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Re: VBAC Question

in additin to the can website you might check out vbacfacts and the unneccesarean . barbara at navalgazingmidwife has a really good post on the topic of vbac also.


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Re: VBAC Question

Keep in mind too that even with just a TOL, you are still helping both yourself and the baby out. Labor is good for you and the baby, it releases hormones that otherwise won't be released and its shown to improve neonatal outcomes. So, even if you don't dilate at all and you still end up with a cesarean, having some labor time is a good thing and of course, allowing yourself to go into labor naturally will help minimize risks as well because you know baby is ready to be born

I'd definitely at least try. The vast vast majority of women are capable of delivering vaginally, its just sometimes things don't always work right for one birth. Doesn't mean they won't the next time! Very few women actually have pelvic problems that result in an inability to birth vaginally and most often, those issues are due to an outside source-something like rickets, which is very uncommon here, or a pelvic injury. As my old OB told me once-nature designed us to limit growth to a reasonable size for any given mom. He had never seen a case of the baby being too big to be born in over 20 years of practice-even in the case of a teeny Asian mama and a rather big (both weight wise and bone structure wise) Samoan daddy.

Of course, its all up to you and what you can tolerate and want. Its very possible that your last baby was just not in a position where he was able to help your cervix dilate and in that case, he probably wouldn't have been born vaginally anyway. Hopefully this time baby will cooperate! And if not, at least you tried, right? Personally I'd rather give it a try than to just sign up for another cesarean and never know if things could've gone differently, but thats just me-I didn't have a bad experience previously, so I realize you might perceive it differently.At least you have lots of time to decide!!
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Re: VBAC Question

Originally Posted by WhiteRockMom View Post
I just got back from my first apt with my GP re: my second pregnancy. When I gave birth to DD over a year ago I was in labour for 32 hours before being given a c-section (I wasnt dilating). The OB that did the c-section advised me afterward that I would never had a vaginal birth (I dont remember why, my GP is going to review my birth notes to see).

Today my Dr told me that its impossible to tell if a woman will be able to deliver vaginally a second time if she wasnt able to the first time. She let me know that its up to me to decide if I want to try a VBAC or schedule a c.

I had never considered a VBAC until today as I was told I couldnt and now its all I want. Hearing other women's vaginal, no pain meds birth stories makes me incredibly jealous that I may never experience that. I dont know if I would be able to do it sans meds but the recovery from a c is not fun.

Has anyone been told they couldnt do it and had a successful VBAC? I HATED labour and was exhausted afterward which I partially blame my severe baby blues on. I DO NOT want to go through all that again just to be given another c-section.

Please tell me you stories!

Alot of women decide not to attempt VBAC in fear of pain during childbirth. If you feel that you do not have the will for it, then I would go ahead and have another c-section. A VBAC is best completed by no pain meds to make labor progress faster. The shorter labor, the better chances of a successful vb. If you want to try VBAC, do take some childbirth classes and have a strong support person by your side. Either way it is a personal decision for you to make.
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Re: VBAC Question

I didn't read the other replies but I was told by an OB that I couldn't VBAC for a different reason- I had a single layer closure. I found another OB that has no problem with it and had a successful VBAC and I'm hoping for another this summer.

ETA- I was induced (I have low fluid towards the end of pg) and had an epidural- this time I plan to try to go natural.
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