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Nightmare birthing procedure/ Update #41 THEY LIED update #63

Overall the birth of my daughter was a nightmare....literally I've had nightmares from it. My problems can be related to a procedure the doc. did and I have strong suspicions that the dr. did this procedure merely to get me out of the hospital room 10 min's faster. I was mainly wondering if any of you have any experiences or insight as to why this procedure was done. I have asked another OB about it but the threat of a lawsuit made him keep his mouth shut tight.

I know it's long but I could really use the moral support and helpful comments.

So here's what happened.

I arrived at the hospital well on my way into labor with my second. I had just spent the entire night up with contractions and now at 3 in the afternoon was in dire need of some much needed sleep. I'm really not a pain medicine type person but requested some pain meds just so I could get some sleep. I was still woozy and not really coherent when my doc came in and wanted to examine me. Without saying anything to me or my DH he broke my water knowing full well that I did not want that to be done. There was no reason my contractions were gradually picking up and getting stronger and more frequent on their own. After that the contractions were excruciating.

Irregardless of me telling the nurses that the baby was on it's way I was ignored and dd was halfway born before anyone finally got to the room. They let me have my baby for about 45 sec's before the doc told me he had to "examine me for uterine tears"???? (this part makes no sense to me since uterine tears are so rare and I'm not at risk) Hubby and I had never heard of this and we thought something was wrong and that is why doc. felt the need to do this. There was really no blood or anything to make him think a uterine tear had occurred, in fact I hadn't torn at all during the delivery.

The doc ended up inserting his hand through my cervix up into my uterus. Up until this point I felt fine, actually I felt pretty great. I was simply numb down there. But when he went to do this I felt like someone was sticking a hot iron rod through me and I was burning from the inside out. Honestly through the broken back and raging kidney infection that almost killed me I have never hurt more in my life. The doc scooped out my uterus, took out my placenta and boy oh boy was I bleeding then.

It's been about 8 months since dd birth and since then I've had nightmares about being rapped by my doc's arm and the nurses holding down my legs and not letting me move. Up until now I've merely thought that while his reasoning behind the procedure didn't add up that it was a necessary procedure because something must have been wrong that I wasn't aware of then and I've brushed these thoughts and nightmares aside.

Recently though I think I found out the real reason for the procedure.

I was talking with my friend on Sat. she just delivered a baby at the same hospital and had an out and out horror story worse then my own....Needless to say a different doc then my own (but at the same practice as there is only one practice in the area) performed the same procedure on her but told her he had to do it to remove the placenta. This was 5 minutes after she gave birth.

What happened to me makes a lot more sense now. He did take the placenta out and it did feel like he was scooping out my uterus. This makes me really really MAD!!!! They put me (us) through this incredibly horrible procedure just because they wanted to clear the room out 10 minutes faster.

I looked up information on the procedures to removing a retained placenta and yup it's the same thing. Only it's considered an "only do it if you must type procedure". Doc's are supposed to wait at least 45 min's before doing this procedure, and are instructed to try nipple stimulation, nursing and uterine massage before resorting to this procedure. AND IT'S DONE UNDER GENERAL ANESTHETIC OR EPIDURAL TO RELIEVE PAIN. I had no such thing. This is archaic that they would put a women through this who just delivered a baby. Honest to God that was the most painful thing I've ever been through in my entire life my pain tolerance is VERY high as well. If it says anything I broke my back and didn't take any type of pain meds for it.

I feel so violated right now.....I feel like I was completely taken advantage of. My doctor who is supposed to have my best interests at heart clearly did not have them at heart at all. Not only did he put me through an incredibly painful procedure without the proper pain management but the procedure was UNNECESSARY.

My question to you is, any idea on the reasoning behind this procedure? Is it normally done without pain med.? I know the books say it's not supposed to be but is it done without pain med's in real life? How many of you have experienced this?

Any advice on how this should be handled?


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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

Mama, it sounds like you are having some PTSD and you would benefit from some professional counseling -- hopefully from a therapist who specializes in birth issues.

The other recommendation is that as soon as possible you start looking forward instead of back.

I know midwives who have to do a similar procedure in a homebirth with a mom who had retained clots she couldn't pass and she was continuing to bleed -- her uterus rising. Instead of letting her bleed to death, they told her what needed to be done and did it. I would do this procedure only to save a woman's life, and only as a last resort.

I think talking with a midwife might help you some as well, and thinking about choosing a totally different path for yourself if you should have another child in the future.
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

Your definitely right about the therapist. I'm calling one today.

I also know your right about looking forward. BUT.....I can't let this happen to other women if they are really doing this just to clear a hospital room faster. This is the only hospital in the area, it's the only practice in the area. They shouldn't be allowed to treat women this way. If I was having trouble passing the placenta and all other options were tried then I would be completely understanding if the doc had to do this procedure. BUT he didn't even give me 2 min's to work things out on my own and everything was perfectly fine after giving birth thus leading me to believe it was an unnecessary procedure.

I would love to go with a midwife next time. But I know nothing about the process of looking for one and interviewing etc. I also need to find a new careprovider for my yearly gynecological check ups.

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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

i am so sorry momma! How horrifying.
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

For midwives, look on your insurance, your phone book, ask at local playgroups or church or anywhere you have moms who might know.

I would definitely get into see a counselor, and I'd start writing letters--to the hospital, the state licensing board for that doc, the practice, and maybe to a lawyer. That sounds horribly traumatic and 100% unnecessary.
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

This sounds like a terrible, outdated procedure doctors often did on moms who were VBACs in order to check for a uterine rupture. There is no reason to do that, even if you were a VBAC!

I totally agree that you were taken advantage of, especially in the state that you were in. I would absolutely agree with calling it rape. It was an unwelcome and unnecessary violation of your body.

That being said, I'm not exactly sure what I would suggest as far as action to take. Definitely call the hospital and get copies of ALL your records including those from the doctor and from the nurses. You CAN make a complaint against the state medical board. I'm not sure where that will go. You could also complain to the hospital.

I'm really sorry.... I can't understand why a doctor would do this and I wish I had a better suggestion for something to do. It makes me so mad that doctors take such advantage of women during childbirth and abuse them.
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

That sounds horrible mama!

I would look into going to the medical board or w/e about it.

Request to see your charts from then to see if the Dr. wrote a note about the procedure and why it was done. and there SHOULD be a note about it.

Other than that take care of yourself mama!
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

Wow! so sorry this happened to you!
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

id ask for a request of your med. records - i think my hosp. charges $1.00 to start and then $.01 a page (??) for it being printed- see what he had to say about it in your chart -maybe he had further notes there? or the nurses? I am pro doctors 100% but that sounds really bad
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Re: Nightmare birthing procedure done on me/need moral support

oh gosh- i hope you do find out there was indeed a reason for this. before you start any "investigating" that might tip their office off, i'd also recommend getting your complete records from the hospital and from the office. i'd have your friend request hers as well.

congratulations on the new baby, hun!

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