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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

It can totally be done! It's just finding a provider that will support you. I think in GA I only know of one OB (in the state) that will VBAC after more than 1 c/s. Not sure about MWs though.


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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

So glad to have found this post!!!

We are considering a 3rd child in the next year or and I have had 2 c/s/

My first was a horrible situation where my grandfathers wake was a week after my dd and I waned to be there. The Dr offered induction which I took more out of greif than need and then DD decided she didn't want to drop.
My second was a great preg even though I was extremely high risk and my high risk OB was totally supportive of my VBAC decision. However they booked my induction when she was in Jamaica due to multiple risk factors and I was within about 30 mins of having my second DD vaginal when the practice partner refused to let me continue. I lost it literally. I had an emergency c/s and a baby that is extremely complex medical needs due to a genetic syndrome.

And I want my VBA2C for baby 3.

Hoping if we decide either my high risk OB will take me on - with no holidays planned or I can find a Midwive Team that will care for me. I have do desire to be at home and have no issues with being in a hosp for the slight chance of comp.

So glad there are success stories even if complicated out there.

Makes me want that baby now !!!

Ok Ok I will wait until my youngest is 4yr (next Jan) and start searching our Midwives and contacting my OB.
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

You can do anything that you want to do. I would hire a doula who can work with you on emotions and a birth plan. She can also support you at home so you are well into labor before you go into the hospital adn they start interventive tactics.
I Have been a doula for two mothers who both had a natural vaginal birth after 2 previous c sections. So I have seen it happen. Both had extreem threats from doctors beforehand and they were even calling the mother and harrasing her for not having a elective csection. She proved them all wrong and had a beautiful empowering birth. I really believe that it is worth the try and it is no more dangerous than multiple c sections.
May you find the answers you need to feel confident mama! A beautiful birth to you however your little one may come.
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

Deffinately look at the vba2c videos on YouTube! And I HIGHLY RECCOMEND that you watch the movie The Business Of Being Born! Look to hire a Certified Nurse Midwife and a certified doula. hth
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

I just want to encourage you to try! Research like crazy and be prepared and start looking at the clinics, hospitals, and birthing centers in your area. I know someone who had a VBA2C here in MN. She was refused treatment by her original OB and the other OBs at that clinic so she decided to go with a home birth with a doula instead. And she had another hospital (that did VBACs) as her back-up.
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

One of my midwive's had a VBA2C
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

I work at a hospital and have cared for women having a VBAC after 2 C-sections - one woman has had 2 or 3 VBAC's after 2 C-sections. It can be done! I think it depends on the hospital and your provider. Good luck!
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

I found a midwife in my area who is willing to do a HBA2C (home birth after 2 c-sections) and am going that route. I cannot have one in the hospital unless I go in there while 8 cm dilated and ready to fight them. I don't want that kind of pressure so we're trying at home and my midwife is very supportive and is known for her vbac's in the area. I found her on my local ICAN site and blogs. She was tough to find. I found two doctors in a town 40 miles away who would do them in the hospital but prenatal visits would be a pain with two little ones. Not to mention, vba2c's in hospitals come with a lot of intervention and your chances of having a successful one drops dramatically. Like you can't move around, they may try to use drugs, etc. A natural way seems to come with the highest success rate. I read all about everything already and plan on reading more. This is something you must educate yourself on. Just to mention, the famous Duggar mom (I read her book recently) had vaginal births after 3 c-sections. I guess in her area there is a doctor and hospital open to that and they let her walk around during labor!! Wow, I'm moving there!!! Good luck!!
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Re: After 2 Csections can I have a vaginal?

Just wanted to comment on one of the posts re. no induction following a C-sec. I was allowed to try a vbac with my second by induction using a foly catheter. A catheter is put through your cervix with a balloon on the other side. The balloon is filled with water and mimics the head of the baby putting pressure on the other side of the cervix. Apparently this has a 97% success rate and too bad for me that I was in the 3%. I dilated 1cm, was doubled over with contractions, was given drugs, fell asleep and when I woke up I was no longer dilated at all and I ended up with another C a week later. Due to a medical condition my babies need to be born by 37 weeks so they won't even let me try this time because they know I don't respond to the induction well. But..... for the other 97% of the population apparently it works and I would definitely try it again if they let me, to avoid having to recover from another C.
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