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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

Had to comment since I have b/g twins. He was 'A', she was 'B' and she was delivered breech.

I was SOOOOO where you are with the epi. I fought them until the last minute, and then told them to do it quick!! (I was put in the hospital at 34 weeks dialated to 4 cm before my labor stopped on it's I got to sit around for two weeks right before Christmas..yay) By the time they finished the epi, I was 10 and ready to go (I was 6 when they started)! I did deliver in an OR, 'just in case'. Jake came out in I think 2 pushes, and my HR OB was doing an sono to see where Grace was. She was breech so the doc reached up there and pulled her out feet first. It was CRAZY! Mostly because I was watching it in the plastic face covering thing the doc was wearing and thinking to myself 'this should hurt and all I feel is butterflies! Awesome!' Both babies were fine. You don't have to have a c-section, so I would def talk to my provider and let them know you don't want one unless it's an emergency. But my advice is to always go in there open to anything....anything can happen.

The thing no one tells you is that you will have two docs, and two sets of nurses/docs for the babies, and the room will be FULL of people! That made me nervous, but it was all good. I have had 5 other deliveries without meds, and honestly the epi isn't that bad. (especially if you're addicted to baby story and watch all those mamas getting them, you know what the anesthesia doc is going to say before he says it!) For me, the worst part was the tape, since I'm allergic to it. They taped me from what felt like my rear end to my shoulder, and it hurt like crazy pulling that off.

Personally, I don't think they can tell so early whether or not they're identical. My twins had a fused placenta, and it weighed more than the two of them put together. If you've gotten into your second trimester, you shouldn't have to worry about VTS.

Good luck! If you have any other questions, just pm me!


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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

Originally Posted by Sparklebug View Post
I'm not feeling well and about to sign off, but saw this and wanted to respond quick (hope I make sense, my head's a lil loopy tonight ).

It looks like you're in the Willamette Valley? You mentioned you're seeing an ob because of your experience with your mw last time (definitely sounds like she wasn't a good match for you.). There are a ton of midwives throughout the valley area if you were interested in trying to go that route again. There are some mamas on here (myself included) who I'm sure could rec'd someone if you were interested. Just wanted to throw that out there
aww, thanks! yeah, I could probably find some somewhere. I go through Peacehealth, and I don't know of any other midwifery in the area than the one in downtown Eugene and my midwife just seemed liked she didn't listen to me, and made snap judgments about me and my health. a few months into my last pregnancy, I asked to be switched to a different midwife in the same midwifery, and the head nurses said she was the best midwife and didn't get why I wanted to switch. it was just a really sore experience for me, and I felt like I got stuck with her.
i'd love to find another midwife in the area that is good - apparently my resources are limited because there's only one hospital in this area (Eugene/Springfield) equipped to handle "high risk pregnancies" which my blood clotting disorder dubs me. boo! I'd love to find a different midwife though!
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

I'm not expecting twins but have a clotting disorder. Are you on lovenox or any other thinners?

I have had three c/s and have never had a problem with the clotting. They stop the blood thinners 24-12 hours prior to surgery and start them up again 24 hours - 48 after. It might actually be because of the clotting disorder that the nurse says c/s. Since a scheduled c/s they know when to stop the blood thinners. It could be VERY bad to go into a c/s with your blood thinned out since that would greatly increase your chances of a problem.

All that aside - if you don't want a c/s I would fight for all your worth not to. Do your research - they are much more dangerous - why people in this country are obsessed with them is totally beyond my understanding.

Good luck and I am sure you will make a great decision for you and your babies
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

i hear you on not wanting a cesarean but, i think it is the safest if they are sharing a placenta, bc as the first is being delivered he can pull it loose and you could lose the other one. They can see the placenta and the umb. cords both going to it, even this early. My advice is get a 2nd and 3rd opinion and if you have to have a csection, to have an empowered one with immediate nursing/skin to skin. Just focus on what is honestly best for your 2 sweet boys!
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

Some obgyns are less likely to do a natural birth b/c they know all the things that can go wrong, add in the identical twins and blood clotting issue and at this point they are probably considering you high risk.
All that being said that's not to say that you couldn't deliver naturally. I am sure that you doc will be open to that option and see how things progress.
Congrats to all of you on the babes, twins are special.
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

DON'T listen to what a NURSE says about your delivery regardless of your situation. I was going in for a regular weight check/ baby check and saw a nurse practitioner. She reviewed my chart (for the first time, I had never seen her before!) and asked if we had scheduled my c-section. Um, I'm not having a c-section, I'm having a VBAC. This "woman" TOLD ME I was having a c-section because I had one OVER SIX YEARS AGO even though I have already had 3 VBACs since then!!!! I don't flipping think so lady! My hoohaa, my say-so! Urgh that still ticks me off...

So yeah, don't listen to office nurses about delivery.
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

Hello! I'm pg with identicals too, girls. I'll be delivering sometime in the next 10 days because they want to induce at 37 weeks if I don't go on my own. I'm going for a vaginal delivery because they're both head down so hopefully that works out.

Nurses are great, but they aren't docs and she really should have kept her mouth shut about your delivery. My friend had clotting problems and was on heparin for her pregnancy, her doc didn't say she needed a section but he did schedule an induction at 38 weeks because he didn't want her to go into labour on her own out of the hospital. Apparently, there's a risk of bleeding out when you're on blood thinners so they want to make sure you're already admitted before you go into labour.

I hate to say it but this is probably just the first of many stupid things you'll have to deal with just because you're having identicals. Even if your entire pregnancy is flawless you'll probably still be treated like a ticking time bomb. Try to relax and enjoy the ride, it's truly and amazing thing to nuture two little beans at once!

Best of luck to you!
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

random thought, if you are only scared about the spinal, demand a might be slightly more risky, but if you are THAT scared about something in your spine, i'm sure they'd opt for a "safe" c-section then a potentially complicated natural delivery without an epi in place to start with.
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

Until your OB says you need a c/s I wouldn't stress it at all. The nurse probably said it because someone with your clotting disorder and a shared placenta it is HIGHLY reccomended. Take a few deep breaths and write out ALL of your questions and concerns and bring them to you next appt and ask the OB himself.
I think the idea of a midwife is great but with the kind of complex case you have I think you should stick with an MD.

Just an FYI on the whole nurses know nothing vibe I got from some of the other posters an NP,Physician Assistant and a Midwife are ALL advanced practice nurses, they have the same amount of education and training.
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Re: this is crazy... i'm preg with twins and don't want to have a c-section

I'd ask the opinions of a few people are aren't directly involved in your care - like local homebirth midwives (even though you don't plan on going with them, obviously). I think they'll give you an honest array of what your options are, what the risks are, and good resources to check on for your situation. I'd have all this info handy BEFORE talking to your OB so that you can have an actual conversation with him/her and have a better idea of what he/she is talking about, what it relates to, etc...
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