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Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

All week, I kept wondering if that day would be the day and each night, I kept wondering if I would wake up in the middle of the night in labor. Nothing felt different than it had for the past week or 2 and nothing kept on happening! On Friday, I decided to really clean up the house, as over the weekend, we were going to just devote it to Oliver since it was our last weekend with him alone. That morning I limped around the house, cleaned the bathrooms, swept and mopped the floors and vacuumed and dusted. I had tons of contractions the whole time and felt so uncomfortable, but the worst pain was from my hip and back, and nothing more than I had been dealing with already. Around 11, I sat down and made Valentine's with Oliver for Daddy and MeMa and BePa. We had a good time making them and Oliver was so cute. I decided to call my mom and see if she was doing anything fun. She was just going to costco, but I told her to come get us, as I really was not feeling comfortable driving in case I went into labor and we were getting bored. She said she would be here in about and hour.
Maybe half and hour later, around 11:20, I started realizing that the contractions were starting to feel uncomfortable and seemed to be somewhat regular, I decided that maybe I should time them and was surprised to discover that they were only 3 minutes apart. After just 20 minutes of that, I decided that I should let Gregg know. I texted him and just said that this might actually be the real thing and to be prepared for a phone call from me. He called me around noon and asked me how things were going. I told him to just stay put for now but that he should maybe come home early, if possible. He let them know at work and they told him he was crazy for staying and sent him home. It was going to take him an hour to get home, but I wasn't convinced it was labor at that point and decided I should call my mom to let her know what was going on, as she had no idea that I thought I might be in labor. She was just leaving the house to come here and was freaked out about me being alone. I told her she didn't need to come, but she had super fast labors and was convinced that I just might deliver this baby all alone with Oliver by my side. (lol)
My mom got here about 20 minutes later and I was actually feeling better. I was discouraged by it and if Gregg wasn't heading home already, I would have headed into town with her. The contractions were about 10 minutes apart by this point and only uncomfortable, but not horribly painful. I was feeling very tired though and lazy and I had no appetite at all. My mom got here and saw me moving around and acting pretty much normal and felt not nearly as nervous! Gregg got home and my mom left and said that she would just check in later. I was feeling silly for calling Gregg home and felt like this was just another false alarm.
Over the next several hours, the contractions slowed down to about 15-18 minutes apart. Gregg took Oliver into town for a quick run to the grocery store for some fruit and ice cream for me since it was the only thing I really felt like eating. When he came home, I put Oliver down for a nap. He never slept and when I went to let him get up, I just crawled into bed and wanted to sleep. I was feeling so exhausted and just generally sore from all the mild contractions. I rested for about an hour, but just was having a really hard time sleeping. When I layed there, the contractions slowed way down and I only had maybe 3 the whole time. It was really discouraging so I just got up and planned on trying to go to bed early.
Once I got up, the contractions picked up tiny bit my were still only about 15 minutes apart. They were starting to be quite a bit more uncomfortable, but I still was pretty sure that I wasn't in real labor. I was feeling very glad about the induction on Monday at this point. Gregg made some food for himself and I took a few bites, but still really wasn't hungry at all. Around 8, Oliver was getting really cranky, so I got him ready for bed and layed him down.
After I layed Oliver down, Gregg and I just watched TV for a while and I was feeling so achy. Contractions had picked back up again, but were still only 7-10 minutes apart. They were definitely moer painful now and I was just feeling sore in between. I tried to eat some fruit and yogurt, and it made me feel a lot better and I decided to take a bath to see what happened to the contractions. I took my cell phone back there in case I needed someone in a hurry. I got in the bath around 9:30 and I immediately felt a lot better. The contractions still hurt a lot when they hit, but they weren't super frequent and the in between pains got went away in the water. I called my mom and told here what was going on and she thought I should call labor and delivery and ask them if they thought I should come in. I agreed to do this, even though I was convinced they would tell me to just stay home. Then my dad called and he said thought I should call too. I was feeling so much more better in the bathtub that I changed my mind and was just going to try to go to bed and sleep. I was just so tired. I didn't want to call anyone and I didn't want to go into the hospital just to stay up half the night and be sent home. I was just sure that it wasn't real labor yet. With Oliver's labor, I felt so horrible from the beginning and was so surprised by it. I was expecting to not be in real labor until I was in that kind of discomfort.
Around 10:30, I decided to get out of the bath and get ready for bed. The second I got out of the bath, a hard contraction hit and it took me by surprise. I kept getting dressed and less than a minute later another super hard one hit. I still wasn't even dressed yet when another one hit hard. I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom, unable to get dressed and I called Gregg on the phone and told him that this was definitely it and we needed to get moving fast. I called labor and delivery and told them I was coming in and called my mom to come stay with Oliver. I got dressed finally and Gregg was running around getting all the stuff together that was on my list. He loaded up the car and my mom got here in about 15 minutes. I think she set a new record! The contractions slowed to about 5 minutes apart and I was feeling really pretty good in between them and started doubting things again, but decided that since I had already called that we should still head in. When the contractions hit, I kept telling myself I was insane for thinking I could wait longer and then when they passed, I told myself I was being rediculous for going in! Gregg and I went and kissed Oliver goodbye and headed to the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, I only had 3 or 4 contractions. I knew I was definitely in labor, I just was terrified that I was still only 1 or maybe 2 centimeters dilated and that they would just send me home again. I was just so tired! When we got to the hospital, I got several contractions pretty close together and I was very glad when the people in the ER sent us immediately back to labor and delivery without any hassle. We got back to labor and delivery and they were waiting for us and had a bed all ready. I had been having to pee seemly every 20 minutes so I went to the bathroom the second we got back and then they wanted to monitor me for half an hour or so before deciding anything. Right as we got there, the clock flipped over midnight. I remember looking at it and it said 00:00 and thinking that was funny. They hooked me up and checked me and I was 4-5 cm. I was so relieved! I was getting to stay! Even though I was in obvious intense pain and discomfort, I was still in shock that I would be having a baby that night!
They asked me what I wanted for pain relief and I said an epidural, but no IV meds. The nurse got my IV started and called the anesthesiologist. She told me about 20 minutes later that he was en route and I was thinking "what??? He is only on his way?" I was definitely feeling the need for the epidural by now! I was wondering how on earth I was questioning whether or not I was really in labor just an hour earlier. Gregg was such a support through the contractions. He was nervous watching me be in pain. I kept grabbing the bars on the bed and pulling on them as hard as I could. He kept offering me his hand and I didn't think I wanted it because I really needed to pull against something, but I did a lot better holding him with one hand. I also had gum in my mouth that I was really chewing on until I just spit it out mid contraction later on. I kept wanting to bite on something. Now my jaw is so sore from biting things in labor! I also have claw marks on one arm that I must have given myself at some point.
The anesthesiologist arrived and got the epidural started a little before 1 am. It was so hard holding completely still while having contractions. Gregg held me still and I got through it though. I kept waiting for it to kick in. I remember that with Oliver, it took about 20 minutes to completely numb me up. About 15 minutes later, I was starting to feel tingling on my right side, but was definitely feeling pretty much everything on the right side. I laid on my left to try to get the epidural to affect that side too, and it did take the edge off, but I could still completely move my legs and feeling all the contractions. Th Dr. was waiting for the epidural to kick in before she checked me, but around 1:20, I felt something wet and realized that I was bleeding and then right after started feeling a little pushy. No one was in the room, and I started to get nervous so I sent Gregg out to get the nurse. The Dr. checked me and I was 9 cm. It was 1:30 and she broke my water at that point so that the baby would drop down all the way. She said that she expected that I would start pushing around 2. She stepped out of the room and I immediately HAD to push! Gregg ran out and got her and she said, "wow, I wish everyone went like that!"
I started pushing at 1:37 while the Dr. threw on all her gear. I was still feeling a lot at this point on the left side. The right side was a little bit more numb. Last time, I felt nothing at all during the pushing and I pushed Oliver out in about 20 minutes. I thought that since I did so good last time feeling nothing, that she would be out right away with me feeling it. I have to say, I do not understand what feels good about pushing! I understand the feeling of the urge to push, but I hated the pushing part! I could feel her moving down the birth canal and that part happened pretty fast, one or two contractions. When it came to her crowning though, I just could not push her out! I had remained pretty much silent and stoical throughout the entire labor, no moaning or yelling, but when I could feel her crowning, I was definitely more vocal! I kept yelling "get her OUT!" haha. After about 15 minutes of her crowning and me not getting her out, The Dr. asked if I wanted her to do and episiotomy and I yelled "YES!" After that I was crying and grunting and feeling so frustrated and her head finally came out. I kind of struggled to get the rest of her out too, but that was much easier than her head. The little bugger had her hand up by her face, which probably added to the difficulty pushing her out.
She was born at 2:03 am, Saturday, Feb 13, 2010. As soon as she was born, they put her on my chest and let me wipe her off and just let me hold her. She wasn't really crying much and the nursery nurse kept wanting her to cry to clear out her lungs and I wanted her to stop touching her, lol. She was just looking at me and looking around and would let out one loud wail here and there. They waited a few minutes before cutting the cord and I was irritated to still be having strong contractions. Feeling things this time was a different experience. I was also mildly irritated by feeling the cord between my legs. I finally delivered the placenta a little bit later (I had stopped watching the clock at this point!) and the contractions finally let up.
I was able to just hold her for about 30 minutes while the Dr stitched me up and I was so glad that no one tried to take her from me. They took her over to the warmer to weigh her and we were all wondering how much she would weigh as she was so big! Earlier, the Dr. had said that she would guess that she would be 6 1/2 lbs just because Oliver was 7 lbs, but that she was guessing that she would be closer to 6 lbs. Well, my big girl, was 7 lbs, 7 oz and 20 inches long. She is a great nurser and such a good baby! I am so in love with her!



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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

thank you for sharing!!! congrats!! beautiful!!
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

Great story! Thanks for sharing. Congrats again!
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

Oh yay!!! She's beautiful Jana Congrats!!!!
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

She's so cute! Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

Congrats Jana! She's beautiful.Soo happy for you and your family.
Happy babymoon.
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

Great story Jana! Same thing happened with dd's delivery. My contractions came and went and I felt silly going in when we did, but was supposed to be at the hossy for an induction in a few hours anyway. WHen I got there I was a 5 too, hehe. She's just beautiful! So happy for you! Congrats!
~ JenV ~
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

what a beautiful baby.
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

oh, she's gorgeous! congrats!
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Re: Evelyn Isabel's Birth Story (very long!)

congrats jana! i remember we shared a due date back in ttc all those months ago! LOVE the name i have a 2nd cousin with an Oliver and Evelyn. Tempted to use it myself, but afraid it'd look like i copied too funny these are your names too! she is precious, again congrats!!
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