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Joshua Andrew is HOME!!!!!

One year later:


Joshua is finally home!

And big sister is so glad to hold me!

I figured it would be easiest for those of you who want to keep track of Joshua's status if I made a separate thread. I will try to updat daily, most likely in the evenings. Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and encouragement.

3/21/10 day 54
I am totally freaking out. They just told us that Joshua could be going home this week. If all goes as planned we will room in Wednesday and come home Thursday. I have so much to do before then. I'm so excited that he will finally be mine but freaking out about what I need to do. I'm not even sure I know what I still need.

3/14/10 Day 47
Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated.
Joshua has had a minor setback over the last few days. He keeps having de-sats and significant drops in his heart rate, so he is back on O2 at 0.5L. They have also started him on theopholine (sp?) to help stimulate his breathing and HR. He is on all bottle feedings as tolerated-if he gets too tired they will tube feed him. His weight is up to 4lbs 8oz. So, we are still waiting. Waiting for him to outgrow theses spell, maintain is body temp, increase his feedings and continue to grow.
As if I didn't have enough going on. My mother is in ICU and on a vent. She had been in the hospital for several days and suddenly took a turn for the worse. There is a lot of drama involved in all this-but that belongs in another post.
Oh, and my oldest sprained his ankle this week playing soccer.

3/8/10 Day 41 (34 weeks)
Joshua hit the 4lb mark last night! He now weighs 4lbs 1.8oz. Woo Hoo! He is doing pretty good. The doc ordered for him to be taken off the caffset (sp?) today, but I'm not sure how long that will last. He had a pretty bad spell on us today. This was the first time I actually got scared. He was awake and alert and then closed his eyes and went pale, then all his alarms started going off. How will we ever be able to sleep once he comes home???? I gotta get a monitor or I will go crazy.
He is eating really well. He is getting three bottles a day and usually downs it in 15-20 minutes. He is only ordered for 33cc's but they usually put 37-40 in his bottle.
I am so ready for him to come home. We need some normal back in our life. And I need to get some work done-I just spent a lot of $$$ registering the kids for school. Ugh.
3/6/10 Day 39
OK, so I know I have been really slack updating, but in my defense, I've been sick, my oldest daughter (my super helper) has been sick, and my 2yo is sick. Ugh! I'm so ready for everyone to feel better.
Joshua is doing great. He is up to 3lbs 14.3oz. He is doing good with his bottle feeding. He can down 37cc in 15 minutes. Hopefully they will add a third bottle today. I'm beginning to worry that I won't be able to keep up with him on my milk production.
We've started getting stuff ready for him to come home-I'm not very patient, LOL. We got (actually DH) his co-sleeper put up today and have begun organizing his stuff. I'm still trying to figure out what all I need to get for him.

2/27/10 Day 31-Joshua is ONE month old today!
He had a pretty good day, mom not so much, but I'll tell you about that later. Joshua is up to 3lbs 8.8oz. We are still working with him on the bottle and breastfeeding. He took 15cc by bottle this morning and latched on for over 30 min this afternoon. I'm a bit paranoid about the breastfeeding b/c I can't tell how much he is getting. Not quite sure how to deal with that.
I had a complete meltdown this morning. Apparently some of the nurses have concerns over me being in the NICU while I'm "sick". I'm actually doing much better, but I have this horrible sounding cough. So I got this lecture about it this morning. We had already talked with the doctor about it and got clearance for me to be there, but that didn't stop me from feeling like a terrible mother for endangering my child. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

2/25/10 Day 29
He puked in my bra today! So I think he is ready to come home now, LOL. Basically he is holding steady. We are just waiting for him to grow-he weighs 3lbs 7.3oz-and learn how to eat.
I am still battling with the insurance company over having him transferred to the closer hospital. They are supposed to be putting it before their medical director, so we will see.

2/23/10 Day 27
Not much to update on today b/c I didn't get to spend much time with my little man. I went to visit, but I kept having coughing fits, so I had to leave-couldn't risk getting him or any of the other little ones sick.
He weighed in at 3lbs 10oz last night, but that has to be wrong. There is no way he gained 7oz in a day and if he did, it would be a problem. Hopefully we'll get a correct weight tonight. He did "fair" with his feeding attempt today, which I wasn't there for, again. I think they are going to hold off a while longer before trying again. I haven't been able to kangaroo him since Friday! He is gonna think I don't love him anymore I did get to speak with the doctor this morning and get clarification on several things. Now, if I can just get better and spend some time with him. Hmmmm, is it kidnapping if you steal your own child? JK

2/22/10 Day 26
Joshua had a bit of a stressful day today. He had his eye exam today and that took a lot out of him. Fortunately everything was fine. He also had his first bottle today, and I missed it (I'm still home sick). DH took a picture for me. He did pretty well, was able to suck for a few minutes without dropping his sats and drank 1cc. They were going to transfer him to the hospital closer to our house tomorrow, but something with our insurance wouldn't let it happen. I'm hoping I can find out the whole deal tomorrow and maybe get it pushed through...

2/21/10 Day 25
Joshua is great!! Mommy, not so much. I am coming down with something and had to stay home today.
He is up to 3 lbs 3 oz. He is gaining about a 1/2-1 oz a day. He starts true feedings monday. He is still having spells where his sats and H/R drops but he is still self correcting. He is moving all around in his bed. Thanks everyone for the prayers, They have helped a lot and continue to help Thank you!!!

2/17/10 Day 21
Wow, has it been three weeks already? It is amazing to see how much time has gone by already, but to still know we have so much longer to go.
I know I've been slack the last couple days-sorry. I'm just so stinkin tired all the time. I did find out that my vitamin D level is EXTREMELY low. I joked with the NICU staff that they will have to start giving me phototherapy while I visit Joshua.
OK, so for the real reason you visit this thread...Joshua continues to do very well. He weighed in at 3lbs even last night, YAY! But most importantly, he got promoted to the intermediate NICU today. I was so excited, and DH had to miss it Oh well, he will get to see him there in the morning. Today was my first solo day without DH or my dad around to help. I actually got everyone where they were supposed to be-on time. Anywho, Joshua has been doing pretty good with the BF thing. I've gotten him to latch on a few times now for about five minutes. If everything keeps going well, they may start working with him on real oral feedings next week. I can't wait. I spoke with the OT a little bit about it today. Now that is the job, sitting around feeding babies all day. Oh, and Joshua is quite the little stinker-seriously. It took the nurse 5 diapers to get through one change this morning. Then he pooped down my shirt sleeve when I was changing him today. Oh what a mess.

2/14/10 Day 18
Sorry I didn't update yesterday. We were playing in the snow and preparing for DH to go back to work. Today was his first day back in three weeks. It sucks that he had to go back on Valentine's Day, but more so b/c I've gotten used to him being home and taking such good care of me. Anywho, Joshua is doing really good. His feedings are going well and he isn't having any issues with breathing or his heart rate. Kangaroo care is so nice, I love snuggling with him. I've been introducing him to the breast, but he isn't very interested It is difficult for me, b/c I'm so big (DD+) and he is so tiny. I am determined to make it work, but I know it isn't going to be easy. There has been some discussion of him moving to the intermediate NICU in a few days, but nothing official. My dad got him a bunch of preemie clothes, so I finally get to dress him in his own stuff.

2/12/10 Day 16
Our little man is moving right along. They took his IV out last night and took him off of O2 this afternoon. Now he only has his feeding tube and the monitor leads attached to him. I did more kangaroo care and attempted to nurse. It isn't real nursing, more just an introduction-to let him know what it is. His sucking reflex is still very immature, so we have a ways to go with that. He now weighs 2lbs 14oz. He is so sweet ant tiny, I could just eat him up.
BTW-It is snowing here, big time-for us anyway!

2/11/10 Day 15
We had another good day-well, Joshua did. They took the PIC line out and started a PIV, but then the doc d/c'd his IV fluids, so no more IV's! They switched him from the Hi-flow nasal canula to a standard nasal canula, he is on 1/2 L of O2. They have increased his feedings to 23cc/hr and I get to start "non-nutrative nursing" tomorrow. They also dressed him for the first time today. Guess I better get busy buying some clothes. Now, if only they'd let me put his CD's on...

2/10/10 Day 14
Can you believe he is already two weeks old? These have been the longest two weeks of my life.
Joshua is still doing well. He just has the nasal canula with room air. They are steadily increasing his feedings and he is tolerating them well. I got to do kangaroo care for the first time today. Oh how I love snuggling with him.

2/9/10 Day 13
The picture says it all

2/8/10 Day 12
Well, if you haven't heard, today was a FABULOUS day! Joshua is off the vent and photo therapy. We can finally see is face! He had his eyes open a
lot and even smiled at us! The next big step is getting his arterial
line out and then we can hold him. It has been 12 days since he was
born and I haven't been able to hold him yet.

Joshua is having another good day. They turned the vent down a little more and removed one of the bili lights. All of his labs are very good and his feedings are up to 15cc/3hours. He has quite a little temper. I'm starting to get really exhausted from all the pumping, not sure what to do about that?

Today was another good day. He is holding steady on 21% O2. He is tolerating feedings good and his bili levels are down. Hopefully they will switch him to the regular vent tomorrow. I got to change his diaper tonight! Didn't think that would ever be exciting.

Another steady day with small improvements. When we left Joshua this evening he was down to 21% O2-for those who don't know, that is the same as room air. The doctor said we should be able to start weaning him off the jet vent "soon". I really hope so. His bili level keeps fluctuating. He now has two lights overhead and one light under him. His blood gases have been good over the last few days and his chest x-rays continue to show improvement. He is now getting 12cc of BM every three hours. I may not be able to keep up before long. Still no weight gain, but that is to be expected at this point.

Today was a steady day. He is doing good with the chest tube out and trying to breath a good bit on his own. His bili level was up a bit this morning, but started coming back down this afternoon. They have increased his feedings to 10cc every four hours. I can't wait to be able to nurse him. He was really fussy this afternoon. He would calm down if I put my hand on his back, but as soon as I took it away he would start crying again. Oh how I hate that I can't hold him. It was nice to be able to put my hand on him. Before now I could only hold his tiny hand.

Today was a little better day. The chest tube came out and he is tolerating it well-so far. They are slowly weaning him from the high frequency vent to a normal vent-this will take a few days. He is now getting 6cc of BM every four hours. His bili level was back up today, but that is due to the blood transfusion he got yesterday. He had another echo today, it showed the PDA still there, but he is not having any symptoms. He has lost some weight, now down to 2lbs 9oz, but that is to be expected. His blood gases were better today too. Thank you all for your continued support.

2/2/10-Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is DH's birthday, although he isn't much for celebrating. I am sure you can all guess what he wants for his birthday.
Joshua had a good night. His CO2 level is up a bit from yesterday, but still OK. He is doing good with the chest tube clamped and they are hopeful that it will come out today. Once it comes out they will try switching him to a regular vent. His bili levels are coming down, so hopefully he will be off the light soon. He is doing good with his feedings, still only getting 1cc/q4h, but not getting anymore residual. If that keeps up they will start giving him more. He has lost 3oz. It is killing me not to be able to hold him, especially when he cries-we can't actually hear his cry, but we can see it.


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Re: Joshua Andrew

He's beautiful!!
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Re: Joshua Andrew


He is a cutie. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers that he gets stronger every day!
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Re: Joshua Andrew

I think that is a fabulous idea and thank you so much for thinking of us. I know you have so much going on and a lot of people praying and thinking of Joshua. He's beuatiufl. So happy today was a good day. Many more of those!
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Re: Joshua Andrew

Oh wow, he's so teensy...he's so perfect and teensy...I am hoping he gets stronger each and every day!
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Re: Joshua Andrew

Thanks for posting Shannon!!!

Baby Joshua you are so loved!!!
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Re: Joshua Andrew

Sweet baby boy, we're all praying for you and rooting for you!
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Re: Joshua Andrew

I work in an office with a 27 year-old woman who was born at 26 weeks. She is perfectly wonderful. You would never know she was born so early and so tiny. I hope you will say the same of sweet Joshua. Sending you my thoughts and prayers for strength.
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Re: Joshua Andrew

Great idea! I hope you are taking care of yourself
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Re: Joshua Andrew

Thank you Shannon he is so beautiful! And I absolutely love his name
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