleeping and SIDS that there is still a lot of mystery surrounding SIDS deaths and there is no ONE cause (that they've found yet). I PERSONALLY feel that a baby being exposed to second hand smoke is a higher risk factor for SIDS than tummy sleeping. (No, I don't have numbers or stats to back that up, it's just a personal feeling.) If I were concerned about my LOs ability to move their head from side to side, or worried about their breathing patterns, I would reconsider putting them on their belly to sleep. At this point both of my LOs are older and SIDS is no longer a concern (it never worried me much as it was). I think it's one of those "calculated risk" things that all parents have to choose... right along with vaxing, co-sleeping, etc.
I second that. It is a risky decision but a personal one.

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Re: Belly to sleep?

at that age i tried to encourage at least side sleeping cause i was nervous but he ALWAYS fliped to his belly still does to this day but we have always co slept as well. I really tried to keep DS off his belly it just would not happen so i adventually just stoped trying to fight it and thank god he's always been ok. I think if it become a hugh hassle to fight it then give in but just try your best. don't feel guilty but be cautious HTH
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Re: Belly to sleep?

Both of my girls slept on their bellies but I didn't like it(although I was completely paranoid at that stage for both) so I let them sleep on top of me. We co-sleep and I would just lay on my back and let my baby sleep on my chest/belly. At 2yrs old my dd still loves to sleep on me! LOL! I think it's very comforting for them and for me.
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