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2nd thoughts on my Pockets.. (PF LOVERS!)

When we first decided to CD, I was totally against PF's, because of the horror stories I had from my mother about her CD experiences. So we stocked up on affordable pockets (and a few cuter, expensive ones :P).

But after watching a few videos and reading quite a few raves from other Mommies, I'm wondering if I was wrong.....

So I'm considering picking up a few PF & Covers to use before I even start w/pockets (DD is coming in 3 days). So my question is this.....

1. Which fabric or brand do you prefer... and what size will I get the most use of?

2. Best Cover (affordable is nice too)

3. Best fold (easy & effective) DH is NOT sold on the PF idea, so this is where I def need help..

4. Lastly, is there a point where the PF just aren't working.. Toddler etc.?

TIA Guys!


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Re: 2nd thoughts on my Pockets.. (PF LOVERS!)

I was afraid of prefolds too! But now prefolds and flats are two of my favorite diaper types!

For newborns, GMD Oranges are very popular. Other name brands are Diaperrite and Little Lions, among others. If you have tiny babies Preemie prefolds may fit at first and then will work awesome as doublers. Larger babies, and when baby gets bigger, will fit into infant size prefolds, which will later become great pocket stuffers.

I have some unbleached infants that don't even come close to fitting my son waist wise at 14lbs 10oz, yet I have another infant size bleached that I wish I knew the brand of because they still fit him perfect! They have more stretch to them.

You can get the larger size prefolds (regular or premiums, depending on the brand. Some have both sizes, some only have one or the other) and just fold down to the length you need. You're baby will outgrow the width long before the rise.

Because my LO seems to be inbetween the prefolds we have now (I'd love to pick up some GMD yellows!) I had some Extended Tab PF's made by Megaroo's. Best idea ever! I had her add an extra inch to the length so they'd fit even longer, and these are going to fit him for a long time. Totally worth the extra money!

You can get prefolds made of all sorts of fabric, but the two "original" are indian and cotton, and you can get both in bleached or unbleached. Unbleached are a bit softer but require more prepping. I don't notice much of a difference between indians and cotton, other than a small difference in looks if you look hard enough.

lastly, what kind of covers you're going to like is going to vary hugely from what I like for example. I love love love wool, the Econobum, the Flips, and Thirsties Duos. I didn't use covers when he was NB. Thirsties and Bummis are very popular for sized covers. Fleece is also an option.

Lots of options mama! But prefolds are always good to have- you can use them as burp rags, changing rags, cleaning rags, anything!

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Re: 2nd thoughts on my Pockets.. (PF LOVERS!)

I was also afraid of PF at first, but everyone said that they were the best for the NB stages cause they went so often. I agree, and now I love my PF. I am the only one that uses them though, and only at home, so I am not sure how to help you get your DH on board. I have a small little guy and we are still using the LL (Little Lion) Infant (dark green edged), he is almost 8 months and 16lbs. When he was NB I used the bakini twist fold because it was trimmer in the middle, now that he is a little older my fav is the jelly roll cause it just holds it all in really nicely. I have only used Thirstie covers, just moved up to smalls a few weeks ago. I tried the Bummis super wisper wrap but didn't like it cause it didn't have the leg gussets and the material was a little more crunchy, you could hear it under his clothes. HTH
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Re: 2nd thoughts on my Pockets.. (PF LOVERS!)

Prefolds were my first CDs and while I've gone through lots of other CD phases, prefolds are still one of my favorites There is just something about how simple and easy they are - and versatile really. You can trifold, lay in, pin, snappi and then you have your choice of covers - PUL, wool, fleece...prefolds alone can be addictive!

THe infant prefolds (4x8x4 layering) will last the longest but they will also be the bulkiest at first. What I might do is get newborn prefolds to start (2x5x2 layering), then go up to the Infant, then regular or premium. There are brands (GMD, DR and Nicki's should be up soon!) that are shorter and wider and can work for fastening (snappi or pins) longer than the standard sizes.

Pick a cover and you're all set. I love the bikini twist even unfastened in the newborn stage. It catches quite a bit to help save on covers. As far as can get 6 proraps for about $43 w/ free shipping. Thirsties are great too and Imse Vimse and Bummis are other favorites of mine.

Pockets definitely have their place in a stash too - I love them for diaper bag and care provider diapers. I even have a few AIOs for those instances.

Have fun shopping and with your little one!
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Re: 2nd thoughts on my Pockets.. (PF LOVERS!)

I too, was a scardy cat! Our CDing journey has changed drastically from what we started out with to what we use now. It is kinda funny looking back and thinking about what I was totally against, and what I love now.

We started with pockets. The idea of touching wet pee diapers (fitteds or prefolds) was just too much for me and I KNEW my DH wouldn't go for it. To this day he's still a pocket dude and calls them "his" diapers. We will always keep a stash of pockets or AIOs around for him to put on baby. He will put pfs and fitteds on if it is all we have clean, but if given a choice he'll reach for the other.

Eventually I started getting bored with pockets and experimenting with other kinds, a second reason being because I was diapering a very heavy wetter and wanted to see what other options would work best for us. I started buying some fitteds with PUL covers. I became used to feeling the wetness on the used dipe and got over that phobia, and the love of fitteds slowly bloomed. Then I got brave and bought some wool covers. Love them. Even braver and bought some cotton prefolds. They were okay. Then I splurged and bought bamboo prefolds. My love affair with bamboo became hot and heavy then.

Our newborn stash (adopting in 8 days!!!!!) consists of a mix. Cotton and bamboo prefolds. PUL covers, wool covers. Fitteds. And of course, Daddy's diapers...pockets and AIOs. We have just about everything and will use it all depending on where we are going and what we are doing, and who the diaper changer will be at the time. But hands down, my favorite is fitteds and woolies.

Just try a might surprise yourself with what you like.
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Re: 2nd thoughts on my Pockets.. (PF LOVERS!)

Thanks so much! Its nice to hear about others conquering their PF fears. I think I'm going to order a few infant size and give them a shot, we have a few disposable diapers to go through first (to save me some laundry after the C-section).

Something tells me that DH may always be a fan of pockets, those may end up being "his" diapers too!

Thanks again!
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