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What's the big deal

With thumbsucking? Why does it seem like everyone is terrified that their baby might be a thumbsucker? I have two thumbsuckers, and I love it. No paci to search for, no chapped lips from overuse. They can go to sleep on their own. My oldest gave it up on his own around one. Tell me what's so bad about it?


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Re: What's the big deal

I sucked my thumb until I was 7 (which I do realize is not normal) so I was thrilled when my child didn't. Braces suck and my teeth were crooked and it messed up my jawline. But more power to you if they just quit on their own! My little sister sucked her two middle fingers until she was 5 and she had to have braces too. I think it's the concern that you cant' take away or throw away their fingers/thumb, but you can do that with pacis.
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Re: What's the big deal

I sucked my fingers till kindergarten. My younger is a finger/thumb sucker. I don't mind at all. It is perfectly natural for babies to find their fingers and suck for comfort. She'll give it up when she is ready. My parents tried a variety of things to make me stop and I never gave it up until I was good and ready. It is no big deal to me.
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Re: What's the big deal

The fear of them doing it long term. I was BF with a thumbsucker who did it at least until 5th grade. I saw how much flack & shame she got for it from other kids at school. Fair or not, it happens And alot of times parents will do things that seem mean to make a thumbsucker stop by a certain time. Like nailpolish or foul tasting stuff or One Step Ahead even sells this horrific looking plastic thumbguard thingy. Yikes!
It isn't the thumbsucking part that bugs me at all, it's the shame that some kids are made to feel as pressure to give it up. It's a body part, you can't get rid of it or have it wear out like a plastic/rubber/silicone binky.
Anyways, that why I chose to introduce a binky. Personal experience with my BF as a kid.
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Re: What's the big deal

I don't really get it but I think it's because you can take a pacifier away but you can't take a thumb away. Neither of my kids had a pacifier or sucked their thumbs so I'm not totally sure on that.
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Re: What's the big deal

First off. they are touching everything and anything with their hands and then sucking on their fingers.

Secondly, prolonged thumbsucking can contribute to both speech issues and teeth issues. You can take a paci away, you can't cut their thumb off.
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Re: What's the big deal

I have one thumbsucker and one who is attached to her "baby." Let me tell you, we have meltdowns if we forget to bring baby somewhere - but we can't ever forget her brother's thumb...

I have no problem with it. He only sucks his thumb when he's tired or anxious, so there is no big deal.

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Re: What's the big deal

My co worker's grandchildren were expert thumb suckers and they actually sucked on their until their fingers bled. The pedi had to put a device on their thumbs to make them stop. Weird.

I never sucked my thumb but I still occasionally suck on my tongue. Weird, I know.

ETA: The tongue sucking is while I sleep.
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Re: What's the big deal

Like some said its easier to take a paci away than a thumb.

You never ever see a teenager or an adult with a paci but some do suck their thumbs.

I have known two people who do. One was a girl I have known my entire life and went to high school with me. She was ridiculed and teased very bad She really did want to stop, it was just a very bad habit. If she was stressed she would suck it and when she was tired. She would stop times do it and be unaware that she was doing it. She would never go to sleepovers or get invited as everyone made fun of her. She told me many times in tears she wished she had never learned to suck it.

The whole teeth thing I'm not sure about, she had perfectly straight teeth and had no braces lol

Where I never had a paci or sucked my thumb and had braces for 5 years. My older sister had her paci until she was 5 and also had perfectly straight teeth lol
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Re: What's the big deal

I think the fact that you cannot make a child give up the thumb...

Only my oldest had a pacifier, my other two didn't like them. So if they were going to be thumb suckers, so be it. Luckily I was the pacifier for them, lol.

There can be issues with teeth and things if you can't get it away from them. (Although I don't think this is the reason most people need orthodontic work )

My sister was 13 until she quit (which I wouldn't put it past her still doing it at 27). I know of 3 other teens who still do it. They are all tease b/c of it.
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