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Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

I don't know what to do with ourselves all day and wondered what other moms do. Part of my day is homeschooling, but I also have a 2 year old and need a good schedule for her.


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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

7:15 I get up, deal with dogs, get ready for the day, get kids clothes out, glance over newspaper if I have time (I read super fast and can usually read what interests me in less than 10 minutes)
7:30-7:45 Start trying to wake DS (4 years old) up, get DD (22 months old)dressed while she keeps sleeping :giggle, 7:45-8:00 pretty well drag DS out of bed and make him use the bathroom & get dressed, plus fix kids hair
8:00 head out the door to to bank if needed, or stop and get DS something to eat if he's hungry (he's rarely hungry in the mornings and often says eating makes him feel sick, so I don't push it
8:15 get to school, drag kids out of car, into school, sign DS into class (pre-k), hang around the classroom as required until 8:30...I've recently been spending this time discussing DS's attention & focus issues, plus talking about homeschooling next year...what we need to focus on, what he's doing well in, plus any other school-related stuff that happens to come up.
8:30-8:45 stand around in parking lot chatting with a couple of the other moms
8:45 get back home, on M & W I watch my niece (15 months)...make breakfast for DD/girls, let them freeplay...more like free-fight lately lol until around 10:30 or so, then load them into the car to get DS
10:45-11:15 drag kids in & out of car while going into school to sign DS out of class & do the whole pick-up thing
11:30 get back home, by the time I get everyone in and settled, diaper changes, etc its usually at least noon, so I start lunch
12:15ish to 1:00ish lunch for the kiddos, cleaning up from lunch while they play, then they all run wild until around 1:30 when we clean up all the toys, do another round of diaper changes usually, then nap time for the kids...they all nap from around 2:00 until around 4:00 when my sister gets here to pickup my niece.
4:00 both kids are usually up from naps by now, so DD draws or paints on the easel while DS does workbooks/worksheets for our homeschool pre-k, then we do colors, sorting, counting, and flashcards all together...DS is obviously a bit more advanced, but DD loves participating.
5:00ish Kids go outside to play (DS gets sick if he gets too hot and DD is a super pale redhead that burns with SPF70 on, so we usually don't go out until later in the day) play in the pool or on the swingset or sandbox usually until DH gets home around 6. He either stays outside with them while they play and I go in to make dinner, or he comes in with them and does a science experiment of some type (the kids have been catching bugs & worms lately and inspecting them with magnifying glasses) while I make dinner.
7:00ish is dinner, then clean up from dinner
Kids usually play until 8:30ish with DH, then have baths, then just chill in the living room quietly playing until we head to bed around 10:00 or 10:30...most nights I read for about 20 minutes before they fall asleep.

Once we start homeschooling fulltime next school year, the kids will get to sleep as late as 9am, then breakfast if they want it, a subject or two of schoolwork, freeplay until lunchtime, naptime (if they're still napping), a bit more schoolwork, go outside if its nice, dinner, baths,then bed
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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

I have a 2yo and a 5mo, this is our schedule (we are fairly lax about things...)

7:00 am - Everyone wakes up.
7:30 am - Breakfast.
8:00-9:00am - DD gets some toons while I clean up, check email, put laundry in, etc.
9:00 - 11:00am - Playtime. Sometimes outside, sometimes inside, sometimes with me, sometimes without. I let her sort of dictate what type of play she wants and how involved she wants me to be. If she is having an independent day, I get more cleaning done.
11:00 am - Lunch time.
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm- Naptime (for BOTH kids, if I'm lucky...then I try and do actual work if I can)
2:00 pm - Snacktime.
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm - This REALLY varies depending on whether I have to work that night, how late DH works, if I have errands to run, etc. I leave it pretty open and it is different nearly every day.
5:30 pm - Dinnertime.
6:30 pm - Bathtime.
7:30 pm - Bedtime for baby, "chill" time for DD - reading books, quiet play.
8:30 pm - DD's bedtime.
9:00 pm - MY TIME!
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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

6 - up to talk with hubby, he leaves at 6:30, then I'm off to "sort" myself - check email, dress, hair, brush teeth, etc.
7 - wake dd and ds, run bath, set out clothes, make breakfast, feed dog, make sure homework / folders / backpack / luch is made, etc
7:30 - breakfast
8 - leave to drop off dd for school
9 - back from school, quick clean-up from breakfast, sweep, etc
9:30 - puzzles, blocks, read to ds, etc
10:30 - 30 minutes of t.v. with ds
11 - lunch with ds
11:20 clean up
11:30 nap for ds
from that time on, I catch up on bills, cleaning, filing, planning, internet surfing, etc
1 - ds up from nap, outside play, park, et
2:20 - leave to p/u dd
3:30 - depends on the day, if I have errands, I do them during this time
4:30 - 5 husband home, review day / week
5:30 - start dinner (hubby has been outside w/ the kids lately around this time)
6 - dinner
6:30 clean up, homework for dd
7:30 - start bedtime routine, read, talk, etc
8 - bedtime for kids
8:30 - t.v for hubby and me, email, paperwork, talk, etc
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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

We really don't have a schedule. Normally I get up between 7-7:30 and I will check my email and whatnot. Once the kids are up we either eat breakfast and then I shower or I shower first. Depends on what we're doing for breakfast, typically. Sometimes the kids get to play for a little while before we start schoolwork. We will eat lunch usually around noon. My oldest usually has schoolwork to finish up after lunch. My son will do his schoolwork usually after lunch because that's normally when ODD does most of her stuff that doesn't need me right there. YDD will often watch a movie or take a nap around 1-2. Dinner is sometime in the evening and bedtimes are between 8-9, depending on the kid. Housework and play are done when they fit in.
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Re: Would you Share your Daily Schedules?

My kids are a bit older so our schedule is less hectic. I wake up around 8 (the kids actually wake up by 7:30 but play together in their room till I get up, I know I'm lucky) and make breakfast. After the kids eat Kearnan brushes his teeth and dresses himself. I brush Tharen's teeth but if he fights me I let him stay in his pj's for a while. I eat my own breakfast and drink coffee and read a book or check out DS. I need a little while to really get started. Then I will read to the kids a little bit and then we hit the park or jump on the trampoline depending on what the kids want to do. We are usually back by noon. At that point the boys go play for a little bit while I hit the shower (I get all sweaty jumping on the trampoline or climbing on park equipment). I make lunch at 1pm and we eat. After that it is school time for my oldest. How long we take with that depends on the day and what we are covering. Usually we do 2-3hours of workbook or hands on activities then he will get on the computer and do self directed work or play educational games for longer. I do some early homeschooling stuff with Tharen during this time as well. I also do chores (mostly laundry). Fridays are my big cleaning day, I scrub the bathrooms, the kitchen and steam the floors on Fridays so we do less of the "fun stuff" then. Monday and Wednesday we are at home for dinner, which typically happens at around 6:30. I either take the kids to the park, we jump on the trampoline, or I have a few friends who come over and play Wii with Kearnan. Tuseday, Thursday and Friday we go to my parents' for dinner and family time. Bedtime is between 8 and 9.
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