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I am *so mad* at my kids

Ok, pretty much since I instituted a no home school holiday until after baby....things have been great for them. They have all kinds of free time to do what they want.

And what do they do? act like jerks.

It seems like every 5 seconds I am saying something to one or the other of them about don't do this, or leave that alone, stop fighting, etc. And when its not that, its they are bugging me 100 x for something. I am sick of it.

Today DD went wit her other grandma to deliver girl scout cookies. When grandma came back she took all the kids to the park to play. I took a nap. (thank God) While they were gone a church friend called to see if the older kids could stay the night and go to church with them tomorrow. I said ok. So when they came home, half of them started putting away their things and the other 2 started bugging me if Mr. M called. I said yes, and then they were ready and raring to go. But I hadn't fed them yet. While I was trying to finish dinner Mr. M called and said he was on my side of town, could he just come get them and feed them dinner? and I said sure. So began the flurry of packing church clothes, play clothes, pjs and Bibles.

Of course as always I have 2 boys, the 8 year olds who always claim they can't find clothes that fit them in their room. Which requires a trip to the basement. So "H" went to the basement, and got jeans and a shirt. Then "A" went to the basement and got a dress shirt. Then my mom went to find socks because someone said they couldn't find socks. Then 7 yr old "C" went to the basement to see if his pj top was there. Somewhere in all those people going to the basement and me going over what the kids had and didn;t have and helping DD pack up her girl scout cookies the church ordered.....3 year old "B" followed someone to the basement.(Someone left the baby gate open) He dumped ALL the laundry detergent and fabric softner. ALL OF IT. No one said anything until "H" went back to the basement to grab a book he left down there and he told me. When I questioned them "C" said "B" was down there playing with a yellow cord. "C" is the one who always forgets and leaves the baby gate open. Either way, there's 2 foot print through the laundry detergent, one the size of my 8, 8, and 7 yr old, and one "B"s size. The boys claim grandma left the gate open and let him down there, Grandma says she didn't see "B" or any laundry detergent mess.

Ugh. Since Mr. M was here I let him take them and tomorrow after church they are grounded. I seriously don't even think I could look at them right now I am so mad. Oh, and a bunch of the blank onesies and lap tee and sheets and diapers I bought the new baby were all mucked up in the mess.


Mom/stepmom to 8 beautiful children 16 yr old girl, 12 yr old girl, 9 yr old boy, another 9 yr old boy, 8 yr old boy, 7 yr old girl, 4 year old boy, 1 year old boy, expecting #9 in July!

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Re: I am *so mad* at my kids

sounds like you have your hands very full with five kids BUT nothing that the kids are doing sound like they are "acting like jerks". I don't have five kids but I do have two and take care of daycare kids during the day so I know how hectic a house can become at times. I hope things get better for you and you are able to continue having the help of family and friends. The only advice I can give is to take a deep breath and just take one day at a time. Kids can be frustrating but that doesn't mean that they are "being jerks" on purpose or intentionally doing things to irritate you. Hopefully you can get school up and going after your recovery from the baby. Hopefully things will get better when you are able to keep up with them more and get back to the normal schedule.
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Re: I am *so mad* at my kids

hi there finding strength!

I have seen a few of your posts and I know that life is very overwhelming for you right now.

It is great that your kids got to go to the sleepover because it gives both of you some space during this heated time.

Now while I understand that you are very angry and this situation just created a ton of work for you and maybe damaged some stuff, you should focus on how to prevent this situation. Were the bottles tightly closed? Is there a way to store them up high? This could have been a lot worse with a child having to go to the ER.

I know you are exhausted and unhappy but when you just tell your kids no more school work for a few weeks and it doesn't work maybe you need to spend more time with them or tell them things that they can play with so they aren't wondering around and then getting into trouble.

Not that you are to blame but when the kids do something terrible around here I know that there is usually something that I did or didn't do that caused it to happen.

While it was a great opportunity to get to spend the night somewhere else if it too last minute and ends on causing you stress then don't do it because you are now going to bed stressed and very angry and I am sure the kids are feeling upset also.

I am always saying to my girls what can we do so this won't happen again. If sleepovers occur regularly then how about if you get the boys to prepare clothes that fit them now. There is no big rush and then they can have these clothes packed and ready to go for the next sleepover. Also get them to grab all the clothes that don't fit so they aren't in the room any more.

Keep in mind that your children are young and they are not really able to behave perfectly all the time. Also be easy on yourself before and after the birth and try to keep a positive attitude.

Sending hugs,
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Re: I am *so mad* at my kids

I know the feeling of someone leaving the baby gate open... My bedroom smells like garlic because DD spilled the ENTIRE spice bottle on the bed and floor. DH slept on the couch last night because he couldn't stand the smell.
~Rhonda, 23 Single Mama to my beauties Angelique 4-9-08 And Krystopher Edmund 9/14/10 11lbs 9.2oz VBAC babe!
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Re: I am *so mad* at my kids

I had one of those days today too. I have 5 boys and it's always SOMETHING! Either someone can't find something for school, something for baseball, something for SOMETHING... didn't do their homework, didn't clean their room, didn't put their clothes away... I just wasn't to scream. Today the 2 oldest were 30 mins late to a baseball clinic because they were fighting over a baseball hat that belonged to one (with his name clearly on it) but the other said he found it so it's his... Um no! LOL He lost his hat from last yr so he has to go without until he gets a new one next week. Anyway... I just had enough by about 10:30am! hahaha! I still had the rest of the day! UGH!!
Anyway, I hope you got some rest after they left with your friend and will have some peace until church time tomorrow! Just know you're not alone and there are other mamas going just as crazy as you are! LOL
Kristi, Mommy to Josh & Nick (identical twins 6-97) Nathen (3-02), Joey (2-04), Jacob (11-05) & Aaron (12-11) I sell Tupperware!
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Re: I am *so mad* at my kids

Its just always something. Some fight, some argument with the siblings, something I've said 100x and shouldn't have to say again. Like "do not leave the baby gate open". The kitchen and the basement and grandmas room are on the other side of that gate. Thats no where the 3 year old needs to be. And then to sit there and have him dumping gallons of laundry soap on the floor....while you are checking through the racks, tables or bins for a certain shirt or certain jeans......thats just stupid. I'm sorry but it is. And its dangerous to let him be down there. Whoever was there with him should have stopped and brought him back upstairs. While this was happening I was packing church clothes and play clothes, Bibles, etc. It would have been easier to pack it yesterday, but we weren't even sure then that the kids were going to be able to go. (hadn't heard back from the parents)
And the things I was talking about with the boys were things I have said every week. Basically the whole thing that took my attention from 3 yr old was the boys trying to get by with wearing play clothes to church. I don't allow it. They know it and they still try. And for play holey jeans. And yet 2 boys had holey jeans. (at my house its ok. but after church they change and play at the church with a whole group of kids until dinner at the church. then they go to evening service) Then "A" and I had to talk about his shoes. He claims none of them fit, except one pair. Which wasn't even the pair he was wearing. And he can't find his boots. I could have gotten him another pair of church shoes....if he had said something. Before today.
The only one I didn't have to argue with about clothes, or something was DD. She packed her clothes, I approved them, she found her Bible and her shoes. The only thing I helped her with was cookies.
I told DH what happened and he said no way the kids are allowed in the basement again. Which means I'll have to make a 100 trips down there for a certain shirt/ jeans. We've been there before. Sigh.
Mom/stepmom to 8 beautiful children 16 yr old girl, 12 yr old girl, 9 yr old boy, another 9 yr old boy, 8 yr old boy, 7 yr old girl, 4 year old boy, 1 year old boy, expecting #9 in July!

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