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Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

So I have maybe a handful of nursing bras of various styles. How many do you think I would need? Also, what styles do you like? A friend of mine said the underwire ones were really uncomfortable for you agree? Did you find you liked the basic style ones or ones that had a little bit of padding to them? What about the sleep style....are those even necessary if you don't sleep with a bra on?


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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

ok, i was a 34 c when my milk came in (non pregnant a 34 a) so i don't need a ton of support...but, i LOVE the gilligan o'malley (target) cotton ones. They were supportive enough for my c self and very comfy, and only like $12. I also used the gilligan omalley nursing tanks under sweaters and stuff when i first had her bc i wanted my baby belly covered while lifting my shirt to nurse. I did get a shaped cup one from motherhood maternity that i used when i was worrying more about how my boobs looked, like date night. I got a madela sleep bra and didn't think it was worth the money. Never tried underwire as i heard it can give you clogged ducts and i don't need the lift. lol Oh, and you will sleep in a bra in the beginning bc you will need a nursing pad on or you will soak your pillows. Any comfy cotton nursing bra is good.
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

I bought nursing bras when I was pregnant, but only ended up wearing them while I was pregnant! After I had my son I couldn't wear that much support, and underwire was completely out of the question. Either one and I would have blocked duct problems. So I switched to nursing tanks that are so much more comfy in my opinion. I have four of them, and that has worked out fine for me so far.

I hated sleeping in a bra, so when I was in the leaky night wake up in a puddle stage, I would sleep with a baby blanket over my chest in between the constant feedings. The funny part about this is that I would use the same principal as a diaper - fleece towards me for "stay-dry" feel and cotton outer to soak it up.
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

i am a big chested mama - (42 E) and LOVE the bravado microfiber lifestyles bra- I have had one that i wear as soon as its clean for two years and ive only had to replace the hooks once- im so ordering another one on pay day ! I do have many other bra- that one is just my absolute fave - though its kinda pricey ($40) to me its totally worth it- I HATE/D underwire for nursing bras - when i have eve n a little milk in my boobs it hurts SO bad- and as for sleep bras - i wear them around the house or at night - normally i dont like sleeping in a bra but its almost non exsistant and perfect for wearing nursing pads
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

My favorite ones are the bravado ones. I got up to an I....yes, an "I" cup with my last baby. I didn't find them incredibly supportive, but the ones that would hold me up were way to uncomfortable (even not pregnant/nursing, I am too er....saggy). Right now, 5 mo pregnant, I wear some XL maternity sleep bras or tanks with a shelf bra built in. I won't sleep in them, but may use them for nursing as well. I would recommend 3 bras at most. I just would hand wash as could get away with 2, but I leaked a lot.
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

I got away with just 2 nursing bras. You're doing laundry all the time anyway so I just threw them in with the baby laundry. I used the Bravado orginal bra and love them!
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

I'm about a 36DD when nursing. So not tiny, but not overly huge either. I personally prefer underwire and a little padding (to hide the pads). Sleep bras may be a must if you leak and need to have pads in place! I have to wear a bra all the time because of that issue. I also like the nursing tanks for easy access. As far as how many - I probably have a half dozen tanks and like to have at least two bras (one to wash and one to wear). I can't say that I've found a brand that I absolutely love - I hate spending big bucks on a bra I'll only wear 6 months or so (unfortunately with my supply issues that only as long as I can expect to BF) so I usually just go to Walmart/Target and pick out the least offensive one in my size.
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

I have always used Target's or Walmart's nursing bras. Target's are better. I had a couple of their tanks too but they got too short after being washed a few times. I bought a Glamourmom tank off ebay, its xtra long, plus I don't want to buy new bras yet since I'm wearing the ones I used after DS #2, I'm sure my boobs will get bigger after this baby too, Scary!
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

Target bras always fell apart for me--stitching came apart, underwires came out. I got 3 motherhood maternity bras that I have used for the past 21 months and loved (I have 2 faves that I mostly wear). Get something real stretchy beforehand and then go buy everything else after once you know what size you will be. I just used a loose stretchy regular sports type bra for sleeping in during the early leaky days. I like a padded bra so that the nursing pads don't show so bad. I also much prefer the underwire during the day. I never had any duct problems. Just make sure you have the right size so it isn't digging you.
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Re: Nursing many and what kind did you like? :)

I never found one that fit correctly so I just used sports bras or my regular ones and pulled them up to nurse.
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