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What is it about natural Childbirth?

Ok, So I tried to go natural with #1, I made for umm, about 3hr before I thought I was dieing! (got an epi)
#2, TRIED SO HARD to go natural, but ended up with Pit, and went pain-med free up until the last hour or so. (then got the epi)

I was talking with my boss lastnight about I REALLY want a natural childbirth next time. No meds, no docs, no 19 nurses and shift changes. I want a home birth in the tub!
He was like "why in the hell would you PUT YOURSELF through that pain when you don't have to"

I didn't really have an answer for him.
So for *ME*
*I* feel like I need it to validate womenhood for me!
We have been having babies forever without painmeds! Why can't *I* do it?
I feel like I need it to establish myself as a mother!

This may not be it for other mama's, but a natural childbirth is so importnat to me, and the think the hospital really messed it up for me!
I need something WAY less stressful, and some coping books! I need to learn to COPE with the pain!

So, what about you?


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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I'm all about natural. But is it the right thing for folks who have a low pain threshhold to put themselves in the position where meds may not be available? ( like at home?) Make sure it's right for you. And come up with lots and lots of coping strategies (support, breathing,visualization, etc).
I chose to have a natural birth in a hospital birthing center with my very hippie family doc and a midwife and my husband's support through labor. I am not sure I coulkd have held up without my team. I think it would have turned out differently. Figure out what you need and go for it!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

Get "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth"....awesome read and very encouraging to know you CAN do it with the right attitude.

Very inspirational!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

We don't grow up seeing normal healthy births. We have it ingrained in us that the hospital is safer. Women lay on their backs in a cold sterile room and hope they get to see their baby. Pain needs a pill....
I don't think it is *you* in particular, but us as a society that has the problem. Before I had my first, all I had ever seen of childbirth was on tv, kwim? Most of what I heard was, "don't be brave, get the drugs." I was lucky enough to find the support in my community my 2nd time around and get great info and support. I felt totally comfortable and had a completely different mindset. Birthing from Within is another great book- very empowering!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I agree with you--it sort of proving your womanhood but it is also because I don't LIKE the drugs. With my first I was in mild labor all day on a Saturday from 9am through the day until the next morning (through the night it got worse) and then took an IV of pain med at 7am and was able to get some sleep and then took an epi at 10 and delivered at 12. I was afraid of the pain with that birth. With my 2nd I wasn't afraid but couldn't find a comfortable position (and I was in the hospital so I didn't have that many options). I had early labor all day on a Monday and by that night was in labor (by 9pm) lasted for 7 more hours and then took the IV again. I hated it--I could still feel the pain but it made me really loopy feeling which isn't something I enjoy. 2 hours later I was in terrible horrible pain--got an epi and delivered 20 min later (I went from 5-10 cm in that amount of time). I really hated the pain of the epi and the pain of sitting waiting for it. The IVs didn't really help too much. I'm going to do my best to keep walking and maybe bring a birthing ball this time and avoid the drugs. I really *want* to...
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I think all women with normal anatomy are capable of giving birth without drugs.... IF... they have the continuous support of a woman they trust... they are encouraged to move, walk, moan, whatever.... if they are encouraged to eat and drink throughout labor.... if no artificial time limits are imposed.... if they have privacy, dim lighting, soft voices.... if they have learned to trust birth.

There is an excellent program out there called Hypnobabies that I am using for this current pregnancy, but I have given birth twice without drugs (at home) 3 times with drugs, 1 c-section. (not in that order).

I was worried when I had my first homebirth (fourth baby) that I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. Looking back at it, it was intense, at times overwhelming, but it was PAIN like breaking my ankle, having my 6 root canals, or other unnatural types of things.

With labor, you have a contraction, then you get a break. It is finite. It WILL end. And that is the most important thing for a mom to know.

I would suggest hiring a midwife that you feel extremely comfortable with and maybe a doula too. Order the hypnobabies course or take a live class if you have one in your area!

You CAN do it.

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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

You can do it! #3 was my first all natural med free birth.(check the waterbirth blinkie) #2 came to fast for the epi and I realized how much better I felt afterwards, it was really amazing! I felt and looked better, baby was more alert. I second the suggestion of Ina May's book!

If possible, don't go to the hospital. You need to be up and moving around, not laying in bed, hooked to ivs.
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I couldn't really answer that question either when I decided to go natural for my last birth. Everyone told me I was crazy, there was no need for it anymore, blah blah blah...I knew that I wanted to at least experience it...And for me there is a big sense of pride in doing it and proving to myself and everyone else that I could.

That said...I'm not ever going natural again. Been there, done that...epideral all the way from now on...LOL
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

Good luck in your search! As much as I'd like to go without meds, I know my limits and I have very long labors. As much as society tells women that they "need" meds, you have the other part of society saying you're not a woman if you don't have a "natural" childbirth. I still contend that having a child, no matter how it comes out, makes you a woman. It's a condundrum that us women find ourselves in. Instead of focusing on our strengths, we wonder what others will think of us if we choose one type of labor/delivery or another.

Good luck in your search. I'm, unfortunately, of no help in your search as I've had epi's with all of mine and will probably with any more. My husband is smart enough to know when I'm not handling labor well and will tell the nurse to get me the epi. I've got a pretty high threshold to pain but I have severe labors that are long.

Who knows though... maybe next time I'll go so fast I won't have time to get an epi. And if that happens... then I'll work with it.

But good luck mama! Some of the books mentioned above are, from the snippets I've read of them, are pretty good!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?


I think that one of the things that gets overlooked in the natural birth discussion is that it is better for the babe and breastfeeding relationship.

I think that women are told over and over again that birth is just as safe with drugs, but it isn't. There are real risks. I wouldn't drink while pregnant or take other drugs unless I needed them to live--I'm not gonna take very strong intervenous drugs for what could be hours while I'm in labor.

Plus the fact that many babies of medicated births are born a bit sleepier than non medicated--and a sleepy baby can make for a very difficult time learning to nurse.

BTW, I have had one natural childbirth and one medicated up the wazoo.
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