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breastfeeding after anesthesia? how long to wait?

I have to have a thyroid nodule removed that really needed to be removed 2yrs ago but I was having no problems from it before so we held off because my husband was deployed and then I got pregnant. Now I'm having massive complications and it needs to come out now.

I had one dr tell me they'd get back to me and researched it and told me 24 hours. Another said 24 hours. Another dr said 3-4 days.

So I was researching to see if I really needed to go 24hrs with out breastfeeding after anesthesia and found on Dr Sears that he recommends you only need to wait 2-4hrs. Has anyone had an experience with anesthesia and breastfeeding? what did you do? how do you feel about it? If that truely is all I need to wait and the other is just a percaution we are good.

I do not pump well at all. Never have with any of my 4 children so the sooner I can get back to it the better. But I wanted to get some advice from other moms that actually have been in the situation rather than just what the dr "thinks"

edited to say..

someone just brought up to me they were told to pump and dump 24hrs after a c section when put under. I was put under with my 1st son, never told to pump and dump and was told it was fine and breastfed him immediatly. So if it's the same type of anesthesia then I guess that would answer my question. Or that brings up another question, if anyone knows if it's different


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Re: breastfeeding after anesthesia? how long to wait?

No answers for you.. just bumping in hope that someone does have experience for you.

God bless!
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Re: breastfeeding after anesthesia? how long to wait?

I have to have surgery soon, my baby will be 5 months old then. I checked at and the info there says you don't have to wait. The anethesia begins leaving your system pretty fast, that's why you wake up. So as soon as you can safely hold your baby you can nurse. The 24 hrs is a precaution because they don't know any better.
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Re: breastfeeding after anesthesia? how long to wait?

I work in a hospital, on the physical rehab floor. Alot of post op nursing moms are told pump and dump. And the same number are told go ahead and feed. Here's the difference the TYPE of anesthesia used. Be sure to tell them you are a nursing mom. If the anesthesia used is something they would use for childbirth/c sections, its ok to feed right after. If its something else, they usually tell you pump and dump. If they have to give you more anesthesia, or a different kind, or some other kind of med, such as a med to increase your heart rate/respirations, or to combat an allergic reaction you should pump and dump.

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Re: breastfeeding after anesthesia? how long to wait?

I had to have surgery and told them specifically that I was a nursing mom and planned to nurse my daughter as soon as I got home, and asked them to use the lightest anesthesia they could. They ended up using IV-administered Motrin. I was COMPLETELY out, have NO memories of the surgery and was not in any pain - and when I woke up I was IMMEDIATELY lucid and asking when I could go home. None of that groggy, weird, post-anesthesia feeling (I've had other anesthesia before and it literally took me days to come out of it).

It was awesome. Let them know that you are nursing and you want an anesthesia with a really short half-life.

GL, mama!
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Re: breastfeeding after anesthesia? how long to wait?

I had an outpatient surgery when ds2 was 9 weeks old. I consulted with the doc before he put me under and I told him that I was nursing and that I did not want to have to pump and dump at all. He actual drug that puts you under isn't what he was worried about, it was the pain killers.

I ended up agreeing to pump and dump for 4 hours (or at least not nurse during that time) but my nurse in recovery was a CNM and she said "the meds you had are fine for breastfeeding, you feed that poor baby (who was beside himself at this point)." So I did and ds was fine.

So, I would check to see what they are planning on giving you and do some research on them, but my bet is that you'll be able to nurse as soon as you are lucid enough to hold your baby.
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