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So, What's in Your stash?

I thought it would be fun to see how many/what kind of diapers every one has. I know some of us here are big on the buying and selling and stalking, and others are pretty basic. I think most are middle of the road. But how about you? What's in your stash?

I have:
7 white MEOS's
8 Organic cotton MEOS's
9 Dyed MEOS's
25 meos liners (8 OC, 1 dyed, and the rest white)
1 Baby Beehinds Bamboo fleece OS fitted
1 P'tit Batton bamboo fitted size 2 (fits 11-35lbs so like a OS)
1 Orange Crush organic bamboo tie nappy from Thumbelina
1 OC Raw silk tie nappy from Thumbelina
4 Growing greens OS fitteds

1 md celtic wolf cover from cwc
1 lg celtic wolf cover from cwc
1 pair lg pickle pants in seaside colorway

2 MEAF M/L Rainforest and Our Oceans prints

14 lg solid PUL outer GAD's that were hand me downs from ds1
1 md solid pul outer gad with embroidery
1 Disposanot II hand me down from ds1

Ds1 has
2 MOE overnight undies that I put over his undies at night for just in case, though he hasn't had an accident in quite a while (it was more to catch that first morning pee if he forgot to get to the potty right away, he hasn't wet the bed since he was 2)
And 5 Snap Ez 4T trainers that he is no longer using and I really should sell.

On the way I have
1 bella bottoms hemp OS fitted
1 bella bottoms bamboo/hemp os fitted
1 MEOS unbleached
1 pickle pants large in green (peacock I believe)
1 WAHG soaker
1 WAHM shorties
1 pair recycled longies
36 raw silk liners

That sounds like alot, but I'm not quite done. I know I should be, but I know lots of mom's have even more. I am trying to get a stash that will take ds2 through potty learning and then get the next baby (whenever that may be) from birth to potty learned. I will have to buy smaller covers and pockets when the time comes, but I will have the bulk of my stash ready to go. I am thinking 6-12 more fitteds (MEOS's, Bella Bottoms, baby beehinds or tie nappies, not sure yet which). And I would still like a couple more pairs of wool shorties for this summer and one more CWC size large.

Tell me I am not alone, that some of you have larger stashes than this?


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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

HAHA wow, my stash is not that interesting... 10 bG! 2.0s, 1 BP, 3 SB AIO, 1 GAD on the way. Yea, that's it. Just getting it down to what works. I'd like to order a bunch more SB AIOs and GADs if they fit right.

I just decided to sell 4 BP and a bunch of soakers because they don't fit right. Grr.
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?


For AI2/AIos
- One eyelash minkee AI2
- 18 BP (with more on the way ..oi can we say addict?) some are embroidered

For pockets
- 3 embroidered prestons pockets (more coming!)
- 3 stuffable covers by Diapers by Deb (all embroidered) - one on the way
- 1 pocket from One Mad Giraffe
- 3 PBPD pockets (one on the way)
- 1 angel luvz pocket
- 1 sumbuns pocket
- 1 fuzzi fannies (pocket and matching shirt set)

For covers
- 1 embroidered cover by One Mad Giraffe

(and we're not done yet! )

Allye:: Mama to 5 ::
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

It was interesting taking inventory. I guess I wasn't really paying attention to my supply. Luckily some of them will be outgrown soon.

5 bG AIO 2.0
2 bG pocket 2.0
6 FB
2 drybees
1 S EZ pocket
1 OBB Marathon
1 SB Pocket Minkee
2 Mommy's Touch AIO
On the way:
2 OBB marathon
2 prestons pants
2 gads
1 VB simply nite
1 VB hybrid AIO
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

2 fbs
1 bg aio
1 bg 2.0
2 sb aio pockets ov ss
2 sb aio pockets ov aplix (new style)
1 sb minkee
1 bp
1 pbpd
2 wahm covers
1 omg aio
1 o/s sb ov fitted
1 sb pocket tester
5 sb aplix pockets

1 pw on the way.

still looking for me dipes....prolly a few more bgs as they are the fave nightime dipe and a few prestons....
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

Well we have 2 stashes here so


28 Kissaluvs fitteds
28 FB's
24 Premium PF's
4 Toddler thirsties PF's
2 Chunky Butt AI2's
2 Hemp crickett fitteds
2 Hemp Mutt fitteds
2 SB's pockets
3 Snap-Ez fitteds
6 Punky Padding fitteds
about 15 other various fitteds


Holden's Landing longies
Scandanavian Skies longies set
Lavendar Longies
Wolf Woolies longies
A Butt load of Recycled wool


12 Preemie IPF's
12 dyed IPF's
12 FB's
4 SB's AIO's
1 Soft Bums AI2
3 embroidered BP AI2's
4 extra BP soakers
2 Snap-Ez fitteds
1 Zany Zebra pocket
2 Bear Bottom Britches AI2's
about 20 other various fitteds


Crankypants flames longies
Fluffymail longies set
Holden's Landing longies set
Leo Baby Longies
butt load of recycled longies
Some grandma made knitted longies

On the way:

1 custom VBSN
6 GMAR prefitteds serged rainbow
1 Fuzzie Fannies custom diaper & shirt set
KY Baby Pink Panther longies
Belladonna custom cargo shorties set
TCT longies
Autumn's Wool custom cheer skirt set
12 embroidered BP AI2's
12 extra BP soakers

For DD it's nothing fancy but what works she's also potty training so I'm not really buying more for her right now.
Amy CDing, BWing Bfing Mama to Anastasia 08/04/05 Ephraim 11/12/06
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

Lets see if I can remember them all...

12 Kissaluvs Size2 (asorted colors)
12 Mutt OV OS (asorted colors)
1 FCB Nightime dipes
2 Swaddlebee OV (blue & sage)

12 Premium (unbleached)
6 Premium (dyed in assorted colors)
6 Toddler (bleached)
12 Indian (Tie Dyed)
6 Organice cotton tie nappies

4 My Precious Baby (assorted prints)
2 Baby Soft Wraps w/ inserts (assorted prints)
7 Bum Genuis
4 Bum-ware (assorted colors w/emboridery)
4 Calicobaby
2 Lucy Hope Chest (assorted prints)
2 Sweet Baby Botique (truck and sports ball prints)
9 VB
2 Sugar Pie Baby (cowboy and painting bears print)

16 Fuzzi Bunz (assorted colors)
1 VB pocket (green w/ USMC emblem emboridered on it)
2 Happy Heiny (construction and frogs prints)

2 Lucy Hope Chest PUL covers (red and blue snoopy prints)
4 Bummis Whisper Wraps
1 Poochies PUL cover

4 knitted shorties by Heavenly Huggers
9 knitted longies (various WAHM makers)
2 recycled longies
4 knitted soakers by Heavenly Huggers
2 Aristocrats
4 BJM knitted soakers
2 Wool wraps by Crinklebottoms

Whew...okay I think that's it...will edit if I find more LOL
Della, Wife to 1 Mom to 7
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

Wowee. We're down to the basics again:

6 bg OS
1 bg AIO medium
6 fbs
5 wonderoos (Only 2 are "usuable" right now.. gotta get to repairing that elastic!)
1 rouge Train Up A Child pocket diaper that we've never used.

Yawn. We don't cd at night though.

And no fluff on the way, either. No wait.. I take that back.. I did get my first Sunflower Derriere because it has turtles on it... and Sammy's "auntie" loves them...but I went ahead and sent it to my parent's house... (we won't be there for another week!).
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Last edited by Manna00; 02-03-2007 at 03:42 PM. Reason: forgot some fluff on the way!
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

OMG I just counted up the dipes I listed and there's 124...geesh that's alotta dipes! Didnt realize I had that many LOL
Della, Wife to 1 Mom to 7
***Crocheted Childrens Blankets***
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Re: So, What's in Your stash?

My stash is not nearly as exciting or extensive than pretty much everyone elses :P

We have:
24 MotherEase One Size fitteds
4 Med. MotherEase Air Flow Covers
16 Med. Kushies AIOs
1 Lg. Sumbuns Pocket

*Kushies actually work really well for us! I don't know why they get such a bum wrap, no pun intended *
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