View Poll Results: How long have you breastfed or do you plan on breastfeeding for?
0-3 months 6 2.51%
3-6 months 13 5.44%
6-9 months 8 3.35%
9-12 months 20 8.37%
12-18 months 70 29.29%
18-24 months 70 29.29%
24-30 months 37 15.48%
30-36 months 27 11.30%
Other (please explain) 42 17.57%
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

DS1 - 2y
DS2 2y4m
Ds3 - going strong at 13mo


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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

I've been nursing my DD for 18.5 months and she shows no signs of quitting. I would like to make it until she is at least 2, hopefully longer.
Catherine, mama to Preschooler Girl 9/08, Toddler Boy 3/11, and Twin Girls 2/14!
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

we're at 8 mths and plan to continue as long as he wants (and so far, not pregant or ovulating, either!)
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?


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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

DS1 got milk till 12mos
DS2 weaned at 26mos
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

DS # 1- 10 months Went back to work when he was 3 mths old. Waited tables and couldn't pump during my shift. Supply dwindled. BF'ed when at home, but he got to where he preferred the bottle.

DS # 2 29 months, still nursing. Plan to allow him to self wean. Stayed home his 1st year.

DS # 3 4 months old, going strong. Nervous cause we need the $ and tourist season is around the corner. I don't want our nursing relationship compromised by having to go back to work.
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

DS1- 9 months because my milk dried up cause I was preggo
DD- 13 months, same thing- dried up because I was preggo
DS2- 15 months- self weaned
DD2- 13 months- self weaned
I was NOT ready for them to stop nursing. it was completely up to them. They started eating more food and just was uninterested. sad day!
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

DD and I weaned at 30 months almost exactly. (I say "DD and I" because it wasn't a situation of ME weaning HER or of her SELF-weaning. My milk dried up and I told her as much and she went, "Ok" and that was that. LOL! We were both just ready.)

DS is just over 32 months and still nurses for nap and at night. He would still happily nurse for comfort/boredom as well, but I had to set some limits for my own sanity. My supply is definitely slowing, though, so I don't know how much longer he'll be able to nurse. He's still pretty attached, though.
-Kelli, single mama to 12 y/o Callista and 7 y/o Rickson.

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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

our baby is 14 months old and still nursing 3 time a day. however he is sick right now and nursing more frequently. i do have some issues with supply as i work as a nurse and can't pump while at work. (i'm a psychiatric nurse and i just don't have time!)

i plan to breastfeed for about 18 months - this will mean that i will try to pump into a sippy cup. i have breastfed all 4 of our children. the first one until 11 months when i became pregnant with the second child and my doctor forbade me from continuing to breastfeed. (i was pregnant with twins and lost one, so it was risky business). our second child received breastmilk until he was 19 months old. i weaned from the breast around 12 months and pumped for him. he had a ton of food allergies and our pediatrician encouraged me to nurse for as long as i could. he grew out of his egg, milk, and pitted fruit allergies. (still allergic to peanuts)

our daughter weaned herself at 6 months - it was a stressful time, i was in school and separated from my husband, and although i did pump at school at prepare bottles for her, she was being supplemented with formula occasionally and was ok with it, so eventually i just let her switch. our daycare center also provided formula, so i wasn't buying it until i had to purchase it for use at home. (but i was in school 5 days a week ...) i regret that i didn't at least keep pumping for her, but the stress of the situation was weighing so heavily on me and my supply was just shot. i had a great pump and a ton of support at school. like i said, i regret not pumping for her for longer.

as stated above, our baby is 14 months and still nursing. i will continue to nurse/pump through 18 months or so if i can. I have noticed that he is getting ear infections now that he isn't nursing as often, and we've had one ear infection clear up on its own because he stopped eating so i was nursing him as often as possible. i'd rather use natural immunity than antibiotics simply because i feel they are overused and then our body's build up such tolerance that when we are in situations where we REALLY need
them, they are ineffective.

that's our story. would love to read your paper!!
RN, Mommy of two rough boys Jake (03-20-03) and Brady (11-03-04) a silly princess Chloe (03-01-07) and a ridiculously energetic toddler boy Liam (02-09-09)
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Re: How long has your LO breastfed?

My twins are 13 months and still nursing quite a bit. I plan on letting the decide when they are ready to wean, hopefully they will make it until at least two.
My older dds all nursed past a year, but my third dd went until about 2.5 years and she was definitely the healthiest of all three girls. Ahe did not get her first ear infection ever until she was 5! My older two would have nursed longer if I had known more about extended bfing at that time. I was the only person I knew who chose to nurse and had no internet access and therefore no immediate support, so I did not realize that the "too busy to nurse" phase they hit at one year was actually just a phase and thought it was my baby deciding she was finished nursing.
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