View Poll Results: How many diapers do you wash at once/what water level do you use?
Less than 10/Medium water level 9 5.14%
Less than 10/Large water level 3 1.71%
11-20/Large water lever 73 41.71%
11-20/XL or Super water level 73 41.71%
other (please specifiy) 17 9.71%
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

If it's a yeast problem then the yeast can get caught in the diapers and cause the baby to continuously get the rash. Wash the diapers with some grapefruit seed extract (depending on the size of the load you'll probably need to use a couple tbsp) that will kill the yeast and help keep it from coming right back on your little one. Also, don't forget to try using a thin liner between the baby and the actual diaper so the ointment doesn't get trapped in the diapers keeping them from absorbing as they should.


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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

I just pulled out 28 diapers out of my dryer! I've never counted how many I wash before. And I think that may have been a lighter load than usual. They were mostly prefolds, a few flats and a few fitteds.

I have a 20 month old and a 3 year old nighttime diaper wearer. We have hard ward, top loader and I started using Tide to get them clean and vinegar in the first rinse. We had horrible stinkies and rashes with a front loader and synthetic fabrics, using Charlies and Country Save. Now I'm using all cotton and they seem to get much cleaner and rinse out better. The extra water in the top loader makes a huge difference too even though our water is harder at our new place.
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

i probably wash 15 or so at a time (mostly pockets, but some flats, pul covers, fitteds) and use the medium level (but in my washer that's about 3/4 of the way to the top). cold soak/prewash cycle, hot wash, extra rinse with half a scoop of country save. they don't stink, but they don't smell fabulous, either. but they're diapers!
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

It sounds like most of your ammonia stink is in an overnight dipe, correct? If that's the case, try rinsing them with your diaper sprayer or dunking them in the toilet every morning, before depositing them in your pail. If every dipe is giving you the ammonia stink once peed in, that's probably build up. Try stripping your dipes on a regular basis. It's not neccessary to add anything to your hot water when stripping, but it does help if you bump your water heater up.... just keep running short hot wash/rinse cycles until you no longer see any bubbles forming. If you want to add anything, use a 1/4 cup of bleach, as it does help release build up. You can do this once every 4-6 weeks on the tail end of your wash routine.
If you have hard water, here's what works for me. A cold soak with baking soda and vinegar added, (this would be comparable to your Thirsties Pre Wash, I assume, as it contains lemon juice, which is an acid just like vinegar. I am just not sure what the actual ingredients are in Thirsties prewash, to tell you if it has enough of an alkaline builder to be effective in hard water. If you will PM me the ingredients, I can decipher them for you.) I then do a hot wash, with a full scoop of Kroger Value brand detergent, with vinegar added to a Downy ball for the rinse cycle. I then do an extra final rinse. About every 4-6 weeks I strip, by doing several short hot wash/rinse cycles. I've only ever experienced stink in my hemp used overnight, which has been resolved by rinsing it in the morning. I used to use Free & Clear detergents, but found the brighteners, found in most of them, do build up over time in my dipes. After much research, I found that the budget/value brand detergents that come in buckets work best... most are just surfactants and alkaline builders (washing soda or soda ash which softens hard water to let the surfactants work better). The only offending ingredient in the bucket detergents, is usually a faint lemon scent. Fragrance, if your LO is not sensitive to it, is the least offending ingredient in a good cloth diaper detergent. You will notice that the value brand detergents don't suds up much, but really, that is what you want.... foaming agents that are added to most detergents, aren't a neccessary ingredient. HTH!
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

biokleen for sensitive skin has worked best for our diapers. i only wash twice a week with one 18 month old in diapers. i will say though that the only dipes that work for us now without irritation for one reason or another are sbish pinless and regular old cotton prefolds washed as mentioned above.

i rinse in cold. wash in hot with biokleen and then rinse in cold again. we have SUPER hard water. i stopped using vinegar at the suggestion of one mama who said it COULD actually be encouraging the stink with our water.

about once a month i will wash in hot several times agitating and rinsing over and over and over again just for a really good rinse out.
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

When my twins started holding it and peeing more concentrated their diapers got pretty stinky. I was using mostly BG 3.0 pockets. Here is what I do now: (top loader, largest water level with full 2 days of diapers -so that's about 12-15 diapers, sometimes more, for twins-) cold double rinse (just so I don't have to reset it later) with 1/2 scoop of country save. Hot wash with full scoop of country save, cold rinse. cold rinse with 3 drops of TTO, extra cold rinse. That did it for the most part, but their microfiber still smells a little when it gets wet, so I've started using more prefolds and fitteds. They were stinking too, before I added the extra detergent and extra rinses, but they are totally fine now. When I do use BGs, I try to stuff them with prefolds.

I think most all night time diapers are going to stink a little...especially if they pee a lot.

If it's a yeast rash, definitely needs something special...but I don't know what, I haven't had to deal with that. And definitely use a liner for cream...just get some cheap fleece and cut it up, no sewing required. I used butt paste, since I use a liner (wash liners separately!!). A stripping probably wouldn't hurt...I've heard to add only a few little drops into a hot wash, and then rinse rinse rinse rinse. I've done it once, and it helped when I had major stinkies awhile back.
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

I tried all the "natural" detergents and found I kept getting the stinkies in our new home, where we have hard water and high iron.. so, I have been using commercial brands (All, Tide, Gain) and don't have anymore issues.

Adding a 1/4c - 1/2 c of bleach to your rinse every now and then helps too.
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

I have a older top loading washing machine heavy duty extra capacity I do dipes about every other day we use BG organics & pockets & FB & cloth wipes I use the small cycle for 11-15 dipes & wipes. One full cycle & then an extra rinse or two depending on dirtiness no stinkys here!!! I only use alittle detergent!!
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

Good question I am new to CD and I was thinking the same thing so I will keep my eyes out to what other exp mama's have to say.
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Re: Wash Routine Q's :0)

About 15ish dipes in a large top load. We use prefolds and flat in flips for day. An pocket with microfiber at night.My routine is

Cold rinse
Hot wash with baking soda .5 of a scoop, an tide basic 1/4 scoop(loving the tide basic, we were having issues with stink until we found it)
2 cold rinses

I was having stink issues until I switched to tide and started washing on a larger water setting. I was trying to save water but it didn't work an we ended up using more water to strip and get stink out : ( I also bleach the microfiber once a month. Just the microfiber not the pockets!!!

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